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    1 year, 4 months ago


    Found this over on Max Igan’s Bitchute channel!

    One of the best I’ve seen regarding the ‘gene therapy’ programme being rolled out..

    If you spot this and watch..
    (Takes less than an hour!)

    Please share:

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    • That is a good link. Much of it I knew; some of it I didn’t. I have speculated on the idea that, because genuinely independent checks of the drug have not taken place, we really have no idea what messenger program is embedded in the solution. For all we know, there could be multiple mRNA programs being injected; there could even be ‘sleeper’ programs going in with a percentage of the jabs that are designed to be activated at some point in the future via a wireless signal at a certain frequency – a program that is designed to cause a disease ‘outbreak’. We just do not know.

      • Yes Craig. He breaks the information down to a more family friendly construct and even manages to somehow make it humerous! Which in turn will go a long way to enlightening those out there who are most certainly not aware of what they’re consenting to.

        • Also (replying to myself now as I hit the return button which sent the last mail to you Craig before I had completed it!) , he does imply ‘electromagnetic packages’ may even be included in the magic brew. If not not now, they will most certainly feature in future ‘updates’ As he says, they’re trying to turn us into living iphones! He hints at Eugenics towards the end by referencing the term ‘useless eaters!’ It’s brilliantly presented and hopefully it will circulate to the masses quickly as time’s running out!

    • Hear Hear Jo! Hear Hear!👍

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