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    1 year, 1 month ago

    Hi everyone. I am still banned from commenting or posting from FB for another 3 days. This is my 4th ban in 4 months. I got banned for posting this below. Please share widely.

    Dear friends, It has come to our attention that some well intended people are recommending that their communities take the Covid-19 ‘vaccine’. This is of serious concern.

    There are in fact no Covid-19 vaccines. The correct terminology is EXPERIMENTAL, also known as INVESTIGATIONAL, Covid-19 medical procedures. The legal implications of the terminology are important. These agents are being distributed as ‘vaccines’ under an Emergency Use Authorization to limit how future harm to patients can be compensated. To clarify, those who take the Covid-19 ‘vaccine’ have enrolled themselves in the largest and most risky human medical experiment in history with limited legal and practical recourse. In an interview with the ABC Insiders on the 6th of Februaray 2021, even Australia’s Federal Health Minister, Greg Hunt said “The world is engaged in the largest clinical trial, the largest global vaccination trial ever, and we will have enormous amounts of data’

    The Covid-19 ‘vaccines’ have provisional approval only. Most are actually experimental gene therapy. Up until now, all test animals (ferrets and monkeys) that didn’t die from anaphylactic shock or cancer, died later when introduced to any wild coronavirus strain eg. another influenza . If any of the current human trials of these ‘vaccines’ were to be successful, which according to CDC statistics they are not proving to be, with about three percent of participants suffering severe reactions including death, it would be the first ever coronavirus vaccine. This is literally a highly suspicious, rushed and coercive global human trial with end dates projected for 2022 and 2023. Two or three years is unquestionably too early for any vaccine-induced autoimmunity to be validly assessed.

    Some of these Covid-19 ‘vaccines’ are mRNA. This is the first time the mRNA mechanism is being used in a vaccine. mRNA relies on a type of cell called HEK293 which comes from human embryo kidneys harvested back in the 1970s. The embryo doesn’t end up in the vaccine, but cultivates the crucial part of the vaccine – the adenovirus, which carries the spike protein DNA blueprint. This is of grave concern, literally a DNA blueprint injected into humans before adequate testing and assurance of safety. And those who profess high moral ground and pressure people to take this ‘vaccine’ for the ‘good of all’ would do well to think about the aborted children’s cells and the other exotic and dangerous materials used in creating these dangerous mRNA ‘vaccines’ while remembering that this is the first time this type of procedure has been used in any successful type of human trial.

    At the time of writing, use of the AstraZeneca vaccines have been either suspended or banned by over twenty countries due to thromboembolic and other life threatening events. Thousands of other severe allergic reactions have also been reported world-wide. Devastatingly, even fastidiously health-conscious people are receiving this jab with no knowledge of the truth of the risks. There is even talk of insurance companies waiving cover for recipients of Covid-19 ‘vaccines’. Anyone saying that, ‘Just a miniscule number of people will react to the vaccination’ A Serious Caution to All Those Who Are Advocating the Covid-19 Vax 1/4 and ‘Only a few are susceptible to more serious reactions’, is being highly unscientific, negligent and illegal.

    Willingness to guarantee the safety of your community, family and friends based on blasé trust in inadequate or non-existent safety studies is more generous than are the pharmaceutical companies producing these ‘vaccines’. These companies won’t provide guarantee of safety or even a guarantee of efficacy. What’s more, it’s important to note that they stand immune to litigation where there is an adverse reaction or death? Normal safety studies were not applied with these products, and in any case,previously normal safety studies aren’t even adequate for these new mRNA Covid-19 ‘vaccines’. Take note also that an inevitable research bias always accounts for any said reports of safety.

    No ‘vaccine’ based on messenger RNA has ever been approved for any disease, or even entered final-stage trials until now, and some recent testing was halted because test subjects had ‘false positive’ HIV test results. So there is no peer reviewed published human data to compare how mRNA stacks up against older technologies, nor even how mRNA will actually prevent Covid-19. An experimental vaccine patented as gene therapy will never be safer than a disease with a very low infection fatality ratio, noting the public admission from the CDC again and other reporting bodies that global ‘Covid-19 death rates’ were in fact highly inflated.

    The safety studies that have been done are incomplete and inadequate. Representative limitations in the safety cohort for the control group mean that the collected data is useless. The testing was done on healthy participants, the high risk groups were under-represented, meaning that no studies were done on people with comorbidities, pregnant or breastfeeding women, children and infants, the very elderly, etc.

    The Therapeutic Goods Administration and the Food & Drug Administration have admitted that they do not yet know if the ‘vaccines’ will reduce transmission of the virus. This literally means, they don’t know if you can still get covid after being vaccinated. Nor if you can still transmit it to others. Nor how long immunity lasts. They can’t tell you whether you might be an asymptomatic super-spreader, or how many more ‘vaccine’ injections will be required nor how often.

    Another comment that people are making incorrectly is that ‘The Covid-19 ‘vaccine’ will boost the immune system and provide a higher level of protection than a natural infection’. This is blatantly incorrect and those spreading this falsehood are responsible for disseminating dangerous misinformation. Natural immunity is long lasting. Injected protection, if it is even possible, will wane and therefore subsequent vaccinations would be required. This is without consideration of additional ‘vaccines’ for mutated strains of the virus. When will it end?

    What the public also needs to know about the Covid-19 ‘vaccination’ is that these experimental injections could trigger paradoxical immune enhancement also known as cytokine storm, pathogenic priming, or antibody-dependent enhancement. In other words, if you’ve been vaccinated and then are reinfected with Covid-19 or similar (wild) coronavirus (influenza), the subsequent infection has a significantly higher potential to be more severe than had you not been vaccinated. Other side effects are typically neurological diseases such as Transverse Myelitis, Bell’s Palsy, Multiple Sclerosis, Guillain-Barre. The result can be catastrophic and is why the animal studies resulted in massive deaths.

    A Serious Caution to All Those Who Are Advocating the Covid-19 Vax 2/4 There’s no way, in just six months of human trial, to know with any certainty what the immune response will be in vaccinated individuals who later contract the disease, those with waning immunity, the elderly, pregnant or soon to be pregnant. Nor can any long-term effects or interactions with other viruses be known, particularly noting the two mRNA novel approaches. And then there’s the question of sterilisation. Both novel mRNA technology and ingredients in the Covid-19 ‘vaccine’ are linked to an inability to reproduce.

    Furthermore, there is a plethora of information about appalling and understated reporting of adverse reactions. Highly qualified and courageous whistleblowers from all sectors of society involved in the Covid-19 ‘pandemic’ undercover ‘stings’, and shocking admissions from various organisations will lead the sincere researcher to question and disbelieve the mainstream narrative. When vaccinated people react and die, it’s said to be a coincidence. When the elderly suffering from various illnesses die prematurely, it’s Covid-19. We must pause and consider, are the severe reactions and deaths reported on VAERS coincidental and unrelated? And further enquiry should be directed to the concerning fact that high death rates within hours to weeks after vaccination has resulted in coroners refusing to perform autopsies in many countries.

    The censorship of free speech combined with legislated non-supply of pre-existing, safe, inexpensive and powerfully effective prophylactics also causes the thinking person to question the ethics and morals, not to mention the connections between our governments, medical profession, pharmaceutical companies and media.

    Many conflicts of interest are not disclosed by governments that promote vaccines. Nor the fact that Big Pharma benefits massively from illness. Nor is it disclosed that there are certain groups within the population that for various reasons some governments would be pleased to be relieved of. ‘Follow the money’. There is also evidence of biased data from corrupted researchers with serious conflicts of interest, flawed statistics and outdated modelling. Safety cannot be promised in sweeping statements and sorely limited safety data, and questionable efficacy must be taken into account.

    This document is growing in length and barely scratching the surface. But all this information and much more is available if one wants to learn the truth. All the points made in this document have been made by educated, respected and courageous specialists, doctors, scientists, lawyers, leaders of countries and researchers who have often risked or lost their career as a result of going public.

    The last point to be made is about Crimes Against Humanity and the responsibility of people to not legally incriminate themselves by pushing this type of dangerous and highly questionable ‘vaccine’. Australia’s laws protect us, and the international covenants and agreements that we as a nation have signed, ensure each person will never be bullied, coerced, manipulated or penalised for demanding transparency and accurate medical information about any procedure we are invited to receive. And under the same protections, we are completely free to decline any medical treatment with no adverse penalty to our Constitutional daily and practical freedoms.

    Quite simply, it’s illegal and unconstitutional to mandate, compel or to coerce anyone regarding medical treatments. Anyone guilty of this behaviour ought to keep foremost in mind that they are personally liable under Australian and international human rights laws. Already many lawyers A Serious Caution to All Those Who Are Advocating the Covid-19 Vax 3/4 are taking court actions against these government interventions and the number of cases is growing.

    The majority of the community is not at risk from Covid-19, 40% of infected people do not even experience sickness. But a serious health fall-out from this experimental ‘vaccine’ is highly likely and will cost us dearly. Some possible outcomes are simply too frightening to try to articulate. We stand firmly against the segregating and draconian ‘Vaccine Passport’ with its undertones of globalism and all things ‘1984’. We stand against the manipulation of society using unscientific fudged data, censorship and suppression and twisted information. We stand against conflicts of interest and hidden agendas, lying and the denial of truthful dialogue. We stand with those who expose unlawful and dishonest coercion in all its forms and we reject unGodly control which removes privacy, freedom and health.

    We do not support influencers and leaders in the community who have not taken the time to look into the backstory of Covid-19, and who are leading people into dark days with their mindless support of an untested, unproven, unsafe ‘vaccine’ that benefits only a very certain few people with dubious agendas.

    We respect the courage and conviction of eminent international and local doctors, scientists, medical specialists and practicing health and legal professionals who are voicing their concerns about immediate and long-term damaging consequences. These brave spokespersons are challenging the dangerous government and health department policies that are harming our communities and nation.

    We believe that it is imperative that every person remain responsible in their communities. We encourage every person to wisely protect themselves from litigation by being as fully informed as possible, sharing well sourced and accurate information, not just from the mainstream traditional sources which are often biased, ill-intentioned, or compromised in motive and content.

    This letter is intentionally not signed by the signatories, nor do they intend their identities to be disclosed. Our purpose was to speak for the nameless millions who want you, the reader, to be aware of this information. It is unfortunate in any battle of truth and fact that messengers always risk being ‘shot’.

    We thank you for your serious consideration, and we acknowledge that we have only just begun the conversation for you. Be assured, there’s more to the story, much more, and it’s not all good.

    For your further research you might begin here:

    May God be with you as you pursue truth with wisdom and integrity.

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