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That man is a complete pain in the arse so I really don't have any sympathy for him. That said I absolutely do not support this draconian law one little bit. I suppose the confiscation of Mr Brays sound equipment has been Priti Patel's greatest political achievement to date.

When I first saw this I thought it was parody. Did he have a full BBC or Channel 5 outside broadcast unit in his bedroom. Poor Jeremy 🤣🤣🤣🤣

On the face of this I don't see that the firm has done anything wrong if he's working in a food production area with machinery. This is common practice for very obvious reasons. But then I suppose there is another story behind this story, doubtless the devil is in...

Mr Fox I hope you haven't broken wind this morning otherwise Richie Sunak will be sending you a penalty charge for your repeated environmental violations. They are listening in remotely on your mobile phone for any incriminating noises.

What started out as a trickle under the cover of Covid and cash somehow being dirty and infected has is now becoming a torrent. I was in Crystal Palace Park in London last weekend and no venues for food, coffee or ice cream where accepting cash. I refused to...

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