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Your show is the best radio show I've ever listened to Richie. The amazing variety of genuine,passionate, informative guests are a joy to listen to. I'm so grateful I found your show at the beginning of the scam. It's given me the courage and strength to stand up for...

There is a questionnaire going around from 38 degrees asking people to persuade everyone else to get the vaccine. Fill it in with your concerns and comments, I have. Also I've put NO THANKS to putting a persuasive poster in my window. They are using desperate measures...

I've had an email from 38 degrees asking if l will put a poster in my window to get people to have the vaccine !!!. There is a questionnaire to fill in. It asks if I, or anyone I know are reluctant to have the it. I filled it...

I've checked my NHS leaflet A guide for older adults. Its doesn't mention breast lumps, it does reassuring state "The vaccine has been shown to be effective and no safety issues were seen in studies of more than 20,000 people". These liars should be deeply ashamed of...

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