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I was Fooled too! An excellent joke!

Two points come to mind on this. 1) When did the Government ever offer people a financial incentive to take in homeless British people into their homes? 2) The concept of opening your home to strangers, could become compulsory in future, in order to tackle "climate change" and reduce...

Really shocking to hear that 81% of acupuncturists, homeopaths, reflexologists etc have had the toxic jab! How ironic, they are the ones who are supposed to believe in natural medicine. The level of compliance in these so called "free thinkers" is depressing.

just a temporary reprieve from full blown tyranny. Another "variant" will be in the script no doubt. There are also the future consequences of when 5G at 60ghz interacts with the toxic vaxx to be wary of.

"forcibly" jabbed may not be happening anywhere at this stage , but heavy fines are planned across Europe for Vaccine refusers. We all know where this is intended to go.

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