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In 1897, the Zionist movement was created to bring on the return of the Jews to the "Promised Land". Tired of waiting for the Jewish Messiah to arrive, of which is the ONLY time the Jews may return to the Holy Land, many High powered Jews joined forces with...

The things we've witnessed over the last couple of years I would have never believed could ever have happened in as far as human behaviour is concerned. Fighting over toilet roll! Walking in the middle of the road to avoid another human being! Driving their car, all alone, with...

Now now Richie, calm down fella, calm down, we know violence doesn't solve anything 😇 but it sure would feel bloody good! 😆

I got my 74 year old mum one also, as she hates facemasks but doesn't want confrontation, hence the lanyard makes her feel more comfortable. I was gonna wear one myself, but I'm different, and I seriously don't give a fuck! But I've gotta say that I've noticed a...

I gave my daughter an exemption lanyard from day one, and now half her class have the same. The teachers in her school are quite cool, with a couple saying that they don't want to do this but have no choice. It's on the parents to stick up for...

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