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  • Why the importance of having a covid test when they plan to vaccinate the entire world anyway. It does not make any sense.

  • Listening to Richie talking to Richie from Torquay,on the alcohol part of the conversation, I thought to myself how coincidental that Tesco, slashed alcohol prices roundabout November 2020, and when I mean slashed practically half price. Even now the discounts on alcohol are at levels i’ve never seen before. Did Tesco know about this beforehand?

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    • Those kind of price cuts happen every year (and have done for some time) in the run up to Christmas. Keeping the prices low after the festive period makes perfect business sense because people are a bit daft. People see ‘a bargain’, so they buy twice as much.

  • The opening of your show tonight Richie was excellent but it was also sad too. The sound
    of the hustle and bustle of a typical public house which is so familiar to the majority of
    the population has gone, and is not coming back. It’s just one of many aspects of normal everyday life that has vanished, gone for good. Who would of believed a year…Read More

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