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    SKY News Hit Piece On Indy Media Is A Damp Squib

    I mentioned on The Richie Allen Show during the week that a SKY News reporter had been in touch. Sanya Burgess emailed me to inform me that I would be mentioned in an article about covid-19 and climate change...

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    • A shameful article by Ms Burgess.Clearly trying to get the truth out there is having an affect. The dreaded Online Harms Bill is of course another attempt to silence. These are difficult times and the Richie Allen Show by its very nature of success is now under scrutiny. One thing we the listeners can do is support it fully. As many as can should do so with any financial contribution that they can afford.

    • I remember a member of the German Parliament stating in the last 12 months that lockdowns could be used to combat climate change, plus the World Economic Forum stated that lockdowns are good for combatting climate change. The evidence is building and they are not hiding it. Conspiracy my arse

      • You just reminded me Paul, yes you are correct. The authorities started the ball rolling on this one many months ago. All Richie and others have done is picked up on it. Clearly not misinformation at all.

      • I think a good start could be made, if they are worried about emissions, by banning super yachts, private jets and large expensive cars.

        • I notice that Billy Gates is now swanning around in his full fat Porsche V8 motor now that he’s a single man once again after Melinda kicked him out of their mansion 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Strange times become dangerous times. So you won’t be able to voice an opinion without it being subject to evaluation by some third party to see if it might be psycholigally harmful to somebody else. (How the 3rd party knows that, God only knows. Surely just another opinion) WTF?!?!?!

      • That third party is likely to be some Google developed AI system. Its the only way they would be able to process that gigantic amount of information.

    • She really is such a wretched whore.

      The damage that these horrid people are doing to our country and it’s citizens is incalculable. There is no punishment too severe for these traitors.

    • Dear Richie,

      I started listening to the show summer 2020, and have never missed an episode. In the whole time i have been listening, never once have you said anything that you have known to be untrue. Nor have you knowingly spread any false information. Nor have any of your guests, as I’m sure they believe every word that they say. The idea that Drs, Scientists, Academics, Members of the public, Conspiracy Researches ( no longer theorists), are knowingly spreading false information is complete garbage. There is nothing to be gained by doing this, apart from being ridiculed, discredited and attacked. Having ones livelihood ruined. And generally making life harder for oneself.

      Even in the case where figures such as David Icke, have made a living out of researching conspiracy’s, there are very few people who have made any serious money. The ones that have done are as entitled to make a living as anyone else. But i am quite sure that they could have found easier ways to make money, than doing the work that they do. As both the mases and the establishment, have always ridiculed ,attacked and hated those who dare to step out from the crowd. As specially where those same people have exposed things that the powers behind the curtain, are so desperate to keep hidden.

      Mavericks and renegades from all walks of life have never had it easy. But without them there would be no change. Without people like yourself Richie, there is no hope of us ever pulling back from this Fascist Abyss. From the open Tyranny that is destroying the lives of billions and already killing tens of thousands of people all over the world. All in the name of the monumental twin hoax’s, of covid 19 , and now man made climate change. We have already seen the evidence of what harm the covid polices have done over the last 19 months. And now moving forward the climate change polices ,are going to add to the wide spread misery and death. Through massive increases in costs of food, fuel, travel, clothing and heating.

      If we are relying on Sanya from Sky media, or anyone else who sells there souls on behalf of the MSM to come to our rescue and save the day. To bring about any positive change in our lives, we will be waiting a long time. Forever in fact, as they have been bought and paid for. These agents of the system are the real enemy of the people. Not anyone spreading so called conspiracy theories or misinformation.

      Sanya’s article is a disgraceful, badly researched, Simplistic, Unimaginative, propaganda piece of trash. You are quite right in saying that she totally ignored your reply. I read every word of both your article and hers. It is very clear that she had quickly written her trash before contacting you. Then did not emend or add a single word after she spoke with you. She obviously had no intention of doing so, and was just going through the motions. This woman is an abomination against, truth, justice and freedom of speach.

      The online harms bill, was never about protecting the public. It is about silencing anyone who dares to say anything that the puppet goverment doesn’t want anyone to hear. Its sole purpose is in ensuring that nobody ever again hears anything other than the official narrative, that promotes the aims of the one world goverment, Fascist Global Cabal that is really in power. This woman and the many journalists like her, in writing articles like these. Are serving the system and betraying everyone of us. These fake journalists are being used to further global Tyranny along with the Fake climate change, Fake virus, epidemic and Fake vaccines.

      Most of what was once conspiracy theory is now fact. But in Orwell’s world of 1984, where facts no longer matter. If the party says that 2+2 = 5, anyone who disputes this is an enemy of the state. Its up to us, never to except this, and insist that it still equals 4.

      If it wasn’t for the independent media, and The Richie Allen show and website. Where else would free thinking people be able hear the other side of things. All we would have is the propaganda of the legacy media on which to base our opinions. This is the world that Sanya , her colleagues and Fascists globalists string pullers want.

      Thanks again Richie for all that you have done over the last 19 months of hell, and for giving a platform for those of us who would otherwise have no voice.

      P.S. I wrote this a few months ago, apologies for anyone that has already seen it.

      The Richie Allen Show Poem

      Its approaching five, and in the world theirs doom and gloom with little light.
      But theirs an Irish man in Salford ,preparing to put things right.
      With his Richie Allen show ,he’ll take on the main stream media,
      Unmask charlatans and the lyre’s in number 10.
      With his sultry tones and Emerald charm,
      From his secret Mancunian den.

      He’ll make us laugh and make us think,
      Have the odd rant,
      Tell it like it is and take it to the brink.
      Then when its all over, with his oft mentioned Tremendo,
      Sit down with a nice long drink.

      Every day after a six mile run,
      He’ll do it all again.
      Where others fear to go,
      The line he will not toe.

      Yes theirs an Irish man in Salford ,preparing to put things right.
      With his Richie Allen show ,he’ll take on the main stream media,
      Unmask charlatans and the lyre’s in number 10.
      With his sultry tones and Emerald charm,
      From his secret Mancunian den.

      Then next day ,come rain or shine,
      Do it all again.

      • Nice work, have a good one, Fox. 🙂

      • Very good piece full of truth. David Icke could probably have made as much money as Gary Lineker does if, like Lineker, he had bowed to the establishment and stayed in television. David and others like him had absolutely nothing to gain personally by doing and saying what they did in fact they had a lot to lose. The same is true of Richie.

        I saw a very good comment in a book I’m reading by Wayne Dyer. He said society likes live conformists and dead troublemakers and there is a lot of truth in that.

        • Thanks Jennie, Really Appreciate that. I dont know if you know, they did a hatchet piece on David in the Mail on either Mon or Tuesday. Saying he was either a fraud or mentally unstable ,or words to that effect. So its been very much a week for it. I only came across it by accident, as dont normally read it.

          That Wayne Dyer comment seems about right. Hope you got what i sent you on private message. The visualization etc.

      • Don’t leave out if you fail to see that 2 + 2 = 5 you will be punished.

        Also never forget his last message to mankind

    • Nicely done, Richie. “I do your job”, I hope that sinks in at some point, but if they do start doing their job they won’t be in the job for very long. We can hope, though.

      …they really are slippery, and “clever” with their word usage, aren’t they. Makes you feel like having a wash after reading it.

    • On a positive note, some readers may not have heard of Richie Allen and may be intrigued enough to give him a listen. Some may even come over to ‘our side’. No bad publicity as they say.

    • Very good find and interesting. I have long suspected that there are batches that are very slightly different. Thats not to say any of them are completely harmless, or saline. This isn’t something i go with at all. As would be to easy to detect and i cant see the point. As killing people is not the only purpose of these jabs, it is also to start to transform the body’s of the survivors, Trans human wise. However some batches being particularly harmful, is a very real prospect, that this would appear to confirm.

      • Yes some of them are just saline that’s been proved. I can’t seem to find the link now but I watched quite a long presentation demonstrating that. This is the problem, there is so much information now that you can’t keep track of it.

        • I believe some have taken saline who are really prominent figures. But still believe that the majority of the jabs are not saline. For the reason mentioned above. To easy to get found out and they want as many poisoned as possible. But i think a few batches are tweaked slightly differently. These i think are the ones that are killing. But they want to cause sterilization and transform everyone’s genetics as well, for pretty much everyone on the planet. So i still believe these things are harming the majority, not the minority. Even if not killing.

      • My grand daughter (12) told me the other night ‘mummy is magnetic, she can stick coins to her arm’. Yes, mum is fully jabbed. Must be one of those rare co-incidences that keep happening.

        • How you Shari ?. Thanks for reply. Dont you know, everything is coincidence and chance. Nothing is connected, deliberate or by design that has ever happened ever. : )

    • You are a threat to them Richie because you are a proper journalist. You tell the truth, expose liars and have guests on your show who are real experts and know what is happening.

      Yes here is hate speech on your show. You hate tyranny, lies, hypocrisy, greed, propaganda, war and cruelty and of course that’s not allowed.

    • A scientist from eastern Europe whose name I can’t recall has recently proved that all the vaccines aren’t the same and that indeed some are just saline solution.

      • Absolutely correct this is now being pointed out in the United States through the VAERS database. Two particular Pfizer vaccine batches are responsible for the vast majority of the bad reactions (and its most obvious in Republican voting states). There appears to be very bad and devious things going on here.

    • I don’t know how many of you have heard Richie interview Dr Chris Exley who has spent 30+ years researching the effects of aluminium (used in all vaccines) on the human body. He has now been forced out of his research post at Keele University and has been smeared and vilified by the media and the head of his own university. Keele university receives a large amount of funding from the pharmeceutical industry and from The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

      Here is the link to an article about it if you have time to read it. It is quite long but it details the dreadful way Dr Exley has been treated and the disgraceful behaviour of the university and the media. In the comments under the article are fellow acamedics supporting Dr Exley who have been aware of how badly he has been treated. Yet another example of a seeker after truth being targetted and vilified. I would add that the person who wrote this article in support of Dr Exley has had their own widely praised documentary removed from YouTube.


      • Dr Aluminium he is known as due to his knowledge on Aluminium and it’s dangers.
        Shameful the way he was treated.

      • I missed that interview Jennie, do you have a date or podcast link as I’d like to hear it.
        The one thing that shines through all of this tyranny is the indemnification of big pharma from damage/injury liability caused by their poisons.
        If this indemnity is removed, it’s game over for their agenda, it’s that simple.

        Here’s a good interview I’ve only recently watched by World Alternative Media with David Martin.

        David Martin is a massive spanner in big pharma and the globalists works and is currently going after Fauci and Co. to try and secure a conviction for his ‘gain of function’ Sars Cov One into Sars Cov Two fraud (and all that goes with this!!)

        If successful, it could also be the beginning of the end for big pharma liability indemnification, thus the end game for their health passports and all other bullshit that accompanies it!

        Check this out, it’s excellent:

        • Dr ‘Mr Aluminium’ Exley has been a past guest on the RAS. It would be nice if Richie could get him back on so we can get an update on what he is doing now.

    • REMINDER: NOT The BCfm Politics Show presented by Tony Gosling.
      TODAY at 17.00 Live UK time.

      NOT The BCfm Politics Show presented by Tony Gosling

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      18-21 November.

      Kendal Mountain Festival is an annual, four-day long Festival dedicated to sharing awe-inspiring, life-affirming stories from the world of outdoor adventure. Situated in the picturesque town of Kendal, Cumbria, UK – join us and we’ll take you on a journey to the wildest reaches of the globe through film, literature, speaker events, music, art, dance and parties.

      Our live in-person Festival is back but we’ll also be recording key events to share with audiences across the globe through our NEW Kendal Mountain Player.

      After all – our mission is to SHARE THE ADVENTURE!

    • Richie should contact this ‘useful idiot’ Burgess and demand that she tackles misinformation and lies…….like the blatant lie that Amanda Pritchard, Chief Executive Officer of NHS England told when she claimed there were fourteen times more Covid patients in hospital than at this time last year. She should be banned from Twitter and Facebook and her career ruined. After all, what’s good for the goose…..

    • Seems like it is quite a positive blog post towards you – she did you a favour.

    • It’s a double edged sword. Your campaign of the truth should be given full appropriate publicity but it would also aggravate the establishment to try to silence you. Alas.

    • Way to go Richie ! Fantastically articulated yet brutally honest response, and deservedly so. Cheered me up after having experienced such an awful day.

    • Still no recent comments from Craig? Anyone heard from Craig? Hellooo??

      • Yes… The great man has disappeared and left us all to our own devices!!
        (Which isn’t good!!)

        Oi Craig lad!!!

        Where are you hiding, we need some constructive criticism and intellectual inspiration!!

        Otherwise, anarchy, chaos and insanity may consume us all!!!



      • Think he is posting under the rcmd moniker for the time being lol

    • It seems Richie that even though you are right, you will get more true publicity by not being critical in your emails to the reporter as to do so can only promote her being less willing. Don’t forget your dealing with brainwashed minions!

    • Thanks RM, appreciated. Hadn’t heard of that particular one. Pilgrim. There are so many, but all connected ultimately to the same source and umbrella organization.

    • One for all, and all for one. As the musketeers would say.

    • A climate denier… Lol
      Brilliant term!
      We’re all tic-Toc Telegram Conspirasists..

      But you’re right Richie.. It won’t be long before we are all banned everywhere..

    • Sky who??? (What is this??)

      Jeez, were it not for the Richie Allen show, I’d never have known anything about them!!

      And now that I do, I most definitely don’t want to know any more!!!




      Back to the truth:

      The world is starting to notice how many young athletes are DYING after taking covid vaccines

      • Afternoon Gerry.
        Hope you are well my friend.
        I was thinking earlier of funny people as there are a few comedians on here and I remembered the first time I met President Museveni of Uganda in London.
        The first thing he said to me was “Have you got any money” and I was taken aback puzzled why he was asking me that question? Was he being serious or having a laugh with me? I did not know until I met him again at a dinner in Uganda and he was cracking jokes along with the now deceased President Robert Mugabe that he likes a good joke…

        • Cheers Jake!!

          Ah sure… You’ve gotta have a laugh from time to time, otherwise you’d go nuts!!!

          As a wise ol owl once said to me..
          🤬k em if they can’t take a joke!!


          • You are welcome Gerry.
            And thanks for the wise advice.
            Got to have a ‘hoot once in a while.
            The guest presenter on today’s False Flag Weekly News is a political comedian and a funny guy.
            Check him out..
            Have a good evening my friend.. 👍

            • Will do Jake!
              (I haven’t checked up on Kevin Barrett’s site in a while, so thanks for the reminder!!)

              An interesting choice for an interview by Kevin.. so it should be ‘fun!!’


              And have a great evening too mate!!



      • Meant to reply but forgot Gerry. The link on odysee you posted, the interview with the Mexican woman Claudia I think her name was, well she just tells it how it is, brilliant and to the point was she. Claudia mentions, in her opinion the more diplomas someone has the more stupid they seem to be, she talked of a police officer she knew who had begged his mother not to take the poison but she took it anyway, think we can all relate to that incident. A great interview which everyone should watch. Near the end when the guy asks her about the future of Mexico, she lights up and said the future is looking good because she knew a lot of people from around the world were coming to Mexico to live a better life and that will make Mexico stronger in the long run. When she said you could live in a hostel there ( not the best she added ?) for U.S. 50 dollars a month ! well good to know eh ?.

        • Very good to know Martin!
          I heard Max Igan in a recent interview say he’d live in a shed once he was happy and a shed in Mexico (where he now is!!) would be a far better alternative than a gulag in Australia.

          Check out his latest posting on his Crowhouse platform…

          Bejayzus!! 👀, Oz has turned into North Korea… And it only took a few months!! 😳

          Claudia was brilliant in that World Alternative Media discussion and I’m glad you spotted it mate and thanks for the update.

          Here it is again for prosperity for anyone else to watch if they spot this.

          Cheers Martin!

        • I agree Martin

    • “Thank you for getting back to me with a comment. I will ensure it is reflected in the piece prominently.
      Best wishes,

      Yet doesn’t mention a single word of your lengthy replies.

      What a cunt.

    • FFWN: Support Bodily Autonomy!
      With Dr Kevin Barret regular RAS guest
      (False Flag Weekly News Live at 16.00 UK)

      FFWN: Support Bodily Autonomy!

    • I rest my case!!

      Oi Craig!!

      Where art thou!!!?



      Ps… I’m neutral in this discussion between yourself and Jake and would prefer to maintain it this way.
      But for whatever it’s worth, Jake is a friend of mine, a good man and a regular contributer to the site who always provides solid information backed up with reliable references.


      • Get a grip Gerry, that fucker is a troll, not been on much but they are pretty obvious, I love them they lighten things up in my opinion, my only gripe is the bastards are getting paid ( probably more than Richie) for being here.

        • It’s hard to tell sometimes Martin, as they can be quite persuasive.
          But yes, I see where you’re coming from in this instance.

    • Richie mate, as the great man said ” if you tell the truth you do not need to remember anything ” you are in that club my friend.

    • HAHA HA HA HA. Would love to meet up for a cordial discussion, or debate. In plain Scottish fuck off ya banger

    • Jesus. Our lord, he never bent for you, no way would I. By the way booked a 2 week self catering holiday in is-hell, any chance putting us up for a couple of nights.

    • First off , not got any drugs left( if you are selling leave a record of your products and a valid e mail address ) what a sad fucking thing you be, are you Canadian ? the rmcd lol, here mate fuck you and your god, the arse bandit lucifer, as above as below lol. Can I be your friend ?

    • I would be out and about, but your nurse wants a night in, think they call it lockdown. What do you think vaxx passports will achieve

    • BYE BYE, satanic scum, fecking loved talking to you or it, quality. JESUS CHRIST IS OUR LORD.

    • Coming for you and your ” ilk ” get this mob and our English, Irish, Welsh and others to see the light we have a chance

      • And one for you!

        It’s a lovely ballad and Erin is singing it here to commemorate the 40th anniversary of her grandfathers death.

        No mention of the anniversary in the Irish mainstream whatsoever, but then that part of Irish history, like so many others, is in the process of being erased.

        It makes me think of the religious/territorial prejudices on the island of Ireland and ultimately who and what has caused it.

        Wouldn’t it be amazing if both sides of the divide woke up and realised who the real enemy is and united to remove them from power once and for all..

        The same could be said for perhaps most of the planet!!

        Wishful thinking I suppose and it may never happen, but if it did, what a wonderful world this might yet be!


        • I was listening to Frank Zappa’s Dancing Fools last night as it came to mind that it is the perfect background track to those idiotic dancing NHS staff.

          If you know of someone who could collate a load of those dancing videos with Zappa’s song over the top then that would be great..
          Maybe there is someone on here who could do that??

        • Cheers Gerry. The lass a Celtic fan brilliant, Gerry the father of Irish resistance the Wolfe Tone was a Protestant like many others, it was never about religion in the beginning, suppose it is the age old divide and conquer script. My da taught me the old bigotry thing was nonsense have nothing to do with it. I hoped this covid garbage might have brought the green and the blue together in the north, imagine if they could ? we live in hope mate.

    • JESUS IS MY LORD AND SAVIOUR. I have not lived a life to his ways, but maybe I will get there, me thinks I will, join us rcmd you will be welcomed.

    • Gone piss off ya robot, good to talk though lol.

    • I don’t recall you sending me anything! (I’ve checked back through my records and can see nothing indicating this — though I may be wrong as I’ve been busy of late!).

      Regardless, I’m aware of the patent as it’s something I’ve researched independently, so thanks for the reminder.

      Agreed on some of your other points, though I think public personal attacks on other people are unnecessary, counterproductive and cast the aggressor in a negative light.

      My advice would be to refrain from this type of interaction, otherwise you risk being blocked by many, flagged as a troll and subsequently removed from the site.

      Best of luck.


    • Very excellent Richie.

    • al Stewart was great in “home and away”

    • Year Of The Cat ,excellent tune 👍

    • Be a bit of an own goal if they find out Motor Nerone Diseases is discovered to be a severe side effect of past vaccines would it not?.

    • Do you play the La French tunes for Caroline?
      You’re in deep lurve Richie awwww 👍👍😍

    • Ok.

      Just a quick aside.

      I remember now when I interacted with you, it was in the live commentary if memory serves me correct?

      So, for whatever it’s worth, I’m glad that at the very least, this interaction left a momentarily positive impression…

      Here’s a link for your perusal as a follow up to that should you wish to take some time away from branding all of us as enemies, fuckwits, poseurs and hypocrites.

      Cheers RMCD.

      And enjoy your day!


    • … and I looked outside…
      And I could hardly..

    • Very clever but more waffle..

    • You are a Liar.
      According to you:
      “You were offered the chance to have this ‘slagging match’ privately yet YOU chose to do it publicly”

      “offered you a chance to drop it and move on, but like a DOG with LOCKJAW you just cant let go!”

      “I offered you both the opportunity to drop the matter , yet you persist.”

      This is utter nonsense and lie after lie.
      I read back through every post you wrote and there was no ‘Invitation’ to any of the above.
      And I saw none of the same for Martin or Jerry.

      • I’ve been wracking my little ol brain trying to think of the absolute best material to post to this thread when considering how high profile it is and how it’s so obviously being trolled frantically by a nameless bot.

        So, for any new researchers that might be tuning in from the legacy brainwashed media, or better still, beginning their journey into awakening.

        Here’s one of the best and most prophetic videos of the entire scamdemic thus far.

        An absolute MASTERPIECE this one!!


        Chriscrutch: The One About Vackseenz—The-One-About-Vackseenz:e

    • Maybe SKY had you on to get the publicity from your larger audience Richie.

    • I take a few days away and the comments sections have devolved into a word slugfest more akin to a school playground or a prison yard.

      • Only one issue occurring here Craig and that’s trolling by a professional troll.

        It needs to be removed.



        • That’s not my experience. But, then, I’ve been accused of being a troll by people who don’t like what I write.
          ‘Nazi’, ‘shill’, ‘troll’ have all become playground insult words to attack people with a different perspective and different communication style.

          No one – and I mean, no one – tells me who I can and cannot communicate with. I make up my own mind, on an individual to individual basis. If that becomes sacrificed, what is the point of being here?
          Because what you have suggested sounds like a dictate.

          • I’m not interested Craig.
            I’ve said my piece with this and I’m not for moving (and it’s blatantly obvious many others share this opinion!)

            It’s a troll and if you want to engage with it that’s your business.

            But it’s done with me.

            • Gerry, as I’ve said elsewhere, I’ve been called a troll before. Quite a few times. I know there are people on this site who are deeply suspicious of you. I have encountered numerous, similar accusations against quite a few other users of this site.
              And each and every time the language to describe such people is reduced to dehumanising words. ‘Troll’ is, after all, dehumanising. So is ‘It’.

              The bickering and paranoia has become rather tiresome.

              And why does it happen? Because some people don’t engage in group think when they are ‘meant to’.

              Think carefully about that.

              • I know when I’m being trolled Craig.
                I know when a troll is at work.
                I’m not debating this issue with you.

                That’s a troll.

                It is open to opinion whether it’s human or not, as I’m sure you’re fully aware of the technological facilities that they are privy to.

                As for people who are deeply suspicious of me, that is their perogative and is irrelevant in this instance.

                • I’m not debating this issue with you.’

                  The same statement is used to silence opposition to the climate change narrative.
                  The same statement is used to silence opposition to the trans activist narrative.
                  The same statement is used to silence opposition to the lockdowns and ‘vaccine’ mandates.

                  Is that the kind of absolutist people that you wish to associate with?

                  • That’s you twisting words and their interpretations Craig.

                    I currently believe that this individual is working to an intentional premeditated agenda and one of disruption.

                    And it would appear that he/she/it is being very successful at this point in time.

                    • With respect, Gerry, I’ve not twisted your words. I have merely pointed out how such words apply to other issues.

                      Much like your statement, ‘I currently believe’.
                      Belief requires no evidence. Most of the UK and Ireland currently believe in the necessity for lockdowns and ‘vaccines’. With the tiniest of shoves, they will believe it necessary to force lockdowns on the unjabbed.
                      There is plenty of evidence to the contrary, but they refuse to see it because it contradicts their belief.

                      There is far too much belief going around at the moment, and not enough rational thought.

                      • Not my words Craig. Just ‘words’ in general.

                        My belief in this has been substantiated with evidence presented, others I suspect are in agreement.

                        Currently what matters ‘to me’ is this belief.

                        That’s rational enough for me on this one topic.

                        The world consists of problems unsolved solved, solvable and unsolvable.

                        Such is life.

                        But thank you for your thoughts and input none the less, your points have been noted.

          • I am reluctantly to post but In all fairness craig it wasn’t Gerry who started the name calling and abuse. He was brought into this. He defended me when he could have remained silent.
            I thank him for that.

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