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Just been on the news, some disgusting idiot called Wei Shen Lim (who the fuck is he?) announcing that Pfizer jab will be offered to all 16/17 year olds. They don't even have to get parental consent! Earlier today this same criminal claimed that large numbers of 16/17 year...

At my local Co op things are getting a little better. On 'Freedom Day' everybody was masked when i went in but slowly the unmasked are increasing. Today i would say it was 70% masked (all older people). Not great but better. I go into every shop with my...

No offence Jacob but Goering never said that at the Nuremberg 'trial'. Check it out.

Still zombies walking about with masks on in the 30 degree temperatures but i did get a good laugh today. Had to call in at my local Nationwide building society/bank and was a bit wary and ready for confrontation but the young lady serving me was friendly. We were...

I applaud Niall's stance with all my heart but when he foolishly brings the Nuremberg trials to the table he is showing a naivety that is disappointing. Torture, beatings, a lack of defence council, the denial of access to mitigating documents, a ban on questioning prosecutors who were themselves...

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