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The important word being used is ‘gender’ not biographical sex characteristics. It’s a clever ploy, so they can claim umpteen different genders - which actually have nothing to do with your biology, just how you ‘identify’ - which again is a slippery word in itself. So it’s kind...

As a gay man I used to think these attitudes where ok - until probably around 5 years ago when gay surrogacy started being a thing - I vividly remember the response from a guy who with his partner was getting - and this is complicated- a white woman...

Hmmm… I’m of the thought pattern that it’s not the ‘things’ it’s who’s running/using the thing. If you think smartphones are evil incarnate- then they are. I get that they basically have become a surveillance/censorship device. BUT - it doesn’t mean they have to -or a version of them...

She’s got what I describe as a ‘Vax hairdo’ - as in parts , Melbourne where I’m from - for example you can’t get ur hair did if you can’t show you’ve had a medical intervention - still to this day. Notice she uses the ‘their’ term - as...

Huge part of having an entity such as her paraded in the press is the cancel culture world they inhabit - no discernible opposing opinion let alone logical analysis. Our actual natural laws show this is extreme folly, they have proven themselves to be very dim Interesting the “100...

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