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Undoubtedly Jennie. Though, this is where "transhumanism" kicks in. Hence the relentless priming today in preparation for it...

I've listened to quite a lot of Harari over the years and have always found his talks to be more of warning about these technologies than anything else. However, it's fair to say that he's singing from the globalists hymn sheet now alright. Though one should take his thoughts very...

It's solid advice Martin. It occurs to me though, this man gets years in jail for pushing weed.. whereas our politicians are basically pushing death drugs and forcing addiction for those who survive the initial hit.. And not one of them will ever be held to account for it...

I agree mate.. put the energy to good use! Worrying won't change things.. F🤬k em... They've tortured us enough, time to riSE UP to the challenge!! 👍

Ice Age Farmer is back.. he's been MIA for a while, so much so that even Max Igan had a search team out looking for him!! An interesting return.. with some synchronicities to the technological threats being discussed here today.. 👀!!,-no-free-will.-the-end-of:a

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