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It's depressing and demoralising. And if she does get sick from the 'virus', she'll believe and contend the jabs saved her from dying. Win-win for the potion. Any benefit it offers is theoretical at best.

These bastards have no shame. Continuously ignoring the ginormous elephant in the room - that the experimental procedure doesn't prevent infection or transmission. When is this going to be brought into the public arena in a meaningful manner? It's an absurd oversight and they are clearly LYING through their...

Aren't these hands soaked in blood already, though? Will a few more spatters make any difference? The go-to official-narrative advisers will point out that these deaths are as unavoidable as they are extremely rare and that, sadly, it does happen occasionally. But that the overall benefit of injecting children...

The music industry in general has been pathetic. The likes of Bruce Springsteen, Jagger and Billy Bragg in the mainstream but also most so-called anti-establishment acts. I've managed to find and interview some protesting voices from the Black Metal fraternity. Here is one such legend (published today):

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