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Veganism is an agenda, it's been crammed down the throats of the young in Schools, I have 3 children in 3 different Schools and they have 'vegan' day, even though most of the children eat meat, they actually changed the menu to go back to the meat choices as...

Love your comment Jon, it's down to each person, and what works for you, folk who are vegan is totally different to veganism, they should never try to cancel meat, and also never try to cancel fruit, veg, nuts and seeds, each to their own 🙂

We had one bath a week, on a Sunday lol. We were outside all the time, only back in for dinner, down this boggin burn all the time, caked in mud from the tyre swing that every wean in the area was tying to get a shot of. It's...

The mass assault and trauma the kids have been subjected to by the neurotic adults in this World is the worst of the worst, inhumane and utterly appalling 🙁

Your right Nellie, and Dr Vernon Coleman is spot on with his info. These hand sanitizers are just more toxic chemicals that have no place near the skin of humans, they are very harmful and the fact they insisted that you (well not us, we go against the grain...

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