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He's had his booster shot and now has a bit of a headache. It means it's working 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Looks like the UK is going to join the EU vaccine passport scheme and they are working on getting the NHS database compatible and connected up. This is the real reason for the vaccine passports suddenly being postponed by the Government the lying little feckers.

This winter in the care homes they may as well lock each of the problematic residents in their room with a bottle of schnapps and a loaded 9mm Luger. They could then be asked to do one final decent act for their Prime Minister and country. A noble dignified...

Funny how the great Winston Churchill lost the 1945 General Election by a landslide to a peculiar little socialist man called Clement Attlee. Hilariously Churchill had previously stated “Attlee is a modest man who has a great deal to be modest about.” He still kicked Churchills ass in that...

I'll bet the phone is literally ringing off the wall at the French manufacturers of Midazolam with all of the NHS trusts getting in their winter orders.

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