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Not too bad, Foxy; keeping on keeping on. Hope you're all good 👍

Well said, Mister Fox, very well said 👏 👏👏👏🙌

At some point in the future, I'm sure that all those who met an untimely death having had 'gene therapy' will be lauded as 'heroes' who 'did their civic duty' and 'sacrificed their lives to save humanity'. I'm also certain that there will be some kind of worldwide annually...

Hi Mister Fox - hope you're all good 🙂 Absolutely agree with you and Craig - there is an enormous amount of (worldwide and ever increasing) evidence of all kinds pointing to the contrary whuch is studiously ignored by the likes of Xand Van Tullikan et al. I get a...

On Morning Live this morning, during an intro piece about stroke and stroke awareness, resident Doctor Xand - with a perfectly straight face - said "If you speak to my colleagues on intensive care at the moment, I think a lot of them - everyone they are seeing - has...

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