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Finally some good news. An old mate in her mid seventies has been a big drinker all of her adult life, in the 35 years I've known her she's hardly ever been sick, is always happy, especially when she has a beer in her hand. Bottoms up.

My adult son was invited to a party by a friend of one of his friends. My son's friend mentioned that my son wasn't jabbed and his friend said "Oh, he can still come but he'll have to wear a mask". Needless to say my son told him where...

Same in Oz, the msm refer to peaceful protesters as anti vax right wing extremists and racists. When the reality is there are people from all walks of life and many cultures.

Same here in Oz, if Labor get in this year we are fucked.

Yet here in West Oz the masks are here indefinitely. It's only a matter of time until our dictator mandates them outdoors again, (middle of summer and 40 degrees today) A whopping 18 cases again today. Omicron is now the thing to keep us in fear. The msm seemed...

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