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  • The Great Fire of London.
    The Great War.
    The Great Revolution.
    The Great Depression.

    All events that created mass deprivation, mass suffering, and mass death; paid for, in blood, by the people.
    And all of them preceeded a huge cultural shift.

    The Great Reset will be no different.

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    I've Been Saying It For A Year - Climate Lockdowns Are Coming

    Climate Depot's Marc Morano told Tucker Carlson on Tuesday, that there are plans to use lockdowns to tackle climate change. Morano has seen World Health Organisation memo's, including a report from a staffer who called for lockdowns to fight...

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    • Though Tucker was polite and respectful, he did only give the man “four minutes”.
      (Marc looks confused at the end when the interview abruptly finishes??)

      So, looking forward to hearing a proper full length interview next week Richie.

      Undoubtedly out of Tucker’s control , but this is far too important to be pawned off in four minutes!!!


      • Maybe if he gave just enough time, people will be interested to find out more. Some never will, even with a twenty foot sign in front of their face.

        • I think it’s more of a case that the majority never will , even if you hit them with the damn sign..


          They’re living the covid dream now Kevin and starring in their own private apocalypse movie!!

          So, adding in the climate narrative won’t change the cognitive dissonance whatsoever!!

          They’ll simply suck up the garbage for all it’s worth!!

          There may still be hope, but it’s now going to take a major shock to the system to unlock the masses…

          I don’t know exactly what that shock will be yet (though I have my suspicions!), but whatever it manifests itself as..

          It won’t be nice!!

          That’s for certain..


          • Gerry….they’re trying to harvest the rest of us. Plenty who are not deceived by covid sham but still on board with the climate cause. Then they’ll try a different bait….

            • I just watched this Brenda!
              (Craig had it posted in the social — always worth checking here as he researches and posts some high quality data — thanks Craig!!)

              See and brace yourself:



              • Remember the green revolution which was going to be so great but turned out to be a long term disaster.

                • Good point Jennie.
                  I think a lot this involves these idiots digging a hole they won’t be able to climb out of!
                  A case of reaping what they’re sowing.

              • Thanks for that. Might seem a bit crass considering the subject matter, but I’ll watch it after dinner

              • These are all things muted in various sources. I like the detail and sequencing given rather than bold claims. Whatever way you look at it…’s all adding up

          • Maybe when they start going after people’s assets, which they will of course, they’ll wake up but it might be too late then.

            • Or worse Jennie.

              Like their kids taking serious reactions to the experimental mRNA therapies for example…

              I don’t wish this on anyone.. but they’re not listening.

              And it’s already happening now.


    • Early last year I looked into the future of electric vehicles as part of EV design. Even back then it was widely accepted that EVs would be something to hire as needed, not something to own. This, of course, ties into the WEF’s vision.
      We all know that EVs are really bad for the environment, but people are being sold on the idea of low road tax and ‘free’ charging points – once again forgetting that companies do not make these products for our benefit.
      We also know that modern electronic technologies made available to the public have a short use expectancy. EVs will be the same (actually, they already are). More mining, more destruction of the natural world – not less – will be the consequence.
      But provided the masses are distracted with the myth of excess CO2 and how it’s being combatted, they won’t notice the reality.

      • Spot on plus the health issue of those who are sensitive to electricity becoming sick from riding around in what some describe as “A Giant Battery”
        There is no place for the proles to be owning cars in the future when they will only be allowed to move around 20mins from where they reside.
        It is guaranteed that the Rich and Parasites will be keeping their sports, super and classic cars.

      • If they really wanted to help the environment they would make things to last, stop chopping down the Amazon forests, stop using toxic chemicals and switch from plastic to hemp but they never talk about those topics because they make money from the status quo.

      • They will and are already using Geoengineering that will lock tthe people in their homes

    • Carbon credits on the way. Reported as a throw away item over 5years ago on the BBC and picked up by Richie Allen not long after. That crazy conspiracy theorist may have been on to something….top work RA!

      • I fancy joining the same carbon credit
        system as Elon Musk, Ricard Branson, Lewis Hamilton

      • Carbon credits are a money making con and if there was a climate emergency as they claim why would they even allow them? Logic seems to no longer exist in public life.

    • oops not allowed to mention Carson past as my comment when missing censor

    • Climate change is one of the only things that has remained constant throughout history.
      Here in Sweden it was much hotter than today just over 1-2000 years ago and we can see this by their clothes and the fact they were growing grapes here.

      Richie, not sure how much you know or how much you want to know, but the scale of their lies are far greater than the plandemic, they have even lied to us about the earth, moon, sun, stars and space.

      If you want to really wake people up, you should interview David Weiss or Eric Dubay so that your listeners can hear that space doesn’t exist and that we don’t live on a ball chasing the sun at over 1/2 million mph in an impossible vacuum.

      I know it sounds crazy, but if you look into the model they’ve taught us it’s easily proven to be wrong.

      I doubt you’ll do it, as I suspect this is a subject that the sponsors won’t allow, as if this lie gets out it’s game over.

      • Richie has no sponsors so he can report on what he likes…

      • I take it you are atheist?

      • I would suggest for richie to look at del from beyond the imaginary curve If he ever lookes at the question of the full demensions of the earth. hearing Del (Beyond the imaginary curve) and Gav (vortexpuppy)is the best way for anyone to look at this topic and wind there neck in if they are getting taken in by any flat strawmen or not to get taken in by any in the first place. Whatever the full diemensions of the earth real life subtance and applications show it is not a Globe. Though i do wish richie would look at this topic though. Richie does not have sponsers by the way. I think Richie would appreciate Dels approch to if he checked out some of the street interviews Del has done.

    • This is worth a watch.
      Does what it says on the tin.
      A lot of important, good points, that most of us have come across.
      In a relatively short documentary just released and ripe for downloading.


      Have to add the bitshoot dot com before it.


      Interesting to note what you get from that link.

      Recently I’ve send links of vids on bitshoot to people on telegram. Never been a problem before, but now the copy and paste links to completely different vids.

      They either own or control everything online.

      Bitshoot is heavily hacked right now, and as many have mentioned here, this site is being controlled too. All be it subtlety, and nothing to do with Richie or Hayden.

      • Scrutiny required, whatever the source

        • Thanks very much for your input Brenda. Very, very, very much appreciated.

          Your point is crystal clear.

          • Tony I have downloaded a few alternative search engine apps. Some appear to corrupt some links while supporting others. No consistency. They are tracking us – the dissidents.

            • I have been using Brave but it still goes through QuackQuackNoGo.

      • Bitchute has become very popular, a lot of people have been gravitating there from CensorTube, so I’m afraid they are going after them big time. I’ve been on there practically since it started and it’s such a shame because it has been an excellent site.

    • Half of the great reset stuff sounds ok.

      But here’s the deal.

      You fuckers have to consult us and have our agreement.

      Makes me think you want a fight.

      Fuck you, you cunts.

      Back off, pull your necks in, compromise your dictatorship and pipe the fuck down.

      You can have the lemmings. It’s clear we can’t help them.

      Other than that, no mercy. You continue, we chop you up.

    • look forward to hearing Marc Morano on your show richie. you have had a great line up of guests this week the Jemma Cooper was really good. Loved tuesdays show with Dr roder hokingson

    • Does anyone else think it is funny that even the audits are one state at a time and not being carried out at the same time but must be to milk it and stall the truth from ever being exposed and to say well it can’t be done until after next elections fixing nothing in fact

    • There have been many times in the earth’s history when CO2 levels were much higher than now and we’re still here. In fact it was good for the planet, when the levels were higher the Sahara wasn’t a desert but was actually lush and green.

      Climate change has always happened and there isn’t anything we can do about it except learn to adapt when it happens. You don’t stop living when adversity happens you meet the challenge, that’s what life’s about.

      • Carbon is plant food!! So if stop devastating and polluting nature it would return to a balanced state. That is not going to happen.

    • The elites salivate at the merest hint of a lockdown. The echo of those prison keys dangling from the hips of posh wardens. Just as you think it is time to be released the sound of those keys grows more distant.

    • You can’t afford to miss The HighWire Tonight, June 23rd, Live at 19.00.
      (straight after the RAS)

      You can’t afford to miss The HighWire TOMORROW, June 23rd, 2021!

      (preview video)

        • I’ve been trying for ages Jacob..
          Can’t access it!

          • Strange. Sorry to hear that Gerry.
            I fell asleep so will watch later after the show.
            Only problem I have is accessing the chat box which is due to the large amount of users using the feature.

            • Me too!! (Re falling asleep — brain frazzled!!)

              But I did actually get into the live show prior to burn out!!

              I’ll watch the replay!

              I devote all my ‘chat’ resources to here, so I’ll leave Del’s people to it!!

              I just don’t have enough energy I’m afraid!!!


              • How are you feeling now G?

                • Like the bigger ape!!

                  & Still b***xed!


                  • Nice.
                    The episode of Highwire last night was excellent.

                    • I have it queued up for watching.
                      So I’ll get into it a some stage.
                      Thanks Jacob.

                    • The segment with Dr. Robert Malone (mRNA therapy inventor) is now up on ‘The Highwire’ Jacob.. (Circa 1hr 40mins)

                      Well worth a look!

                      I’ll try get back to watch the rest at a later stage!


                  • Gerry, thought for a moment you were registering an interest in him until I saw it was a reply to Jacob.
                    As a stand alone comment…..not one of your best!!!

                    • 🤔 Enlighten me Brenda, as I’m not sure what you’re referencing here!!

                      • Addendum… I get it now Brenda..

                        Yes, in response to Jacob’s question , I should have said

                        “I feel like the big ape”

                        Note: at the time of replying, I was actually quite tired and in need of “bananas!!”

                        Ooo Ooo Ooo!!


                      • Like the bigger ape!!

                        • Upon reflection… The bigger ape isn’t actually an ape… He’s a GMO hybrid after 4 years and 78 vaccinations!!

                          The devil’s in the detail!!


                          • Turned the chimp into a gimp?!!!

                            • Or a ‘pimp’ ?


                              • Out in the sun becoming a little less white (on recommendation of Georgina Lawton activist!!).
                                So unsure if just trick of the sunlight – did you have a link attached to this? About climate? Something seemed to vanish before my eyes!!

                                • I believe that’s the ‘Ice Age Farmer’ link from further down the thread you may be referencing??…
                                  (You may have scrolled up quickly and that’s how it vanished??)

                                  Scroll down towards the bottom!!


                                  • Have already watched it,.Found out due to phone overheating – climate change protester.
                                    So I silenced it by closing it down. Pity not so simple with the real mob!!!

    • Just spoke with a friend who says in his opinion that most people are conditioned into accepting what ever will come and will make no effort to fight back.
      Hearing that was not easy.

      • Mostly just verbal expressions of discontent/irritation. Some do minor rule violations and a few carry on doing what they like regardless. As for some massive co-ordinated response – just don’t see it happening.

        • He seems to have Shingles which is a “Side” effect of the convid shots..
          He showed me an image of the rash and I did not put 2 & 2 together till later on after they mentioned Shingles in Friday’s episode of The Highwire.

          • I was speaking with Richie on his show a couple of weeks ago. My neighbour had re-emergence of shingles after her 2nd dose (regretting not heeding my words of caution – had placed her faith in a new doctor at the practice because he was the first to take another complaint seriously after many years of suffering). I had been able to diagnose the condition for her long ago, some doctors resent any ‘assistance’ from their patient. This phenomenon of dormant viral reactivation is emerging in some post-jab.
            Same with autoimmune conditions and atopy, even that not experienced since childhood.
            This is only the start!!

    • So finally my comments are being censored. Anyway, here’s a video to watch on the censorship of the above drug by a former Fox reporter Ivory Hecker, it’s on pitshoot, “Pursuing truth in covid drug treatment amid a censored media landscape”.

    • WTF typical cyber psychosis from a oligarchy alt media.
      deep state, neocon mouthpiece. Tucker Carlson, the Comet Ping Pong VIP loving, 9/11 truther bashing, corporate pundit sell out.
      When did this c*nt become credible and notice how all the so called alternative media which they are not all endorsed this c**T.


      A bombshell discovery has revealed highly questionable data manipulation, exposing an alarming and potentially life-threatening effect in Covid vaccines and pregnant women.


      • A good spot Jacob. The fact that human and not so human traits are being patented on the sly is really a concern to me. We clearly cannot trust the governments methods of checks and balances; it must be us that raise objections at the dealings of those we employ to run the administration of our country. I remember being completely disgusted at Gordon Brown selling a chunk of our gold reserves very quietly and the very thin excuse of national security and public order is being used to remove all debate and dissent.

        • Spot on.
          This is another grift with Eugenics thrown in as a bonus.

        • He didn’t sell it quietly he very publicly announced it to the world that he was about to dump 500 tonnes of gold onto the world market at once. This completely crashed the gold price and ensured that he got the worst possible return on the sale. It became known as Brown’s bottom.

          • …and as a result; didn’t he lose a child? Proof if it were needed that Karma actually exists. I don’t remember reading about it at the time only after the event as some guys I know who worked at the London Metals Exchange were wishing testicular cancer on him and his ilk. All this being said; I do believe he was guilty of treason; although that act can only be committed against the crown – shows how much law makers think about us. As a matter of interest Mark; why do you think Gordon skidmark Brown did this?

            • For whatever reason the powers to be wanted the gold price crashed (and there are some very interesting theories as to why). I believe his civil servants at the treasury required him to sign a certificate confirming he was acting against their professional advice.

              • Who can blame the civil servants? I’d want to get as far away from that mess as quickly as possible.

            • Treason indeed. Selling off the Gold that belongs to the nation. Asset stripping at the highest level.

              • Just a thought: This might be a way of ensuring that we never return to the gold standard or any other asset backed currency. It is as well to remember that Presidents Licoln and Kennedy were shot in the head right after they empowered the US Treasury to create the countries money.

                • Valid point.
                  This is the way to get out of the fraudulent banking system and free us from debt..

                  Justin Walker British Constitution group 2014 Autumn conference Bradbury pound.

            • He was appointed PM unopposed. Probably some backers saw him as ‘useful’ so we’re calling in a favour (possibly Tony Blair – et al – after standing down). Carat dangled in front of their noses. A bull market in gold saw them rake it in.
              In 2011 Gordon Brown has an advisory position at the WEF.

              • Another bank industry Parasite.

                • Exactly Jacob, rarely are these events incidental or accidental – they result from fierce manoeuvres behind the scenes.

              • I remember a TV movie in 2003 called ‘The Deal’ starring Michael Sheen (as Blair) and David Morissey (as Brown). This filmwas based on an areement reached over a meal at the Granita Restuarant in Islington around the corner from B-LIAR’s house at the time. In nutshell Brown agreed to let B-LIAR stand for the leadership unopposed – perhaps the favour was returned? My girlfriend’s sister at the time worked as a waitress there in around that period. Brenda; it’s worth a watch; Morrison was particularly good as Brown.

      • Excellent

      • Automatic fail!!

        • My wife was asking my youngest what is a Biography and what is an Autobiography.
          I told her that a Biography is written by one’s self and an Autobiography is written by a Robot about one’s self. 😁