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After the open hearing they then had a closed hearing. I would have loved to be a fly on the wall. I have just happened upon a YouTube Channel called Dark Journalist, he discussed this and more on his show. Here's the link if anybody is interested.

Did, Theresa May sell off the NHS buildings??? I recall her saying she was implementing the Naylor Report which included the sale of NHS Buildings. Can somebody refresh my memory, so much shite has happened since 2017, I can't remember. Any how, I'm not surprised by the state of the...

Funny as F**k, loved it,Viz-esque at its finest. I'm still laughing, great Richie.

So is that it, nothing happens to the twat????. This Country is so corrupt I wouldn't be surprised.

About Wembley Stadium yesterday, twas empty, tumble weed. I saw a video by Hugo Talks today about this bollocks,. A fella walked around the Stadium Sunday afternoon and filmed, and it was dead, empty barrier lines, just full of yellow jacket wearing Convid Marshall's, bloody wonderful I say....

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