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Why does antisemitism HAVE to be associated with evil? If someone dislikes Germans it's sad but not evil. If someone dislikes Russians it's sad but not evil. If someone dislikes Muslims it's unjustifiable but not regarded as evil. People are easily led. Someone may not be keen on Jewish...

Rockefeller's again!! What happened to the Rothschilds? Is everyone suffering from memory wipe?

This is a complex issue. Although it's obvious there are more obese people than there used to be there is also a tsunami of eating disorders, especially anorexia in young folk. Anorexia is far more deadly than being overweight. I also don't trust the figures. They are weighing kids...

That would be two £10 Sun holidays in a mucky caravan in Skeggy then!

You are right but unlike 20 or 30 years ago ratings no longer matter to the BBC as they are now, more than ever, just the propaganda arm for an insane but powerful group of people who are determined to instil in everyone (especially the young) the idea that...

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