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Been hooked since the first show I heard last year. Just wish I’d discovered the show sooner. I get educated, entertained, and a good laugh. And of course it’s becoming increasingly important to know there are like-minded folk out there, including proper journalists like Richie.

What if you’ve paid £100 for a concert ticket, get tested at the door and it gives a false positive? Couldn’t take that risk.

You were fantastic Kelly! Certainly told me something new and very concerning.

I read somewhere about KGB psychological experiments that found if people heard the same message constantly for two months they were brainwashed, and then virtually nothing would convince them of anything different. However, through time your people will start to realise that you were right all along. ...

Hi Caroline, very interesting comment. Not sure where you are but in Scotland it’s easy to get a mask exemption. You just need to request it from the Scottish government website, no involvement from doctor necessary. I haven’t had to show mine yet but it’s good...

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