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For gawds sake Richie ... I thought this was a news site !! This isn't news to your listeners - WE ALREADY KNEW YOU ARE NO.1 I will just reiterate David's comment and add, I would have certainly been in a state of desperation by now but for knowing...

Hey Ron ... Craig, your good self and any other persons posting on ANY site about ANY OTHER subject ... in what ... six months, eight? I don't know, Nothing else will matter ... You won't give a rats arse about anything other than getting through the next hour...

I've made my decision also Marissa - No Vax Pass, No EGT Jab, NO NO NO NO ... I will miss attending gigs like oxygen, it was my life ... But not worth my life ...  I hope the spirits in your soul guide you wisely!

Had to add, wasn't Piers Corbyn LAMBASTED recently for floating an image of a 'camp' in Poland? Careful here Phil ... The Storm-troopers will be after ya! Recklessly explicit pornographic images likely to cause offence or induce self harm by means of knitting needles into eyes ...

STOP IT !... ALL OF YOU ... JUST STOP IT ... Richie will end up keeping her to himself if all we do is criticise her for her 'oversight' ...Wasn't 6 months on a full paid holiday enough punishment for the little narcissist ??? Love her or hate her,...

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