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While the loss to popular culture will be astonishingly insignificant should this cross between Jimmy Krankie & Chewbacca's mum get cancelled, we should still defend her right to free speech and to continue being jaw droppingly unfunny. Especially when her enemies include the greasy foreheaded MP for the constituencies of...

This is the final test of this country. If parents, and the nation as a whole, allow this then this country is finally over.

I wish I was clever enough to organise our response. Hopefully someone out there is.

We are in for the battle of our generation. And we are on the right side. Be proud that when the test of your life came, you passed. Now we need to come together, not just on here but out there in the world. This is it.

CCU is always busy. I'll quit if the vax is mandated.

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