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    Why Is It So Important For Some Homosexuals That We Know They Are Gay?

    A 17 year-old footballer called Jake Daniels has just announced that he is gay. In doing so, he has become the first currently active player in years to come out of the closet. The lad plays for Blackpool under-18's...

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    Lockdowns To Blame For Decline In Kids Speech & Motor Skills

    There has been a sharp decline in children's speech and motor skills since the Covid pandemic. Experts are claiming that the lockdowns prevented children from playing and learning how to communicate. It is being claimed this morning that one in...

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    • I can’t discuss particulars, but I am aware of a situation with a local school where only 6 children in year 1 are working at ‘age expected’ the rest are a long way behind, not just with speech and language, but across all areas. By this stage of yr1, we would normally expect at least 90% to be working at age expected, we have almost the complete reverse.
      We are looking at the legacy of ‘covid’ and it’s not going to be pretty.

    • No real surprise, as you say here Richie – ‘they knew’ – Yep, they fucking knew children would be harmed for generations to come!

    • I’m sure that at this very moment the big Pharma companies are beavering away trying to find a cure.

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    Twitter Engineer Admits Platform Has Strong Left-WIng Bias

    A Twitter employee has claimed that the social media platform has a strong left-wing bias and that conservatives are routinely censored. Project Veritas has published conversations with senior Twitter engineer Siru Murugesan which were recorded without his knowledge. According to The...

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    • In every instance it is Rich people, colour or flavour or religion doesn’t really matter it is always people with too much money and too much influence, me thinks. Apparently all culture comes from the top down, from the rich to the poor so I even wonder if it is culture at all or imposed wealth dogma.

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    Trans Actor To Play Rose In New Series Of Doctor Who

    A trans woman (a man in drag) has been chosen to play Rose in the forthcoming new series of Dr. Who. It hasn't been announced if Rose is a brand new character or Rose Tyler, the Doctor's female travelling...

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    • Dr Who becomes Dr What.

    • one can only hope that it tanks even more than it did when whittaker took over…. that will be a clear message that no-one wants to watch their bullshit. whether they take note is another matter, probably not.

    • F.F.S. it’s a kids programme. It used to be iconic in the 80’s until Peter Davidson totally fucked it up. Now it’s just a throwaway kids show, in a couple of years it’ll be like Are You Being Served with corny double entendres and crap acting.

    • When I was a kid in the 70’s Dr Who and the Daleks used to scare me, now Dr Who scares me for all the wrong reason

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    Richie Allen wrote a new post

    Rees-Mogg: "Fixed Penalty Notices Go Against British Tradition"

    Jacob Rees-Mogg has called for a debate on the use of fixed penalty notices (FPN's) arguing that they go against British tradition. The Brexit Opportunities Minister said that FPN's assume a person is guilty until they prove their innocence. According...

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    • It’s just an attempt to keep people occupied with the stupid minor details rather than the real issues, they’re taking the piss, fifty quid fine for Johnson and Sunak? fuck me, that’ll affect the bastards not one bit.

    • ‘He should be working to introduce legislation that would make it illegal for any government, ever, to lock down society and order people to remain in their homes.’

      We all know that that matter is well and truly out of Rees-Mogg’s hands. However, by addressing the matter of FPNs (the threat of which would have kept a great many people indoors even if they knew no legislation had been passed to enforce the measures), it could be that he is coming at the matter from a different angle.

      Not that it will matter. With the introduction of digital currencies and social credit systems, FPNs will become irrelevant. And with tracking software, guilt (or its lack) will be easy to determine.
      And, it could be argued, once all that tech stuff is in place and legal, non-compliance itself becomes an admonition of guilt.

      We use all sorts of words to describe this: Orwellian; Fascist; Nazi; Communist, to name a few. But go and have a look on Wikipedia (I know, I know) at how the Church – especially the Catholic church – governed during the medieval period and you’ll see the same things (just with different words).

      A few months back, on this site, someone told me that not everything is to do with religion. That person could well be correct, but I think that is exactly what is happening beneath layers of distraction, misdirection, and new words: a return to religious laws and an old social order, enforced with new technology.

    • It would indeed be better if Mogg and the rest of them, brought up the topic of the destruction of our whole way of life over the last two years. This unprecedented assault on civil liberties as Richie puts it.

      But this trend toward guilty until proven innocent, presumed guilt, and a drive toward less jury trials is all a worrying element of this increasingly fascistic society we are now living in.

      Regarding ‘Party Gate’ many of us have been saying that the real story behind this is being ignored. Richie highlighted this a few months ago, and above is an article i read recently which echoes what Richie and others have said. We should not be concerned about how they broke the rules. The real question is why they broke the rules.? This is a question that the media and most of the general public are deliberately choosing to ignore, whilst they continue to bury their heads in the sand and take the blue pill. Anything to avoid facing the fact , that those in positions of power ignored the rules, because they knew there was no threat of dyeing from covid. This was just a perceived threat, that they wanted to instill in the publics consciousness, in order to push their agenda.

      • The only people who would argue with that won’t come anywhere near here to do so but I won’t argue with it. If the scamdemic was as bad as they made out, why where they putting themselves and their entire families at risk? They obviously knew that they where not and it was just the flu like any other year.

    • But…but…what is “British tradition” other than an expression of racist colonialism? Surely it is time to replace it with somebody else’s tradition? [sarcasm, for the literalist reader]

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