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    How Many Are The Vaccines Killing? By Dr. Vernon Coleman

    By Dr. Vernon Coleman - This article first appeared on   No one knows how many people the vaccines are killing – or how many they will kill. But although I haven’t seen the mainstream media mention most of these deaths,...

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    • So the government is now saying the mutation of the virus spreads quicker & may be more deadly. I would suggest the increase in deaths recently could be due to pneumonia or bacterial infections due to mask-wearing. Or just maybe the deaths are being caused by the vaccines? Living in a country where we are just not told the truth anything could be happening

    • Thank you Dr Coleman 🙂 and Richie Allen for keeping us all aware 🙂

    • Exactly what lies have been told in this article?
      Asking for a friend.

    • It’s only the likes of Richie and Dr Vernon Coleman that helps keep me sane these days. I cannot listen for even one second to the truly awful despicable BBC and the like . We have the great Peter Ebdon for putting Richie onto Vernon Coleman . Keep up your great work Richie!

    • Thank you for sharing Dr Coleman’s info. I am sharing them whenever I can.

  • Hi Richie, my two kids are back at School today, my 12 year old is at High School and my wee girl is at a Special needs School. My girl was back on the 6th and my son just today, ok so I don’t think parents are fully aware that there is a criteria list on the Scot gov, which gives many reasons why your child can go back to School, I think these…Read More

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    • Just to add it is not just children of key workers that can go back to School, it is not just disabled children, there is many reasons listed on the criteria, one reason was if the child/family are struggling under lockdown, well would that not be every single kid in Scotland, every kid in the UK, every kid in the world, If you want your kids back…Read More

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