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Here in West Oz our dictator has mandated the jab for 75% of the workforce, but I'm sure this is only a start. Some of the other states have got similar or even worse vax mandates. Yet our inept Prime Minister has repeatedly said that the jabs won't be...

Where is your line in the sand? Last year the governments mandated lockdowns. Maybe that didn’t bother you because you didn’t loose your job. Then the government mandated masks everywhere, to protect others not just yourself. Maybe that didn’t bother you because you believe masks were a good thing. Now the government is...

The Mrs just saw a medical specialist, who sadly is fully indoctrinated. According to him the only way out of this deadly pandemic is when everyone is vaxxed. Even after the old girl gave him a few readily available facts regarding actual fatality rates and vax side effects, he...

The health minister was in the NSW court today being challenged over jab mandates, including one from a cop. Dictator Dan in Victoria has said that the unjabbed will not be allowed to take part in the economy nor access the public health system. All of the states are...

Sorry Richie, totally off topic, but wanted to get this out, Aussie police fired rubber bullets and tear gas into unarmed peaceful protesters including kids in Melbourne today. Premiere Dan Andrews, Police Minister and the Police Commissioner need to be charged as terrorists. Anyone that still believes this is...

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