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Fan fucking tastic, . This insanity has to stop, FFS.

This is awful, but have they ever mentioned when these "passports" are going to end?. Nobody has asked this question surprise, surprise , I know they have no end it's obvious this has been written in to the script. Fuckers. Boycott these businesses it's the only way. And fuck...

Well, well, well, this evening I received a text message from my GP Practice Informing all patients that nothing is changing as of Monday "Freedom Day" lol. Only I will now be unable to wait for my GP appointment in the waiting room, as I will not, and cannot...

Wow, this has brought a tear to my eye. Well done young man, you are a hero of this Scamdemic. I'm sending you and your family love and prayers. And I hope to God, one day these filthy dirty low life BASTARDS get what they deserve.

Totally agree with your article Richie, so sad but Reiner Fuellmich is not going to stop anything through the Courts. The game is rigged the Coup complete, there is only one way to stop this as you say " you’re going to have to get off yer arse...

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