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  • What a great email from Niall the hockey player. I’ve noted some of the wording used for when the time comes that I’ll need it. Currently in a debate with my boss who says we have to continue mask wearing from Monday 19 July (so if I’m still there) in the futur I’m sure that email will come in handy when the next stage will be telling us to be j…Read More

  • I’ve just read this on Telegram- not sure if there’s any truth in it …..


    If you want to travel (FLY) and it does not matter if you are V@cc3d or not you need to read this.

    A lesson in Irony and Blind Justice.

    Who says that God is not in control of all of this.

    This will show you twice how it happens.

    Pay att…Read More

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    • That is very interesting but hardly surprising. If you recklessly role out an untested experimental medical procedure to the entire population then you just know that the law of unintended consequences is likely going to kick in big style.

  • Hi Richie, counting down the minutes to get out of work with all the Believers, so I’ll have to listen arse about face and catch the first hour on PodOmatic, your mate Karen from Newark

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