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    Jo26 is feeling Weird

    So….I can’t comment on the articles, and I can’t respond to things posted in the social area. Any help anyone? My posts appear and then quickly disappear, right before my eyes.

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    • Good Morning Jo – This has fortunately only happened to be on one occasion. Post simply disappeared. There is definitely an autobot at work.

    • Yep, it’s happened to me on several occasions too. Actually spent a good hour typing out a well contructed response to an article the other week, only to push enter and watch it disappear seconds later. Extremely annoying.

      • Thanks very much for replying. I’m not sure if you’ll see this, or whether it will disappear. But thankyou 👍🏻

    • Jo maybe better making a new account mate, if yer waiting on these admin halfwits, well ye will be waiting, take care and all the best mate, trust me you will need it.

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