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  • Hey folks, I’m Richard, regular listener and truth seeking, air breathing human 🙂

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  • Glad to see this. Hello to everyone. Feels like a bloody nightmare we are in. If it wasn’t for Richie’s show I would have probably lost the plot by now. Trying to get my hubby to listen but stick stuck on the bbc. Doing me nut in. Here is where we could swap strategies on how to wake them all the f*ck up. Just left the show on full blast today but…Read More

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    • Hi Berni. Richie was a on good form today – I was laughing like a loon! I’ve been banging my head against a wall so far with my other half; just when I think he’s clicked on, I can see his eyes glaze over once again…. I’ve been suffering through almost daily ‘update’ posts on facebook from friends and family announcing their vaccinations….. I…Read More

    • Hi Linda. Glad to hear from another sensible soul! I just can’t believe how brainwashed people are. I see idiots walking down my street with masks on and driving their cars wearing them too. Even though hubby agrees they are mad he still has to go on bloody facebook and watch all the rubbish on there. I only go on occasionally for local…Read More

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