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  • So happy you are back, Richie. Hope you had a super vacation!!

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    Richie Allen wrote a new post

    The Richie Allen Show Is Back!

    Howya. Just a quick note to confirm that I'm back today at 5pm. I've had a nice break and I'm really looking forward to chatting with you again. The schedule is unchanged. The Richie Allen Show will continue to air Monday...

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    • Amen.



    • Welcome back Richie! 🤗xx

    • Yay! Looking forward to the show.

    • OMG we have missed you so much, welcome back BBG 🙂 xxxxxxxx

    • Hi ya Rich. Looking forward to the show.

    • Good morning Richie
      Great to have you back
      You were greatly missed
      Richie, hope you will let us know, how we CAN CONTINUE WITH SOME MONEY TO THE SHOW

      Also Richie, I had a dream about yourself & your Caroline AND a LITTLE one! Except, the little one had hair😜👶🌠

      Lots of BLESSINGS sent to both of you😇

    • Please support HOLD THE LINE nationwide 11 September check out your local chapter on Telegram

    • I am so happy that you are back, and cannot wait for tonight’s show, its been a boring few weeks without you, nothing like the Richi Allen Show out there…. Love you BBG!

    • Finally seems like 12 months, since we last listened to you, so much has changed since you been away we have another new variant ISIS K more infectious then delta and Kent. Apparently 2000 infections in Afghanistan already.

    • Look at the book case and see anything strange?

    • 👏🏻🥰👍🏻

    • Be nice to hear your opinion on the Afghanistan and Taliban situation as to me something smells – also as always the covid situation too…..all the best.

      • I reckon they’re bringing back the troops to impose martial law to enforce the coughid rules; just look at Australia, and the globalists have the same plan for every country.

    • Yay! Can’t wait! I’ll be listening while making the dinner later! Great to have you back on the air!

    • Great to have you back Richie. Have you seen the protests in Waterford ?

      • Is that about Roy Butler who RTE described as dying after a ‘short illness’ without mentioning that he took ill within an hour of having the jab? The mainstream media needs to wither away and die, they no longer serve any useful purpose.

    • Geez, Finally you are back mate. Guess I can unload the toe trigger shotgun now.
      Warmly, Cheers William aka Bill Florida

    • You’re a poet and didn’t know it. Will message you today at some time 😘

    • The BBG is back! Great news.

    • Seriously. a bit emosh!

      Will be good to hear your voice and your superb guests again 🙂

    • Hehe. Just messaged you. Xx

    • Well done….I’ll be tuning in.

    • I did subscribe some funds to your Halifax account.Towards the holiday break.
      Not under my digital name though.

    • That’s because you’re a clever little Fox 😄😍

    • Yaaay! Glad you’re back! Glad you’re refreshed and ready to go!

    • Must remind the BBG to put up a ‘show page’ that we can comment on during & after shows given that his ‘twitter’ is no more…..and listeners have so much to contribute

    • Has anyone seen this

      Beyond parody. Gets ill two days after jab. Blames COVID. Exalts the jab.

      • The mad just get madder, oh not the vaccine, nothing to see here, it’s hilarious as the mother has been double jabbed and she caught covid as well and that’s not the vaccine either hahahahahahaha madness!!!!

      • So she’s was perfectly healthy and then she had the jab and now she has a blood clot but the two aren’t connected, yeah right. Also just look at the stuff they are pumping into her system now and even though she can’t breathe I bet she’s wearing a mask.

      • Another lucky winner of the national clottery!! There’ s stupid and then there is the super deluxe platinum stupid. Go and get your second shot then love as I take it your clot was caused by covid so no problems having the second one then. Oh, and if you get any problems afterwards you can blame it on long covid… jeez..

      • So manages to go nearly 18 months with covid all around and completely avoid it. Then gets infected a couple of days before getting the vaccine? How unlucky! Its laughable if the story wasn’t rather sad. How stupid would you need to be not to be at least suspicious that the vaccine caused this. I’d be more worried about the cocktail of drugs they’re putting into this girl. And that facemask hasn’t much protected her either.

      • “Something rotten in Denmark” me does think with this stinker of a story!

    • F I N A L L Y ! ! ! You were truly missed Richie! So looking forward to have you back! Jx

    • Welcome back Richie!! We’ve been missing you and I’m excited for 5pm ✊🏽✊🏽❤

    • Yessss man! I’ve been looking forward to this day and the day has finnaly arrived! There will be a lot to talk about theae days! Respect man!

    • The information crackdown on free speech continues I see BBG guest and journalist Jacqui Deevoy has now had her Twitter account suspended. No surprise there I suppose 😠😠

    • Ohhhh Richie. Cannot wait to hear you. I’ll be at work late but I’ll be on PodOmatic as soon as I escape

    • Tonight we will be all ears. GREAT

    • That’s awesome Fox 🙂 xx

    • Nice to see you back but glad you had a good break.

    • Good to see you are back. Talk more about the doggie will you? I want to know if the doggie is happy. If the doggies are happy then all will be happy.

    • Great to see you back, hope you had a good break. Looking forward to tonight .Cheers mate.

    • Goats Coat.
      My favourite book I used to read to little one who loved this book.

      “Goat loves her red coat and Fox loves his spotty socks – but he wants Goat’s coat too, and sets out to steal it from her. Will Goat and Fox ever be able to find a compromise to keep them both happy?”

    • Just read that ex CIA Agent David Steele has passed away.

      • Sad news, maybe he was intentionally targeted as he has put a good deal out there. Maybe he has been saved, who knows….none of us can discern what is real and what is not unless we are there, we just have to go with our gut feeling. Keep positive though!

    • Irresponsible parents and child cruelty.

    • We could do without paranoid head teachers.

    • I am listening to geronimo having TB… I think I’ve lost the BBG. Lady was arressted for being in possession of a water pistol. I feel like I’ve heard this before.

    • Hi richie, do you know if the vaccine passport is ending in September? Jim O’callaghan promised it was only till September( not that I believed him for a minute)

    • Welcome back Richie, we missed you! Did you hear that Sirhan Sirhan is up for parole after 53 years in prison for (allegedly) murdering RFK. I was just reading news about it and saw that the date of the murder was 6th June 1968, so with the numerology they love so much, that was 6/6/ 1968=24=2+4=6 = 666! So was a satanic sacrifice?

    • Great to have ya back Richie. hope the break was good. Caught ya show so far from a chill pub garden and the walk home on mobile to Kevin Barretts wisdoms (long time since Scholars for Truth days) and now chilling to the VISIONARY that never fails to crack me up, with his scathing comical venom! AWESOME return for the BBG!!

    • Nice to hear you again Riche! I think people are hypnotised and don’t want to wake up because that will mean to face something that their instinct is telling them is very ugly! I am sad for my dear ones but we must shoe that we are stronger than all this!

    • So glad you’re back. Well worth my monthly contribution!

    • Your not allowed to go anywhere any more, but if you must you have to take a laptop and a USB mic. I’m sure the future wife will understand.

    • Glad you are back in top form Richie, a three week break is a good idea, it’s getting way too much lads! Will sort out the support situation tomorrow. Thank you!

    • Would people not be sucked into the engine.

    • So happy you are back Richie and I’m glad you enjoyed your well deserved break. I missed you but I had chance to catch up on a few others I had neglected. When you have a new support system set up, I’m in, your work is so valuable to many 🙌

    • I have ditched Paypal altogether as they are part of the censorship clan. Sent you a little payment from the bank but won’t be long before many of us ditch those? Do you think you might accept silver coins in the future? Got some of those….keep up the good work, we will break them with our spirit! X

    • Richie!!!! You big bald gammon basthard! Welcome back! Nuff respect. We missed you bro.

    • So glad to ear you tonight RA …. you have pricked my conscience regarding setting up alternative support to PayPal.

      I think you website is going to BOOM in the ensuing months too!

    • Good you have had a well deserved break, but great you are back, you have been missed!
      Disgusted with PayPal, but this has prompted me to support you a little via Patreon, which have been meaning to do for ages.
      God bless.

    • Hello. I just registered, to show my support for your show, Richie.
      And I sent a small donation. Not much, because I have been basically unemployed for 1.5 years. And I do not have any income unless I have a job. Because I don’t believe in social security, and no-one should have to pay taxes so that I could receive unemployment welfare. (In the old days that were the people who lived in the poor house).
      As the border has been closed between Norway and Sweden for people like me who refuse to get the vaccination, and I don’t approve of the testing either. Either one is sick, and has symptoms… or one is in good health 🙂
      But lately things have improved a bit for me. As I got a few short jobs here in Sweden.

      Anyway… I do hope that people will find a way to support your show, Richie! And that you will be able to continue for as long as you find the show worth doing.

      God bless you all

    • Richie, eventually they will close your bank account too, they’ve done it to General Flynn and Nick Fuentes in America, and probably others too; whatever you think of those individuals, it shows that your bank account can be closed or seized at any moment for purely political reasons.
      We live in a lawless world, tyrants don’t operate under the law!

    • I’ve become a patreon and upped my usual monthly amount by £1. Thinking about it, Paypal timed their attack perfectly as for the last 3 weeks a lot of us have joined the never mentioned Richie Allen appreciation club.

    • Hi Richie, have just tried to set up a patreon account but they wont accept my Mastercard….am going to keep trying….can one set up an ongoing payment into your bank account that you provide? I’ve sent them a question and complaint. Hang in there. Aileen

    • Hi Richie, delighted to see you back, disgusted with pay pal, I’m a bit iffy about putting details on patreon, but I have just sent support for your show to the bank account you provided, I have been supporting the show for a couple of years now, worth every penny, long may it continue.
      Hope you and the future Mrs Allen and fur baby had a wonderful break xx.

    • Hi Richie just wanna say glad your back, just started supporting and will keep doing so. Keep fighting mate hopefully you can get through this PayPal shitstorm

    • Great to see you back Richie!

      I can’t believe how out of touch Kevin Barrett is. He’s so off the mark re Afghanistan it’s bizarre to listen to.

    • Salutations Fox.
      I am good thanks and I hope that you are the same.
      It is a nice book with a happy ending.
      Keep forgetting about the meal for one including Chicken Balls so thanks for the reminder. Might place an order this weekend if I still remember.

    • Tack så mycket Christopher.

    • I live in Sweden, and used Revolut for the bank transfer. No fees, and instant transfer. Perhaps that would be an alternative?
      I do pay for a premium account/card. I am not sure there would be no fees for the free account. But you could check on the internet what would apply to you. Revolut use is through a smart phone app, or the debit card.

      I hope you will find a sensible solution, Ashleigh

    • Welcome back Richie . Thank God you’re back !

    • I’ve set up a patron account Richie. I wish I could afford more but I try to support all free speech against this tyranny & would have nothing left for myself. If financial circumstances change I will give you more Regards Tony.

    • Hello Chris.
      I have been listening to the link that you provided with Sofia Smallstorm and it is very good.
      Many thanks for that.

    • Love you, hope all is well.💛 *hugs*

    • Saw someone in Iceland that was buying a packet of Harry Ramsden” Chip Shop Style Curry Sauce.
      Will buy some to try some next time I go in there.
      Sausage and Chips sounds very nice.
      The Mrs bought me a Lemon and Herb Chicken Burger so I will have that later with a cold beer.

  • Aaaagh can’t get a live stream!

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