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  • I have to say since finding Riches’ show from Dr Vernon Coleman it has made our weekday evenings so much more enjoyable, we listen from the computer the first half and second from my tablet while having dinner. Sunday mornings a total change from all this covid. Richie you have a great way with words and give us some big laughs which is what we…Read More

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  • Well done Richie, you handled the EC interview beautifully. A top level politician at a complete loss to handle your clear line of argument. Most impressive.
    Glad to have joined this tribe

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    • I have to say I think EC let herself get flustered. It’s a shame as she was beginning to build a counter argument and for the want of a peer reviewed study to cite it all went rather wrong. I took the point about front line workers and dentists and will do my due diligence. That is because of the debate. This is what debate is for.

      • Agreed Charlie, she got flustered. Maybe out of practice with real journalism, expecting soft ball and found Richie staunchly resisting her.

  • Great example of how not to present yourself when you are required to debate your belief system, dreadful attitude, Richie you didn’t even get warmed up?

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  • As well as listening to the Richie Allen Show, I also occasionally listen to Talk Radio. If anyone else does, have you noticed that nauseating Covid public information advert which ends with ” If you bend the rules, somebody might die “. Oh pleeeeeaaase !!! Cue the Amy Winehouse song ” what kind of f***ery is this ??? “

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  • Thanks Richie for injecting hope into so many arms! Sorry for the tasteless analogy, the website is looking grand! Big up Richie and Hayden!!

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