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All the World's a stage, never more so than now. People are beginning to realise that most catastrophic events have been orchestrated by those in power......

Ha, I thought the same thing, was going to ask how the surname was pronounced as sure sound like bollocks to me!

They're liars getting away with it all. The FDA has denied approval for Booster jabs, citing no adequate safety data. However, like the JCVI, the FDA will be ignored as it doesn't fit with the Global Agenda.....

Great show tonight Richie, loving how you are beating those sheisters at LBC etc. Worth your weight in gold and if anybody is watching the battle on gold backed currency....the whole thing is about money and control, I think we have something to look forward to, it may...

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  • @Floweryone
  • August 31, 2021

Sad news, maybe he was intentionally targeted as he has put a good deal out there. Maybe he has been saved, who knows....none of us can discern what is real and what is not unless we are there, we just have to go with our gut feeling. ...

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