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    2 months ago

    I’m hoping that if Richie’s not on Twitter anymore he’ll read these messages instead 🙂 they’ll be s influx of members here!
    Twitter is a cesspool. The more who get deleted, the better. Hopefully people will wake up and realise how toxic social media is designed to be. There’s a reason that gambling experts are consulted when they are developing it. It encourages the labelling of people.

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    • absolutely.

    • Couldn’t agree more. It ends up eating up your time in so many ways. Debating with people who enjoy slinging insults around, making zero real progress.

      • Absolutely. It reminds me of the hour of hate ( 1984). I’d rather have a reasoned conversation with someone. I can cope with disagreements. But twitter likes cancelling, deplatforming dramarama. I cba. I’ve never had twitter but my other social media has laid dormant for years. It’s just too much.

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