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Whats the point of the interview when they are both lying politicians ?? They make my skin CRAWL

Stopped listening to the show so I could read this young HERO the very brave letter Both my Parents were Irish they had to move to UK in the 40s for work they had 4 children we lived and were brought up in a beautiful part of Essex they...

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Ireland: Vaccinated People To Get Extra Freedoms. View Comment
  • March 11, 2021

Hi Jennie am I right you live in Ireland?? I moved from UK 9 years ago, to Roscommon I love it here, my home is facing the Shannon River I wouldn't be mortgage free in UK. I don't think it makes any difference where you live...

This man is a walking lying LIZARD, LOOK AT HIM Makes my skin crawl, all of the world government's politicians all reading of the same scripts

There is nothing in this world at the moment not touched by santic corruption.

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