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  • EIS! (‘…flu and the bird flu.’)

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  • Rereading this, published 2010. Bought this after hearing her interview with Daryl Bradford-Smith, (The French Connection). Highly recommended.
    Wow! it’s reading like Aids was just a front runner to what’s going on now, practically identical only on a smaller scale.

  • I read it in a book…

    Influenza (Italian) the dis-ease so named because it was said to be governed by the influence of the stars. Before the discovery of electricity it appeared erratically with years between each outbreak, we noticed that these outbreaks coincided with high sun spot activity, which happens eleven or so years. We also noticed…Read More

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    • Great post. Yep from the stars indeed, at it’s more active in the winter months, low d in the body, lack of sunlight would be my guess, if it was down to electricity it would be prevalent all year round, but we know in the northern hemisphere it is more commonly seen in the winter months.

      • Thanks. A couple of thoughts, could be that in the winter we stay inside more, could be in the winter that we use more electricity.

        • Could be mate. What I would say is when people way back associated it as solar/ seasonal there would not have been any electricity as we know it.

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