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  • Go over time! This is the best interview in a long while. Incredible stuff

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  • Fuck Twitter. We’re better off here anyway.

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  • Richie I was in Newcastle RVI today for a pre op assessment and told that my op and many others have been cancelled. ICU is apparently filling up and they’ve been told to brace for another bout of bollocks

    • I did ask one of the nurses what was going on because it’s not even flu season. We had a long conversation about ivermectin, how dangerous this “jab” is and how she can’t believe what’s going on. They know the craic, just as we do

  • Magnets are sticking to non vaccinated people! There was a group of us the other night, 19 people, all unvaxxed, tried it out of interest and about 9 had magnetism to a varied degree. Try it! Use a small light magnet, try it on your forehead or chest

    • Carbon Nano Tubes …..They are now in us all.

    • They have been spraying metal nano particles into the atmosphere for decades. Many of these accumulate in the brain, as well as other organs. And metals like mercury have been used for years in regular flu vaccines (which have likely been shedding unrecognised). We are all rife with it.

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