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Some of you are saying that covid was not isolated and purified fully, this being the case, then it follows that it was never in reality fully sequenced. But, this is how immunology works, it is pure fiction, voodoo. The published studies are unreadable and couched in 'code words...

Without police support which the Austrian Tyrants have lost, they have as much hope of mandating the consumption of apple strudel. Naked Coercion based on naked bluff.

Of course, what they do not take into account because it didn't really exist in the 'reality' of the so called 'mainstream' media where the protests. At times a million people march, mostly in London. These occured many times during the summer. The protestors never wore masks, never obeyed...

oops, that should have read "deaths from Winter illnesses", (ONS data).

Exposing droopy boobies have always reduced atmospheric carbon dioxide...

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