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what if this article was written by chris witty, van bam or the creep ferguson, the comments would be full of outrage, but because richie is the author, well ye have to agree eh, loyalty is a fine human trait, blind loyalty on the other hand ?. critical thought...

check out albania, serious, heard that is where most brits that have left have gone, cheap and nowhere as backward as a lot of people think.

gaz most people have no clue what has being going on. i do blame vermin like johnson, up here the krankie, already said on this page i have seen people jailed for trying to get their loved ones out of care homes, i feel sorry for people that have...

your missing nothing jodie, you are correct in what you say.

aye heard it, seen people being jailed for trying to get their loved ones out of care homes, the usual i would do this and do that, you would do feck all, you would most likely been jailed.

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