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  • Buy, beg, borrow, steal, read this book!

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  • I have to compliment Richie for giving Kate Shemirani the ‘right of reply’. Buckle your seatbelts folks; this’ll be good radio.

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  • Luc Montagnier, the man who won the Nobel prize in virology for identifying the AIDS virus, has come out vocally and emphatically against the new experimental mRNA vaccines which have been rolled out without following scientific safety protocols and procedures for vaccines, making this the largest most dangerous human genetic experiment in world…Read More

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    Michael Gove: "Those Who Refuse Vaccines Are Selfish!"

    Michael Gove has accused those who will not come forward for a jab of putting other people's lives at risk. Refuseniks are selfish he said. Speaking to reporters on Tuesday afternoon the cabinet office minister said: "Ultimately, if you can...

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    • It would be selfish if it really was putting other people’s lives at risk. That is not the case. Asymptomatic transmission is a myth. Transmission via surfaces a non starter. Outdoor transmission is rare. Indoor transmission in stuffy crowded spaces is possible. Fart transmission is rare. Most people do not invade a stranger’s personal space. That would be unnatural. So (anti)social distancing is naturally 99% guaranteed.
      True positive PCR tests are rare and indistinguishable from the false positives. So it is not really very contagious, is it? And as the vaccinated are all as susceptible as the non-vaccinated to contract Covid and then spread it, logically it doesn’t make a scrap of fucking dfference if you have had a jab or not.

      • On a lighter note, I did my own personal, peer reviewed experiment on the efficacy of masks. In January I was at São Paulo Internationl airport returning to my home town. Boarding was delayed and then the boarding gate was changed. Alll the mask muffled passengers shuffled into a miniscule downstairs boarding gate 12B. I had downed a variety of bottled beers and an octopus risotto the previous evening and I was brewing. I let off a real y-front shredder…a super spreader. Within ten seconds I had cleared the floor around me to radius of more than 3 metres. Back in Blighty they would say, “Whoever has more than one slice of that is being greedy” Anyway my peers (fellow passengers) agreed with my pre-fart hypothesis that masks are no protection against giant airborn particles let alone miniscule viruses.

        • Someone told me that they are saying now that farts spread covid but then is there actually anything that doesn’t?

          • Flies and mosquitoes will be on that list next.

          • There was a time when it was considered polite, civilised behaviour to not shout or talk loudly in public; for strangers to keep a respectful distance apart and only move a bit closer to shake hands (before stepping back again); and for people not to break wind in public.
            Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

            • Then we went all continental with faux displays of affection – air kissing on each cheek.

            • No masking the fact that this was more about self-constraint than social control.

              • Self-constraint? Yes: but how was that reached? By natural progression (unlikely given our tendancies for closer contact), or as a result of deliberately directed ‘fashionable norms’ – ie, social control?

                • I think it was because the working classes were seen as “disease carriers”, because they lived in conditions whereby Typhoid and Cholera would spread. So the middle classes kept a safe distance. Then sanitation was introduced, but the working classes were still sharing an outside toilet with 100 of their neighbours, so they were still seen as “the great unwashed” by the middle classes.

                  So wasn’t it just a case of “put that poor person down darling, you don’t know where it has been?”

                  • Probably, yes. And given the scenes from something like the G7 summit, do you think those attitudes have changed?
                    The ‘fashionable’ norms are set by the more affluent. Today, the masses consider themselves more affluent and so are more likely to follow the fashions set by the true affluent – even though such people still view us as ‘the great unwashed’. It’s quite sad really.

          • This will be the latest mega contract tender for their cronies – bum masks.
            Social distancing for farts is already built-in!!!

        • 😂😂😂

        • Hot air indeed… 😀

      • ‘It would be selfish if…’ isn’t a particularly strong argument. Despite precautions, driving a vehicle has the potential to put lives at risk, but that is not a selfish act.
        However, becoming a risk averse society is a selfish act as it denies the generations that follow the chance to fully explore and experience Life.

    • This being selfish doesn’t make any sense. If people felt there was a need for the vaccines and they were perfectly safe they would have them, if they don’t feel there is a need and/or they feel that they are unsafe then of course they won’t have them. I don’t see where selfishness comes into the equation at all, it doesn’t make sense.

      • It’s not meant to make sense. Emotional manipulation/blackmail only makes sense to the person using it.

        • True – and people have been using emotional manipulation/playing the pity card for a while now in the media. This one is “don’t you want to be LIKED? If you don’t take the vax, then people won’t LIKE you….”

          My theory is that if a key worker, (health professional, teacher, police, etc ) arrives for the jab, then they get a Placebo. And if a (to use their words) “useless eater” arrives for the jab, they get the full deadly dose.

          Eugenics in action.

          • Maybe; but if the aim is to depopulate there won’t be much call for key workers.
            The feudal system had three tiers: the aristocracy (the true leaders); the educated working class (politicians, CEOs, bankers, etc) who have a symbiotic working relationship with the rulers; and the labourers (the rest of us including key workers) who produce to maintain the state.
            As the technology evolves, the need for the labourers slowly disappears.
            That’s where depopulation comes in.

    • I wonder what kind of bonuses are being handed out for all the drug pushing?

      Or who’s ass is in the firing line for non compliance with their drug lord?

      If any??


      • A nice, fat pension; a top executive position; and a roomy house in the country beckons to each and every one who follows their instructions.
        To those that don’t, a fatal accident or early heart attack awaits them and possibly their loved ones.
        It’s a choice, but not much of one.

        • Or maybe they’ve been offered a place in one of the underground towns they have been building. I’m still wondering what that’s all about. Can’t help but feel they know something that we don’t about what’s going to happen.

          • Of course they do. I often wonder if a lot of what they present to the public gaze is little more than deliberate distraction.

          • The Morlock’s? – tell me you’re kidding.

            • All this endless emphasis on “take the jab” means there is something going on. At best they want to divide those who have been compliant into one catagory. And those who have not, into another catagory.

              • I totally agree. Yesterdays guest; Mark Windows mentioned ‘communitarianism’ as a means of weaponizing brother against brother, friend against friend; colleague against colleague. It is quite ingenious in one way but ultimately malevolent and will end up being the thing that destroys this rather rushed phase of this evil operation. The one crumb of comfort I took from Mr Windows excellent interview; is that they (the psychopaths) seem to be forcing the pace of their own schedule out of desperation. They’ve clearly underestimated the fact that the influencers and thinkers on ‘our side of the ball’ are every bit as smart as they are; all we need now is total unity.

                • Old people were forming a queue today to get their little “I’ve been jabbed” cards laminated today at the Stationary Shop.. The reason being that they don’t use smart phones and they are assuming that they will have to show their “I’ve been jabbed” card.
                  A little old lady was told. “but you haven’t had the second jab yet, are you sure you want to laminate this”
                  The old lady replied that she didn’t want the second jab and was told “Well they only stamp the card after you’ve had a second jab”
                  The old lady laminated her card anyway.

                  • Bloody hell…

                    • The jab affected an older relation in our family, to the extent that she has a clot on her brain. After the first jab, she threatened several people with death – because – in her mind – she had a team that would do the job for her.
                      After the second jab, she sunk into depression and was then subject to a stroke, which turned out to be this blood clot on her brain.
                      My guess is that the jab and subsequent odd carry-on are related. The threats, the imagined world, the stroke, the brain being affected.

        • Just read an article from the Daily mail concerning a woman from Minneapolis who reacted to the Pfizer jab.. both legs now partially amputated and her hands are next.

          I won’t post the link.

          But enough said about drugs and drug pushers.


          • You know my thoughts.

          • Oh my God. That is horrible.
            I wonder how the Daily Mail got away with reporting it – seeing as it goes against the “Powers that Be” to be truthful about the dangers of the jab.

            • Good point Anwen.

              Maybe someone working there has a conscience.

              A rarity in the legacy media nowadays.

            • Good point Anwen.

              Maybe someone working there has a conscience.

              A rarity in the legacy media nowadays.

          • I had a look online about it. A nigerian missionary lady, who came to the USA to plant churches for the community. Ok. Here’s me being cynical. I hope I am wrong. But. Isn’t this lady exactly the sort of person that they want to negate and silence?
            And therefore, isn’t she the sort of person that they can use to “try out” a certain sort of jab – just to see what happens?
            I honestly do think that they select the type of jab to give, based on the type of person that is in front of them…. eugenics style thinking.

            • Entirely possible.
              Nothing surprises me nowadays with all that’s going on.

              Though, she’s not alone in experiencing this type of reaction.

              I think the ‘clot shot’ nickname is the perfect analogue for it.

              • Thank you Gerry. My theory is that they gave one type of jab to the old people, (instant death),
                a placebo jab to the key workers, (so they’d have no reaction and keep on working).
                Women/girls who want to be mothers … not sure but it seemed like a type of jab that messed with their reproductive cycles.
                And then
                There is the “try it out” jab – whereby the person is deemed to be a bit of a nuisance in society, and so they are subject to a “human experimentation” vaccine. These are the people who are having horrible side effects.
                The jab that they are planning to give to teenagers at school.
                What manner of jab will that be?
                At a guess, it will send high-spirited energetic youngsters into a sort of a dull zombie like state, so that they are biddable.

                • One way or another, by mixing the batches between placebo and live, it will yield similar results.

                  However, I believe the primary intention of the injection is to seed the entire global population with graphene oxide and it’s this that’s causing the initial toxic reactions to those most susceptible.

                  Yes, mRNA is in the concoction too, so come next coronavirus circulations, it’s predicted and scientifically documented that many more will most likely succumb also.

                  It’s a multi tool and our so called entrusted leaders are exploiting every trick in the book in order to promote and advance their also known globalist Agenda..
                  (Also well documented, only they’re neglecting to tell anyone using their usual mainstream propaganda outlets!)

                  As instructed by their handlers.

                  • Thank you Gerry – I’ve never heard of Graphen Oxide so I will have to put that on my “Look it up” list. Alongside the mystery that is “Geo-Science”. Everyone seems to know what that is!!! ( I had a dodgy state school education)

                    “Yes MRNA is in the concoction too” – next one on the “look it up” list.
                    About the promotion and advancement of the globalist Agenda – I used to know a few people in my London days, who were in BBC or ITV and one later went into Al Jezeera.

                    I couldn’t work out why they appeared to lose their ability to reason within a moral framework, or to understand that actions have consequences, or to be aware that truth/integrity were a major part of their job description. If I run into them now, it is like they are an outer shell of what they once were, but inside there is nothing.

                    • It is well worth investigating these topics Anwen.
                      You will find recent links that I’ve posted in the more recent threads and social pertaining to same.

                      Re the phenomenon you describe with your former acquaintances from the mass media news outlets.

                      Money talks and their brains can’t and won’t see beyond it!

                      A global consistency.

                      • All true. It is if somebody has taken away their souls. I’m not being poetic here. They all had humour, warmth, individual characteristics and a knowledge of right and wrong. Now, the twist each word that is said, as if they need to make all communication, fit an inner narrative in their head.
                        For example, one of them date-raped a woman I know. She didn’t go to the police. His only comment on the matter was that he’d like another child. The fact that he’d wrecked her life, was of no consequence.
                        And yet this character goes to church etc, but inside he is lost in a media-self-worship mind set, so very strong that none of his actions seem to have consequences, as far as he is concerned. He’s got that “smile”. They all have that same “smile” that doesn’t reach the eyes.

                        • He sounds like a very pleasant chap altogether!!
                          Someone who you wouldn’t want to meet down a dark alleyway and especially affer a night on the town!

                          Yes… i know the fake smile and dead eyes you speak of..

                          Perhaps these people have been ‘graphenated’ well in advance of achieving their public profiles…

                          Just a thought!


                          • He works in the higher etchelons of a major media company. I think that you are right Gerry. I think they have indeed been “graphenated” as part of their way to the top of the ladder. I heard him interviewed about his work, and he sounded brain damaged.

                            • Aside from the obvious Anwen, I’m learning of some really bizarre and anomalous occurrences happening in recent times.
                              Virtually all of the ‘mainstream’ clique are operating in unison, to include the celebrity srar types.
                              It’s hard to accept that all of them could be this cognitively impaired.
                              So, logic would suggest that ‘something else’ is in the air… Or the water…
                              … or the potentially lethal injection they’re so desperately endorsing.

                              • I agree. I used to put it down to these courses that they have to attend. Either run by NLP experts, or previous leaders of a dodgy cult called “The Forum” (in California is was called EST), the end result is a uniformity of expression, of belief and of purpose.

                                Also the “mainstream” clique come from similar schools, did PPE at Oxford, vote Remain, believe in “One world no borders” – I’m telling you something that you already know, I’m sure, but it is just to back up that “operating in unison” point that you made.

                                Also, they were fixated for many years, that “Brexit voters hated foreigners” They would not look at the economic benefits, the concerns over infrastructure, etc. They would always regard “Brexit” people, in the way that they now regard “unvax-people”. It is as if a pre-programmed switch is flipped in their brain, and they collectively “hate” to the extent of rejecting close long term friends.

                                • Great points Anwen and I’m in full agreement.
                                  Brainwashing, only on different streams of consciousness relative to education or job commitments.

                                  That switch is easily flipped by pushing any old garbage that suits the agenda and they’ll suck it up for all it’s worth and again it operates on many different levels.

                                  Here’s but one example I’ve just recently stumbled across, which I would say is a perfect current working example of what you describe.

                                  Check this out..

                                  Incredible this!!


                                  • Thank you Gerry – I have just now seen it. Amazing that the guy at the end knew it was a joke, but all the others who signed? I always wondered how the Nazi’s managed to stir up hatred against those they planned to murder, (Jews, homosexuals, slavs) and watching that made me realize that it would have been easy because people are so ready to condemn others to prison. Sinister.

                                    • It’s incredible isn’t it!

                                      It also highlights how much of an uphill struggle this might yet become…

                                      Can we unplug these propagandised serfs from their brain washed cognitive impairment?

                                      It was refreshing to see that some were actually still ‘living’ in that video, but the numbers are suggesting that those of us who are seeing this for exactly what it is are in the minority.

                                      We may need miracles I’m afraid.


                                      • Speaking of miracles – I downloaded the Delingpole and Alex Thompson interview that you linked up here, and would like to send it to a pal – so am now back searching for the thread and link. I was particularly interested in what Alex Thompson said at 1.13 – 1.17 49. That hit the nail on the head.

                                        As I mentioned to you before Gerry, I am creeped out by the fact that my posts on here are being deleted, and/or being screened for approval. Therefore I will wish you well and say “Goodbye” with heartfelt thanks – especially as I notice that a friend of a friend is on the Delingpole list. Gavin A. Excellent. Thank you.

        • The Ministerial gravy train.

      • Money seen as how the Government has financial links with the vaccine manufacturers.
        They must also get off on the fact that the proles / common folk are being culled.

        • Serial killers like to keep a trophy of each victim……..please start naming your suggestions!!

          • Testicles as they do not need them!

          • Gather them all into a safe injection site in Downtown Eastside Vancouver, and lock them in ….. with the regular clients. Job done.

    • Well, it wouldn’t be the first time someone has called me ‘selfish’. Sticks and stones…

    • To prove how unselfish I am , I’m willing to give Govey my jab.

    • And he is a Coke Head

      • Ask James Delingpole; he was a contemporary of his. Kate Shemirani will give good radio. I admire Richie’s guts and integrity inviting her on.

        • I think that she “gives good radio” – but – I just feel that she is a major manipulator. I’m not convinced that “what you see is what you get” because when somebody says “I’m a christian” and comes over as a major narcissist………..(as she did to me)……with a bit of borderline personality disorder thrown in, (sorry to the Kate fans, but it is just my opinion)…. then what next?
          My personal opinion is that she is a plant.
          She is there to discredit some very real concerns.
          Sure – RA was tough with her, but she made some demands right at the start, and I thought “Oh… lady, you’re picking on the wrong interviewer here”

          • You make some very good points, but please don’t assume that others haven’t seen the glaringly obvious red flags. I wasn’t present in the Shemirani household but have deduced that there is something very off centre about the lady and her sons attitude toward both her and his upbringing. This tells me that not all is rosy in that garden.

            • I don’t think I did assume that others haven’t seen the red flags.

              • Good to hear.

                • I’m just trying to work out what geo-science is from some of the links on here. That’s why I came on, and then I got a bit side tracked. Geo-engineering, Geo-science. Is it linked to all this jab-stuff? Is it geology or geoprahy or what. So, that’s my weekend ahead’s work.

                  • Find a quiet spot and a comfy chair 🙂

                    • Ok, the thing is Backbeat, that “Geo-Engineering for Dummies” doesn’t exist. Every site I click on assumes that you the basics already.
                      One of my questions is this. Assuming that it is correct that there is stuff in the jab that will link a jabbed person to the net…. is it possible that we will be buying our groceries, via the “thing” that is in a jabbed person…. Like, now we can use cards to buy things, but jabbed people can use whatever geo-science they are carrying around, and buy and sell using a bar code under their skin.
                      Which was predicted in the bible

    • One of my favourite books…

      • Not read it, but there really is virtue in selfishness – because the selfish person does not seek to impose themself on others, but rather quietly gets on with their life.
        It does not mean that the selfish person will not help others; but rather that they will do so through personal choice rather than by expectation.

        • Like many of her books, it’s a collection of her articles on the subject of selfishness.

          The likes of Gove are pushing this “collectivist” agenda as being “the greater good” and this is going to be important to them going forward if the “social credit” idea is to get off the ground.

          Ayn Rand, being all about the individual, is a good antidote to the nonsense.

          Her most well known book “Atlas Shrugged” remains as relevant today as it was when it was published in 1957.

          • Whenever I hear that term ‘greater good’, I think of the Neighbourhood Watch group in Hot Fuzz.

      • thanks Andy this site has some ok book intel etc

    • They’re all dog whistling like mad the last few weeks aren’t they. But they’ve jabbed their dogs and broken their minds and motivation so they might as well whistle into thin air.

      • They’ve jabbed all the dry tinder, easy meat and low hanging fruit. Now it’s just the tough underbelly and the vaccine rates have plummeted. Now it’s the hard sell trying to offload their shit to the final 30%.

        • WE WILL NOT COMPLY……Little Britain takes on a new meaning….

        • I reckon it is more than 30% as the propaganda for having the “experimental gene therapy” is full on.
          Two of my wife’s nephews who are university educated but are generally dumbed down have said that they are not getting jabbed which surprised me as they usually dismiss things as being conspiracy theories if I ever bring a subject up.

          • Jacob you may well be right. The Government lies about pretty much everything else. Who really believes that the UK’s rate of inflation is 2.5%?

          • No offence Jacob but Goering never said that at the Nuremberg ‘trial’. Check it out.

          • I’d like to think that but in the West Country, here in Somerset/Dorset and Wilts I reckon take up is over 70 %…. sad but what can you do? People think it is more important to get their Pizza, have a few beers and grab a holiday, pick up a nice slice of Propaganda from the MSM newspapers and wash it down with BBC or ITV news….Our Stand in the Park group at Shaftesbury has about 50 members after 6 weeks, that is it but what wonderful people they are….

    • So Gove reveals the govt is now offering the jab to shellfish. Whatever next from this bunch of desperados?

    • What is the situation between Richie and Vernon Coleman, have they fallen out?

      • I am interested to hear about that too, was just wondering that myself …I do love Vernon Coleman

    • Pure Evil

    • GOVE is another one of the CLOWNS

    • once i read the article, I give myself a nice 25 mins of ranting and then dreaming in my mind palace of what I would like to do to gove. This Sewer rat is a traitor to the people of this country, and there isn’t a mountain high enough to show my Contempt for him!

    • I’d rather be a selfish bastard, than dead in the ground from one of those dodgy clotshots.I bet that little shit, Gove hasn’t had the ‘vaccine’, none of those wankers will have had it, not a chance in hell.

    • Look towards the sky Jane.
      I’m out exercising most mornings, it’s impossible to ignore those planes, the trails they leave and the subsequent changes in strength of the the suns rays

      • Definitely Chem trails……over the last few months though, massive Helicopter activity. These are American, with wheels as they need to land on a ship…..what is going on there then? I have been woken in the night with my windows open always by huge Helicopter activity, circulating for ages……..interesting and keep positive X

        • Loads of helicopter activity near Stuttgart Germany.
          Must just be coincidence 🤷‍♂️

      • The Dimming.
        One can not deny this is happening after watching this unless they are an idiot. is pleased to announce the release of our groundbreaking documentary that conclusively exposes the existence of global weather intervention operations.

        Global weather engineering operations are a reality. Atmospheric particle testing conducted by has now proven that the lingering, spreading jet aircraft trails, so commonly visible in our skies, are not just condensation as we have officially been told. Who is responsible for carrying out these programs? What will the consequences be if geoengineering / solar radiation management operations are allowed? THE DIMMING documentary will provide answers to these questions and many more. This is the most complete documentary regarding climate engineering operations. Thank you for viewing and for notifying others of The Dimming film release.

        The Dimming, Full Length Climate Engineering Documentary

        • Definitely watching that tonight, I am sure that is going on!

        • I am really sorry to be so dim, but I am not sure what “geoengineering” actually is. Is it something to do with the oil industry? I would like to click on the link, but am concerned that I won’t understand the language that is used.

    • Gove should read The Selfish Gene by Richard Dawkins.

      • The latest covid edition now in print….The Selfish Gene Therapy!!

    • Gove is a treasonous Cockroach,him and that Rat Morgan should get married,make a nice couple.

    • Fear of Germs – George Carlin

    • yet up until march 2020, the amount of “germs” in nightclubs was apparently no problem.

      • And that did not stop people doing a line of two in a toilet cubicle.

    • Amazing that these vaccines were developed so quickly. You could almost say that the vaccines existed before the “virus”. I will rely on my immune system, even if I die, which I accept. There is a manic fervor and it is clearly ramping up in intensity. Almost as if someone is afraid to get caught with their pants down.

    • Some part patents can be traced to 2002

      • Yes I saw that too, David Martin wnt through more than 5000 patents and found ones for MRNA vaccines patented in 2002.

    • Tom Dean wins Olympic gold medals after twice testing positive for covid.

      Could this a symptom of long covid?

    • Australia and possibly more countries- you are not in the minority.
      MAJORITY 84% unvaccinated
      Only 16% vaccinated
      !!! Be very careful to not be told (by 16%) or conned on social media that your are NOT a majority.
      Let THEM know that they are a minority and we (the vast majority) will not be forced or so easily tricked into using a half baked vaccine.
      Provide Australians a proper vaccine (phase four and time tested) and most Australians would
      Consider it.

    • wow! Kate S handled herself really well against Richies onslaught. I agree that he was doing his job, and doing it well, but lord it was difficult to hear. I admire that he was honest that he let her know that he had issues with her. I admire that SHE also admits her own flaws too [the comments about her own stupidity around the pageant / modelling stuff in earlier years] . If we were all more honest about our own stupidity and flaws the world would be a better place.

    • Personally, I feel the EMF created by all these technologies is at fault. It is not just the bees that are down in numbers.

    • They are all just war criminals squatting in power by terrorism and a private thug army of currently brainwashed cops! Times are not good but I’ll be damned if these pipsqueaks, like POB here, get to win!

    • Where are you in Dorset? We live in Penselwood, Helicopter activity (the types that can land on ships because they have wheels are incessant…

    • Hi Emmeline, it is very sad but I will say from videos I have seen where a number of bees are dying they are pictured right by forms of Lime Trees (leaves are instantly recognisable in the videos to me) Tilia. There are many species of Tilia that are either toxic or narcotic to Bees so this is worth noting but still, no lime trees here and definitely a demise in bees….Hope we can turn this around…

    • Dont usually stoop to personal insults but cant resist commenting on the picture….reminds me of an insane ventriloquist dummy.. which is basically what the whole damn lot of them are.

    • Been separated from the vaccinated might not be such a bad idea, we dont know what this shit is doing to unvaccinated.

      • Had the in-laws up for 4days 2 weeks ago., yes both dj. I’ve had a headache, fatigue, nausea and period pains (I’m 59!) since then, finally feeling better today. Co-incidence? Imagined? Who knows.

        • no – I dont think it is a co-incidence. I have noticed that people are very paranoid and ratty and a bit odd, after the jab.

        • Also the effects that the jab has upon the menstruation cycle is really weird. The fact that it gave you period pains around jabbed people – yes – I’ve had that too. My concern is that the plans to jab all the school children, will result in the horror of teenage girls, with periods that go on for over six weeks. In a normal state school there are 2000 teens in one building and although there are cameras in all the corridors and classrooms, there are certainly not enough adults around, to deal with the jab-affected girls.

        • Transmission of the spike protein.
          Have a friend who has lost the hearing in his right ear completely and has vertigo. It has been 30 days since this started.
          Heard from a doctor that one of his friends had the jab and this happened to him.
          He also said that this is one of the symptoms being reported to the MHRH.

    • Selfish? Sorry, my responsibilty for other peoples’ health ends when there is a risk to my own.

    • Why would I be selfish for not taking an experimental mrna gene therapy fraudulently ‘passed off’ as a vaccine, that has more chance of causing myself serious injury OR maybe worse DEATH, than catching the renamed FLU and developing natural immunity, WHY ?

    • Well said Welsh Gregg, agree with that 👏

    • Stick the jab where the sun dont shine, now I know why his Mother abandonded him, a true bastard in every sence of the word,

    • In Ireland the land of the sheep, they want to jab/kill the 12-15 year old children, we need a bloody revolution where many many heads will roll.

    • Spot the difference. Both dummies.

    • Gove’s words are far more threating and dangerous than anything Kate Shemirani stated in the last London demonstration.

      • I couldn’t quite work out what Kate Shemirani was saying, but my impression is that she was doing an old fashioned “Hell Fire and Damnation” preaching, directed at doctors and nurses. Along the lines of “you are helping to kill people, so God will kill YOU … remember what happened to the doctors and nurses at Nuremberg”

        The reason that this was manipulative and morally wrong, is because Kate Shemiranit was deliberately making a connection with the murder of six million Jews in the Holocaust/Nuremberg Trails….. AND….. the Doctors/Nurses of the present day.

        Now, if this is what she was doing…. “if”….. Then that is pure evil, pure manipulation, and quite a dangerous statement. The idea in her head that she is a Christian, makes it all the more sinister since she’ll think her NLP tactics are “God’s will” etc.

        Gove on the other hand is just saying what he is told to say. Sure it is manipulation, but not as sinister as Kate Shemirani.

        • My interpretation of what she said was basically,

          get the names and phone numbers of the ‘health professionals’ that are committing murder and they will be passed on to legal representatives within the movement for any possible repercussions further down the line.
          I’m sure she actually mentioned the legal team.

          Her reference regarding Nuremberg was factual and appeared to be a warning to the aforementioned ‘health professionals’ who are currently breaking the law to stop now before they end up in a similar situation in court.

          The Ritchie Allen show has been my only source of information on the subject though Anwen, so I’m only going by the clip that was played and what she stated during the program.

          Gove…..don’t get me started 😁

    • sorry, meant to say “not going to take her at face value”

      As for Michael Gove. No way on earth has he had the Jab. Not a chance.

    • A 22 year old French lad has recently died just nine hours after his first Pfizer shot. He had it because he wanted to go on holiday with his friends………
      A journalist made a short video reporting on this and put it up on YT.
      It didn’t last very long before they took it down! We the people are duly noting all these incidents of cover ups, lies and wrong doings. And all those knowingly involved – the politicians, MSM and so called health professionals eventually WILL be held accountable and justice served for their parts in this genocide. 

    • Just a thought to share with whomsoever out there, who would like to comment.
      Remember 2016 – 2018, when all these “celebrities” seemed to die before their time? Victoria Wood was one. Rik Mayall. Prince. So many more. We called it “another one bites the dust” in our house.
      Well, my thought is this.
      Did they know that this was all going to happen in the future?
      Were they warned.
      Were they ordered to either join in with the promotion of all this – or – do a fake death and be transported off to some island for permanent exile?

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