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  • Sheep Farm 18 | Meet The Flockers | Tony B-Liar

    the meet the flockers presentations are great. the sleeping masses could do with seeing this from the first one about hancock right through.

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    Govt Says Vaccine Passports Won't Be Mandatory - They're Lying

    The Daily Mail is reporting this morning that the government has shelved plans to use vaccine passports after July 19th, the so-called Freedom Day. The Mail claims that it has been told that covid certification will not be required...

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    • When you have watched a movie repeatedly to the extend you know most of the dialogue. You introduce that movie to a friend. The repercussions of revealing spoilers of any sort are meet with complete distain. You quickly understand that it best for them to experience the movie for themselves. Go seek others, like yourself, who have watched this film many times.

    • Of course, we are the variant that they cannot control.

    • Agree big time with what Richie Allen has said,it may sound dramatic but these things could well happen come Autumn/Winter,we will see.

      • The jabs are essentially a ticking time bomb to expiry. Hearing many reports now from friends that family members and people they know are unwell and experiencing the reoccurrence of previous illness such as cancer. My next door neighbour died a few days ago (60s), his partner communicated that it was Sepsis (blood poisoning). Everyone appeared well during the pandemic and prior to the jab.

    • Digital vaccine certificates have just been introduced in Australia, I’m sure it won’t be long before the certificate morphs into a digital passport. Pretty much the entire country is now under lockdown, with masks mandated everywhere once you step out of your front door, police checkpoints on major highways outside the cities and a 5km limit of travel. The alleged Delta variant is here and the msm and government are milking the fear, trouble is it’s working, when I walk around my neighbourhood sans mask you can see the fear in the mask wearer’s eyes, I’ve even had one do an about turn and dash off in the opposite direction. All because a couple of dozen people tested positive out of a population of 26 million in a country the size of Europe. FYI I think there may have been one death (maybe none) with covid this year, yet a few hundred have died after getting the jab. The government stopped reporting the deaths in the weekly reports after the deaths went over 200 a few weeks ago.

      • And of course positive tests mean absolutely nothing because as the PCR creator said it isn’t a test and isn’t capable of looking for any particular virus, germ, bacteria or anything else. So how can it give a positive result for the presence of a particular virus, it’s complete nonsense.

        • Just like my opening the fridge door to check if the roast cooking in the oven is ready.
          My cats mithering me for a share is a worthy indicator.
          That reminds me has anyone heard anymore about the covid detector dogs that were to be deployed at airports and related public spaces? …….appears to have gone quiet!!

    • It’s so obvious. How many here were not explaining this to friends and family months ago? I know I was.

      • I have tried to explain to so many how this will end up, but to be honest 99% of the times it falls on deaf ears. It really is mind numbing how deeply indoctrinated people have become, my biggest fear is they will drag us all down sewer and into the s**t.

        • Not so much ‘have become’ as were always that way. I spent years in the early 2000s trying to get people to understand where things were leading, but to no avail.
          Back then, of the 1% (at most) who listened almost none actually believed.

          • Do you think that this is because of fear or laziness Craig?

            • Good question. I don’t think it’s either. So much of what is happening (and has been happening) has been covered so extensively through fictional storylines that people forget, or chose to ignore, that those stories originated in real world events.
              Think of the human/machine interface technology that Musk is developing. Try getting people to understand the threat. They will think ‘The Matrix’ or ‘Robocop’ or ‘Cybermen’ (and many other examples) and their minds will instantly dismiss the notion as science fiction nonsense.
              Back in the day when I was trying to get them to see they told me I had been watching too many X-Files.

              • Ironically; we’re now living an X-Files episode.

                • Yeh. And Chris Carter created the X-Files after lots of research into real world events.
                  That’s the double edged risk. Fiction as a popular medium has long been used to get ideas and warnings out to the larger public; but many see only the fictional story and not the deeper message.

                  • They’re slippery bunch aren’t they?

                    • People, or the ruling nob jockies?

                      • Both mate. I feel so gutted that very few truly influential people pushed back against this sort of thing. The likes of Eric Clapton and Trevor Phillips only seemed to pipe up when they were directly effected; perhaps a few more deaths are what is required for the scales to tip the masses in our favour?

                        • A nice thought, but I suspect most of them will continue believing whatever nonsense the politicians and BBC tell them.

        • Ironically these bovine creatures are blaming the enlightened/ curious/ independent thinkers for them not being able to go to Ibiza, Spain or the like. Brian, I’m afraid it’ll take some of them suffering and dying from the Devils Jizz injections for at least some of them to realise that they’ve been had.

      • Fortunately the vast majority of my immediate family are on our side of the ball; but I’ve experienced a great deal of eye rolling disdain from associates particularly at work. Fluck em! These people are meant to pass briefly through ones life anyway; if for no other reason to remind one that one has made the right decision.

        • Sad to lose family and friends to the Scam but we all have the ability to question and look for the truth.

          • Quite ironic that the great Rod Serling should be on this poster; he was a very intelligent man and a deep thinker too.

    • Here in Brazil we were met with this headline Monday morning. “People who refuse the vaccine in Rio Preto will have to sign a refusal form.” Not sure why or how yet but it is the start of a slippery slope.

      • Here in Thailand, I’ve just lost another contract due to being unvaccinated.

        BC, I juggled 5 or 6 most of the time on a week to week basis. All good, family fed, and with all the regular extras that modern life brings.

        One left now.

        Getting ready to go and stay with our family in the jungle.

        No fucking problem.

        Looking forward to it.

      • Careful. A signature represents consent. I would suggest changing your surname to either ‘Under duress’ or Without Prejudice’.

    • David was instrumental in my “awakening” many years ago. I have since began to start asking a few more questions. 80/90% of his opinions are spot on, yet the remaining 10/20% are a deliberate attempt to allow others to discredit those with an alternative opinion. The mere suggestion of Icke to those who remain asleep are greeted with references to reptiles and our voice quickly lost. He also likes the one eye reference Ick👁nic (purple eye/play button). Eyeconic (I con) also has his side profile showing one eye for the Ickonic logo. If you zoom top right in his video you can see one eye (just above the red heart). Always keep your mind open and know that the real power is always within you and no one else. Additionally I am not saying for one moment that I am correct, yet it is not wrong to follow intuition.

      • My friend, who’s Grandad was a Police Chief Inspector and knew David Icke, told me that Icke is a Freemason. His Grandad told him this.

        • Meaning absolutely no disrespect, but isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black? LOL a Police Chief Supt accusing someone else of Free masonry oooh the irony ….

          • Not all police officers are Masons and that included my friends Grandfather who according to my friend was having to deal with corruption from those that were part of that fraternity.

            • Jacob just to reiterate; I mean absolutely no disrespect but I take anything that is issued from the mouth of either a serving or former Police operative with a very large pinch of salt. That being said; I’m just as distrustful of anyone trying to hustle a product as part of a message or vice versa. Be well Bro…

              • I know brother. No offence taken.
                I know his Grandad resigned his post. Maybe the corruption was too much for him to take?
                I will have to chat to my mate again to refresh my memory.

      • That’s great advice for everyone, there absolutely nothing wrong with questioning anyone’s motives – especially when they have a book to plug.

    • Definitely. Without a shadow of a doubt.

    • That is a most informative presentation. Not particular surprising to anyone who has been paying attention for any length of time, but still of value.

    • Of course they’re lying. Totally pissed by now with the plandemic and all its pharma germ theory BS. There is no frigging virus !!! No virus EVER proven to cause any disease.

      “It’s pretty much been demonstrated, I say conclusively, without a shadow of a doubt, that there is no virus, and so it can’t be possibly causing a new disease… I’m not saying that lightly. The CDC says there’s no virus. The Canadian Health Ministry says there’s no virus. The people who came up with the PCR test, Christian Drosten’s group, said there’s no virus. Pfizer vaccine company said they don’t have a virus. Nobody has the virus, so it can’t be that. So the question is, is there a new disease at all?”
      – Tom Cowan, MD

      Three doctors have many questions for Dr Tom Cowan, author of The Contagion Myth. The interview starts about 6 mins in.

      • Absolutely agree with you, no evidence whatever that a new, virulent virus exists. There are two organisations in Europe offering large sums of money to anyone who can prove that covid19 exists. So far they’ve paid out absolutely nothing and they say that they don’t expect to.

        There have been many requests under freedom of information acts around the world asking for proof that covid19 exists but nowhere have the powers that be been able to produce any proof.

    • What they’ll do is lean on people in the private sector who’ll be afraid that if they don’t comply they’ll be closed down again. I’ve seen it happen already with the masks. Of course here in Ireland it’s just out and out tyranny, they aren’t even hiding it.

      • From what I see; Ireland is a little like watching a documentary on the early days of the National Socialist movement in Germany. It’s heartbreaking.

    • Absolutely agree. Figures for every other disease have gone down and by the same amount as is claimed for covid deaths. Overall deaths have not increased. Flu disappears and is replaced by a disease that resembles flu. Why can’t people see the obvious?

    • Thanks for that, I’ll pass it on. People already having enough problems with the masks.

    • I’ve just watched this and nearly crapped myself! This absolutely petrifying the thought that the technology they’ve had in play for decades could actually be used to research and cure things like dementia or parkinsons disease is scandalous. This has made me even more angry.

      • Transhumanism was an underlying theme in the X-Files. And that little rice grain sized chip that Icke mentioned – a company called VeriChip was utilising that for people back in the early 2000s. And even back then the tech geeks were talking about how chips would be used to store everything from medical records to bank records, and how this in turn would be used to control behaviours.

        • Waht inthe FLUCK??? Jeeesuss!!! Craig, this makes me feel both angry and a little ashamed that I’ve only recently learned about this. It looks as though stopping these megalomaniacs is no longer and option; we’ll have to completely end them and start again.

          • To do that requires removal of the puppet masters and no one is entirely sure who they are.
            If we were to simply remove the puppets, others would take their place.
            See the problem?

            • we could start with the major shareholders of Merck, Lockheed Martin, Google etc then move our attention to the private islands where these people tend to live. It’s only a start (possibly a bloody one) but a start all the same. We have to stop this Craig; or we’re finished.

              • The Clintons are major shareholders in Lockheed Martin. Have been for a long time. And, of course, they had close ties to Epstein: but they are still heavily involved in politics. There has been no mass movement to remove them.

                • They’ve sealed themselves off from anything harmful…but have cursed their prodginy with perhaps the least attractive mush in the USA…

              • Dr Mengele lived out his days in South America. I have seen declassified FBI documents that strongly support the notion that Hitler did the same thing.
                At the conclusion of WW2, the executives of IG Farben (the company that manufactured the Xyclon B gas) moved to other companies, including Bayer; buy IG Farben itself didn’t cease to be a company until 2000.
                All readily available info that shows our governments were complicit in running defense for monsters – and yet so few are interested. I know because I’ve tried.

                Given this level of wilful ignorance regarding something that most everyone agreed was wrong, do you really think there will be sufficient numbers invested in stopping what is currently happening?

          • The hive mind and brain hacking has been going on far longer than you might think!
            Only now, with machine learning and AI it’s advancing rapidly.
            (As David mentions …. And explains what the magnetic properties of the ‘jabs’ are for! — think lighting up like a Christmas tree, now add in 5G bandwidth and speeds …then think ‘brain computer interfacing’)

            You need to check out Dr. Robert Duncan, Dr. John Hall, Dr. Nick Begich (and many more besides!).. Richie has interviewed them all in the past!
            (They’ve all documented the technologies and many incidents where it’s been virtually proven to have been used!)

            But be warned Backbeat, it’s potentially a very nerve jangling deep dive down the rabbit hole!!

            And it’s as real as it gets.

            • The trouble is once you’ve stepped into the rabbit hole there’s no going back, we just keep falling like Alice.

    • funny how its always the papers who speculate on what the state will and won’t do, if the govenment is serious surely its easier for them to come out and say directly regarding not introducing jab passports. it always smoke and mirrors and all speculation so parameters can easily change giving people a false sense of security and confusion. This also sounds like the greater plan, i.e. we are not going to introduce jab passports, however, to get around that pesky law we will let the private sector do it for us,, same as the US, constitution says no but no illigal if its between private businesses and people.

      • Ahhh. That explains the fact that Washington DC, The City of London and the Vatican etc are autonomous entities as are the W@n£ of England and the not so Federal Reserve. I’m really having to supress the feelings of rage within me.

        • I understand the feeling. My best advice: convert that fire to ice. Implacable, deadly, cold ice. It’s less likely to consume you.

        • I know how you feel, I get the same, but then I think to myself that me feeling like this is hurting me but not hurting them so I try to control it.

    • You’re quite right, there is absolutely nothing wrong with earning an honest living, I’m merely expressing that a little caution is no bad thing. The reason that they no longer feel the need to conceal their disgraceful behaviour; is, I suspect due to the lack of militant pushback. The protests particularly those in London are a good start, but members of the House of Cretins are sitting in the members bar drinking 18 year old single malt and the like (at our expense) whilst laughing their genitalia off. We need to ‘hit em where it hurts’. This can only be done when we withhold payments until such time as their plans are REVERSED. Stopping them is not good enough.

      • Have you wondered why there is little militant pushback? I’ll give you a clue: it’s a multi-point answer.

    • I’ve just seen pictures from Wimbledon, no masks and no social distancing. I had the police called on me for not wearing a mask even though I have a written exemption. Could it be because I’m not rich and powerful? No course not, as if.

      • Perish the thought. It may also be that you were unlucky. That said, aren’t you in Ireland?

        • I am but it’s the same here. When Leo Varadkar was seen having fun with his mates, no masks or social distancing, nothing was done but I refused to show a bus driver my personal medical details of my exemption (which I’m not obliged to do) and he called out the Gardai (Irish police). One law for thee and another for me.

    • Just a thought, but maybe they’ve reached their quota for the de-pop shots and now all they need to do is sit back and wait. We already know about the body storage facilities that are reportedly being planned for August/September onwards. This is the calm before the storm.

      • They want to make double sure for the over 50’s as they’ve now planned a third booster shot in the autumn along with a flu jab. Then just sit back and let the spike protein do its evil work. This could be the equivalent of the summer of 1914 before the chaos of the Great War all began. Still huge queues at the vaccination centre around the corner from where I work. The population is being lured into a false sense of security that its now just about all over. I despair

        • Great analogy Mark.

          Lambs lining up for the slaughter!

          Amazing how effective the relentless fear mongering propaganda has been at sending the herd to follow each other blindly to take an experimental mRNA manipulating therapy that may or probably will eventually kill them.

          Coercion, peer pressure, threats … You name it!!
          Every trick in the book has been used and it’s working like a charm!!

          But the zombies still think they’re being “vaccinated” against something!!!

          And now even before they’ve taken the first ‘plunge’, they’ve already been told there’s more lethal variants of a new zombification strain out there..

          And that they’ll need to come back for more!!!
          (And still the penny doesn’t drop!!)

          It’s genius this!!

          Even Hitler would be astounded at this level of brilliance!!!


        • Yes Mark, I agree. I can almost see the tumbleweeds outside! Something big is coming and we know it’s not good.

      • Is that right about body storage facilities, I wasn’t sure if that was just a rumour.

    • Did anyone catch this few years back.
      Contains some excellent information.
      Dr Graham Downing Artificial Intelligence

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