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Richie, if I had a platform with wide audience as yours I’d invite this Canadian guy Patrick King on it ... Freedom Fighter Court VICTORY! Ends Masking, Shots, Quarantine in Alberta! And They Did It By Demanding The Authorities PROVE THE ‘VIRUS’ EXISTS – they COULDN’T

There are no “infectious viruses” in nature. All this crap is computer generated fantasies. “Virus” is a breakdown of dead and dying tissue. One cannot “catch” it. Stefan Lanka just conducted a control experiment in Switzerland proving just that. The results of the experiment will be published shortly.

Sarscov2 is a computer generated sequence of letters the same as all other “viruses”. They don’t exist in real life. Tom Cowan had recently posted on “gain of function”.

These two are the questions addressed to a covidian cultists in a hypothetical conversation. I’m well aware that these “medical” interVentions are not under a category of vaccines. But the true vaccines are not any better than this crap either. There are no contagious viruses as they are presented by...

“By not having the vaccine, they are affecting an enormous number of peoples jobs and livelihoods.” If your vaccine works, why do I need one? If your vaccine doesn’t work, why do I need one?

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