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7 Years Ago Today… View Comment
  • @Loula
  • September 17, 2021

Happy 7th birthday, I've only been listening for just over a year but I just love the show, I'll continue to support it too. It's so important you're able to keep it going. Thanks for all the content, research and fantastic guests you have. Brilliant stuff. Loula (from...

This is shocking, so they're missing out on a percentage too...more fool them I say. I'll set my payment up again. Hope you had a relaxing break but will be good to have you back. 😊

Thanks to you for keeping me sane and making me laugh this last year, that's been the only way I've survived all this shite. I don't think you realise how much you've saved me, and probably many others, from going totally mad. The guests, the craic, the laughs...brilliant. Well...

Totally agree Richie, I will not accept these restrictions, as you say it's absolute tyranny. Thanks for everything you do. Loula 🙂

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