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It might turn out that the unjabbed are the only ones left to look after her, the stupid c*nt.

Our ICU isn't swamped. C19 isn't 'tearing through' anymore, it's done. But yes, all these cretinous nurses are testing themselves out of work to sit home perfectly well. Then, in April whilst they keep stringing this bullshit on, they'll sack me and thousands like me. It's a scam but unfortunately...

I'll be leaving nhs after 25 years in april and so far no one seems to give a shit. Nowt special about nurses and Drs it turns out, as cowardly and simple-minded as the majority of Britain's cretins.

We are witnesses to the most pathetic generation of cowards, weak cretins with nothing between their ears. We are in Romero's Dawn of the Dead, mindless automatons unable to think for themselves and driven by an insatiable desire for Netflix, selfies and lip filler. Despite this we have the...

Principles are hard to come by these days.

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