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    Karen nicholl

    4 months ago

    I’ve just read this on Telegram- not sure if there’s any truth in it …..


    If you want to travel (FLY) and it does not matter if you are V@cc3d or not you need to read this.

    A lesson in Irony and Blind Justice.

    Who says that God is not in control of all of this.

    This will show you twice how it happens.

    Pay attention an follow along carefully.

    The Airline Industries teemed up with Government and the Evil Cabal and helped to promote V@cc1n3 passport with the slogan “No Jab, No Fly” (Word changed to beat censorship).

    And it worked all these people did as they were told and went running out to get the little prick so they could fly and go on holidays. Yet others did research and saw that this was dangerous so they risked not being able to fly and go on holidays to save their life. These people sacrificed the chance of a holiday to be healthy.

    Now comes the sting in the tail.

    All the airlines are having meetings at the moment about the jab. What might you ask are they discussing?

    Lets face a fact first! It has been known for so many years that anyone of any age who has a clotting risk and similar disorders can only fly under strict supervision and it is recommended they do not fly unless it is an emergency and preferably a life threatening emergency.

    Why is this important it is because when you fly you are at greater risk of complications, stroke and death if you are susceptible.

    We now have information that confirms that everyone getting the jab (does not matter which one) are having clotting and bleeding issues as one of the main reactions. These reactions are all similar to the ones known about that restrict you from flying.

    So what are the airlines talking about?

    They are discussing their liability and what to do about the v@cc3d as they should not fly as it is a health risk. These discussions have only just started and I do not know what the outcome will be.

    So it looks like that everyone who took the Jab may not be able to fly.

    All those unv@cc1nated might be the only ones able to fly in the end.

    Now for the second sting in the tail.

    It must have seen like a good idea at the time when the all the airlines (well most) got on board with this. They would have thought that the governments and the evil cabal would get what they would want and also the airlines would get a captive audience of certified travelers.

    What has happened instead?

    Every airline has reduced their customer base as the V@cc3d will not be able to fly. This will put financial pressure on them as there are now less people able to fly.

    But there is even more to this.

    For us plebs who only use flying for holidays we have nothing but for all those people who fly for their work and income and if they got V@cc3d because of the recommendation of the airline then they will have a quantifiable material loss.

    A material loss crated by someone else, especially if they did something wrong like breaking human rights, breaking the Nuremberg code, is something that you can get compensation for.

    So all airlines that supported this like Qantas just to name one are in for a hell of a rough time to survive.

    Now all the airlines, who complied, if they want to survive they are going to have to bring court action against those who told them what to do. These people could be government or other deep state operators it does not matter they are going to have to do something to offset these court cases and recover their money to stay viable or go under.

    This means they will have to name and shame all those behind the scenes that were telling them what to do. If you know enough about corporate law you will know that they do not have a choice or they themselves go down under corporate law for not defending the corporation.

    This will be interesting to watch play out.

    I do not have any idea how this is going to end but boy what a sub plot.

    Yours Sincerely in Love and Light

    Craig Roy
    Aussie Patriot

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    • That is very interesting but hardly surprising. If you recklessly role out an untested experimental medical procedure to the entire population then you just know that the law of unintended consequences is likely going to kick in big style.

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