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  • @kazza
  • September 22, 2021

Roll on 6pm when I can get out of work and listen to the show in an arse about face manner! I’m usually surrounded by Double jabbed BELIEVERS but thankfully on my own in my department this afternoon. My boss already knows how I feel about the jab having...

Hey well I’m a KAREN and I couldn’t give a shit, what is wrong with people today, many are so miserable with no banter, grrrrrrrr

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  • @kazza
  • September 19, 2021

Good morning Richie from Newark Nottinghamshire, looking forward to today’s show. This week has been a great one on the other show - very good guests. I was a Paypaller but today will set up my contribution the new way!

Ohhhh Richie. Cannot wait to hear you. I’ll be at work late but I’ll be on PodOmatic as soon as I escape

Sad you’re making us wait for your return but have a wonderful week and BH weekend ahead. Looking forward to 31st. Take care all of you - El doggo tremendo, El froggo tremendo & El Richie tremendo

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