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    Richie Allen wrote a new post

    For Fuck's Sake! Laurel Hubbard Is A Man!

    There is no such thing as a trans woman. Laurel Hubbard is a man, no matter what he thinks. He wasn't born in the wrong body. That's a load of bollox, no pun intended. You cannot be born in...

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    • She’s a bonny little thing, isn’t she?! 😁

    • Those Christchurch shootings really brought Jacinda Arden to heel.

    • On a lighter note, Hubbard reminds me of female Russian shotputters from the 1980s.

    • What strikes me is that the reverse trend isn’t happening. Anyone able to name a women who is one of these, masquerading as man campaigning to compete alongside male weightlifters? !!!
      Wonder why or xy or xx …..

      • lmao. wouldn’t it be hilarious if this fake female had the pants/ skirt beaten off of her/ him/ it by a really hot natural born female?

        • Bucks Gee Wizz – Making Your Mind Up.
          Whipping off the skirt – the big or maybe
          a little reveal – perfectly fits the profile of the standard entrant for the 21st Century Eurovision Song contest.
          Let’s vote!!!

          • Brenda, I am a little disappointed with your response here, 🤔 no pawsome puns, maybe the claw enforcement has intervened? Or maybe you are recovering from the pundemic? Anyway, I hope your purr-sonality is back to normal soon 🤣😂 🐱🐈 FAGE

            • What does FAGE mean please?

              • I believe Brenda has inside info on this, sure she wont mind you knowing but keep it to yourself, felines against evil…….schhhhhh….

            • Blame kitty interception – my two awesome pawsome cats were taking offence!! Have been hovering over the delete button.
              (PC ((pussycat comrades)) have got to them). They did not appreciate my Tom foolery littering my replies with tails without prior consultation. Back on the catnip!!!

      • Because they wouldn’t have been born with the muscle mass and the testosterone as they are not biologically male whereas the ones competing as women are actually biologically male.

        • I’m beginning to think they believe DNA stands for…..I ‘DON’T NO ANYMORE’ who I am!!!
          A little bit of licence with the spelling..but hey, they probably won’t twig on!!

    • Great post Richie but why do you always use the Germans to make a point? East Germany was a satellite state of the USSR, therefore any technological innovations or chemical advances by them would have been demanded by their masters. So how come DDR athletes and swimmers would often finish higher in medal tables than those of the USSR? Just making a point.

    • A woman is more than a guy with a vagina.

    • 100% with you there Richie. I will tell you what this guy is, mentally ill.

    • Found this on Facebook…. 🤣

      • Brilliant.

      • Funny. I identify as young and wealthy with a full head of hair. I can’t get hot chicks to believe me. I feel they are discriminating against me.

    • Laurel reminds me of Colm Meaney.

      Judge for yourself:


      Apologies… I’m addicted to referencing this little sound bite!!

      It just seems to work for everything nowadays!!!


    • For those who aren’t knowledgable about weight lifting as an event, the person in the photo is performing what is known as the Clean and Jerk. Perhaps it’s title is relevant.

    • I suspect some sportsmen claim to be trans-women because they’re not good enough to win against men, but they are ambitious enough to win against women. I think in time many of these men will regret cheating biological women into second place and denying them their chance to win, and one reason for this will be because when they look at their trophy cabinet to reflect on their success every one of their trophies will say “Women’s” on it. It’s not something a man can boast too loud about, outperforming women in women’s sports.

      Another thing about trans- is if a man can be a woman and vice versa, why change their names? Why reinforce the gender-fluid with the gender-specific? If a man can be a woman then why not keep a name like Stephen instead of changing it to the feminine Stephanie? It contradicts the principle of gender-fluid if Stephen can be a woman but not a Stephen.

  • The following is doing the rounds at the moment. It is, essentially, what I was warning people about 15 years ago. They paid as much attention then as they do now.
    Caller: Is this Pizza Hut?
    Google: No, mam, it’s Google Pizza.
    Caller: I must have dialled a wrong number.
    Google: No, mam, Google bought Pizza Hut last month.
    Caller: Okay, I…Read More

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