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    Cambridge Prof: "Not Good Evidence That Mask Mandates Stop Covid"

    Speaking to SKY News this morning, Cambridge epidemiologist Dr. Raghib Ali said that "there's not very good evidence" to show that mask mandates help to reduce the spread of covid-19. He told Kay Burley: "Given the experience of Wales and...

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    • I wonder if Wales has a higher uptake of the jibba jab?
      Yes fare play for saying that.
      There is a video of Dr Shillary from last year going around saying mask are not effect for viruses.
      They all change what they say to backup the ball that come from the gov.

      • Plus the money they will pocket from big pharmer

      • Puppet Doctor Shillary was following his script going around discouraging masks when there was the great PPE shortage of March 2020 and the Government was getting in in the neck. Friends of the Conservative party were making a financial killing as middlemen getting supplies of this medical junk for the NHS at grossly inflated cost (anybody remember the licensee of Matt Hancock’s local pub getting a nice little earner).
        The narrative then changed as it was realised the wearing of masks was a great way of upping the fear factor and keeping the sense of crises going as summer arrived, the flu season ended and cases fell. Dr Shillary was then reprogrammed with new instructions, given his 30 pieces of silver and sent back to GMTV to spread the word about how essential it was to wear a mask. The gullible public willingly sucked it all up.

    • I am no medical man but have said from day 1 that masks will stop nothing, they will harbour germs and make things worse for people and as most are stuffed in and out of peoples pockets they will be filthier then a public toilet seat.

    • As an ex military man I can tell you any face covering that does not form an airtight seal around your face including eye protection is a complete waste of time and money.

      • I’ve worked in nursing and a little in construction. I’ve worked in machine shops and around paint sprayers. The point you make applies to all of them.

        Beyond that, all people have to do is see how the professionals approach genuinely deadly infectious diseases: they wear fully enclosed suits with their own air supply.

        But the irrational thinking and responses keep on coming.

      • Even if masks had any efficacy (which they don’t) you only have to stand for a few minutes and watch how people use them to see that any usefulness would very quickly disappear. I notice that in the leaflets we have had delivered door to door there has never been any mention of what kind of mask to use or how to use them. This is because the authorities know that they are totally useless and it doesn’t matter how people use them because they are just about control.

    • The narrative continues to be tailored to fit, thus furthering their aims – as it has been since the outset. Have the courage
      of your conviction, keep your wits about you and hold the line.

    • I carry on my mobile a list of 33 scientific papers that DO NOT support mask wearing and I offer to send it to anyone who talks to me and says “they are not sure” about whether it is OK or not to wear masks. I never wear a mask outside and only put one on if specifically asked to do so to enter commercial premises. (Twice in the last few weeks) Right now they don’t seem bothered even in supermarkets.And there is no checking by “the authorities”
      Last week a girl insisted that I wear a mask. I said I didn’t have one but there was one in my car. She aksed me fetch it. On my return, there were 2 employees wearing masks and two not wearing them. Immediately the guy who was dealing with me couldn’t understand my accented Portuguese and I pulled my mask aside where it stayed fror the duration of the visit. Nobody said anything. Just stupid, ignorant, habitual insistence in the first place.
      Last night I went to a restaurant with a takeaway counter. The two policeman at the counter were wearing their unforms and guns but no masks, We weren’t either. There was no mention or tension about masks. It has just gone away. Brazilians have been used to changing laws and inconvenient laws being quickly forgotten. It is part of the culture.

    • “I’m not too sure about the masks but I would urge everybody to get jabbed”. Yeah, fair play to the fucker…

        ‘1550s, from Latin urgere “to press hard, push forward, force, drive, compel, stimulate,” perhaps [de Vaan] from a PIE root *urgh- “to tie, bind” (source also of Lithuanian veržti “tie, fasten, squeeze,” vargas “need, distress,” vergas “slave;” Old Church Slavonic vragu “enemy;” Gothic wrikan “persecute,” Old English wrecan “drive, hunt, pursue”), via a notion of “to weigh down on,” hence “to insist, impel.”‘

        Says it all really.

    • I’ve been through every test and study I could find from the last 40 years into mask wearing and not one of them shows that they prevent the transmission of infection. Governments know this perfectly well, the mask is about control and to have a visible symbol of a pandemic which in reality does not exist. Where I live it is total maskamania particularly among the young many of whom are now totally brainwashed sadly.

      • It’s a clever bit of marketing that makes people feel closer/more connected to their leaders – among other things.

    • The way I see it, the variants that were introduced last year to explain the slight rise in respiratory infections during lockdown, were to cover up people getting ill from wearing the masks and breathing it all that extra bacteria and other contaminants. Those people then got a dodgy test and because they were labelled with Covid wouldn’t have been prescribed antibiotics – because they are not for viral infections.
      Pneumonia usually arises from untreated bacterial chest infections, and low and behold, we see an increase in hospitalisations due to pneumonia.

      It doesn’t take a genius to work this out. Just a bit of independent thinking and reading.
      Unfortunately, I’ve heard excuses ranging from ‘I don’t have time’ to ‘I can’t be bothered’, to ‘I see things differently’ (which meant ‘I just listen to the MSM’).
      Finally, though, quite a few people that I know are starting to cotton on that something is badly wrong. But it might well be a bit late.

    • In the early days of this covid era. When face coverings were first being discussed. Wanting to be prepared i tried putting a bandana on my face. This was one of the suggestions at the time being discussed. Within only a few minutes my nose was streaming because of the irritation. I found myself touching my face as a result of this. And knew immediately that at the very least, people wearing face coverings were going to be spreading germs and filth.

      Since then the evidence that has been made available, of the uselessness of masks in preventing infections, and the great harm that they do, has been overwhelming. Dr Vernon Colemans book on masks, go’s into this in great detail.

      Damage includes, Hypercapnia,( to much carbon dioxide being breathed in) Hypoxia,( not enough oxygen intake) and Bacterial Pneumonia. Many dangerous results can stem from these conditions, including the growth of cancerous cells and death.

      If i was able to realize this in the early days, by using my critical reasoning faculty. Something that people used to call common sense. Why can so many others still not see the truth, regarding face masks, fake vaccines and fake viruses.? It seems that the masses have become so conditioned, that they are no longer able to think rationally. Instead acting on a purely stimulus response basis. All the authorities need to do, is push the right buttons. Much like mice dropped into a maze, are conditioned to look for the cheese. Or a dog can be trained to hold out its paw for a treat. The treats being offered now being excess to a pub or concert. Or the way things are heading, the right to be able to see our loved ones or work for a living.

      People need to start thinking for themselves again, and stop living in fear by having there buttons pushed. Only then can we have any chance of coming out of this living nightmare.

      • I agree with you, but the vast majority of people have been so overwhelmingly brain-washed, it’s as if they are under a spell of mass hypnosis and trauma-based mind control, no doubt the intended outcome of 18 months of relentless propaganda by the lame stream media. Glad you gave Dr Vernon Coleman a mention, it’d be great to hear him back on the Richie Allen Show!

        • Thanks Stephen, good to hear from you. Not sure if we spoke before. Yeh something has gone on there. R and V never mention each other now, it is noticeable.

    • REMINDER: NOT The BCfm Politics Show presented by Tony Gosling.

      Live tonight at 17.00 hrs UK time.
      Friday 22nd October.
      NOT The BCfm Politics Show presented by Tony Gosling

      • Know he is a friend of Richies and has for the most part a good heart and intentions but he talks a load of shite, and the muppet he has on martin ( not me ) where to start with that halfwit, look mate he should stick to what he knows, not calling him shill or that but he is full of shite, nonsense.

    • Guess that’s the last we will hear from him.

    • i do feel the UK is at a perilous juncture where anything could now be made law, after the amess incident you get the feeling politicians are rattled to such an extent they may agree to any law being put forward, afterall the whole passing of another 6 months of the emergency powers showed politicians are willing to abdicate any responsibility and not vote for powers.

    • Sky news (And Kay!) strikes again!

      You couldn’t make this next one up..

      You just couldn’t!!

      Listen closely:

      School Headteacher Admits 14 Kids Off Sick Due To JAB Adverse Reactions On Sky News / Hugo Talks


    • A fourteen minute video featuring Professor Dolores Cahill mentioning potential upcoming new scamdemic threats with ‘Marburg’ being but one.

      At the end, she makes a quick reference to the injections as a ‘medical device’ and clearly states that graphene oxide is a constituent, something I’ve not heard her mention before, so one might be wise to take notes.. 🤔

    • Hi Layla, We haven’t spoken for a while just thought id say hello. Its beyond words really, i dont know what to say. How people are still believing in this garbage 18 months into this scam is incredible. Hope you and your children are O.K.

      • Hi Fox, thank you so much for your kind message, I hope you are also doing good in this mad, mad World. Your right it is absolute garbage but yet they are still blindly following what ever they are told to follow. The School didn’t really get too involved before, only passing the buck to the NHS, but now it’s going full on with the covid agenda, it’s getting very creepy. Once I read this latest mask fiasco, I knew I better get it up on here to share with you guys. 🙂

        • I normally watch strictly come dancing every year. This year i said i wasn’t going to watch. As they were going to ban the un jabbed from competing. But as they relented, i started watching recently. I cant believe the last two weeks, they have said ‘ __ Cant be with us this week as they tested positive for covid 19, we hope they have a speedy recovery.’ I’m sat here thinking, i bet they dont even have a sniffle. They are just testing them all the time with the test not testing for a virus. As David Icke rightfully says. And yet they are presenting it, as if they are in fear for there life. Once you see it, it is utter insanity.! This has become normalized now. Basically the only way they can make any TV programs is by following the propaganda and jumping through hoops. I like the way in Australia’s Home and away, they have totally ignored covid in the storylines. As if never existed. In stark contrast to our soaps. The producers said, they are not going to cover it, as people want to watch something they can enjoy. But they have gone to extreme lengths to make the program. They have been traveling round Australia to dodge the lockdowns. And the cast has all had to live together. But to watch it, there is no difference. They are all kissing and hugging like its 1999 New years eve. I had to check, as i thought they must be old repeats. Respect i say.

          • Hey fox would you go on strictly if they asked you lol. take care brother.

            • Very tempting if i was fit enough at the moment which I’m not.. Some lovely looking Fox’s on there. Would have to say no i think, as its the BBC. And wouldn’t be up for the testing.

          • many cannot see how the testing is keeping this going. The PCR tests are a forensic test, not a diagnostic tool- this would be like going for a full exploratory surgery because a bowel cancer test kit tested positive for blood!

      • Fox you are the symbol of our resistance, demonized by the scum who hunt these lovely foxes, we are all foxes now, hunted by the same scum, not took the jab ?, isolate and hunt these vermin ?, and the masses will be in full compliance, but like the fox we will survive and prosper and return to nature and live a real life.

    • What? They said they were so effective that we should wear two!

    • Morning Mr Allen ,I’m tuned in live.
      Just,few bevi’s last night 🥴 play the music softly.

    • Kenny Everett a genius presenter !.

    • Brainwashing camps is what they are, fucking despise these teachers, meant to look out for the kids ?, heart breaking what these scumbags are doing to the young, stay strong, these people will fold, they are after all cowards to a man and woman. all the best to you and your child.

    • Hi, all of you lovely people on the site. refreshing to read your comments. I would like to share this, and I welcome all comments, and questions. God bless you all, may you all stay strong.

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    Richie Allen wrote a new post

    Care Minister: Getting Jabbed Is "Your Social Responsibility"

    Care Minister Gillian Keegan told SKY's Kay Burley this morning, that getting jabbed and taking the subsequent booster jabs is "your social responsibility." Keegan's statement echoed that of former Prime Minister Tony Blair. Speaking on the same programme yesterday,...

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    • Your social responsibility to risk your life for a big pharma endless profit experiment, along with committing yourself to full on digital servitude for the remainder of your existence.

      What a 🤬’n! TOAD her and the rest of her kind are!!

      Here’s a useful link that no doubts many have already seen, but always worth keeping to hand.

      Perhaps the postings have dropped off in recent times, but it’s still useful to share to anyone who may be on the cusp of sacrificing themselves or their children to this heinous act of global criminality…

      See (and share!!):


      • Morning Gerry, If you keep posting these impertinent remarks about big pharma Micheál Martin will have you deported to the Crown penal colony of Australia to start a new life residing in one of Dan Andrew’s brand new Victorian state Covid FEMA camps 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣

    • Another simpering, vacuous ninny parotting the narrative at her master’s behest…..
      Basic message = DO AS YOU ARE TOLD!
      My reply: Your lying words have no effect on me, you are wasting your breath; go home.

    • I think the word “rollout” is important here because it underlines exactly what has happened, and is happening. It is not, and never has been, an emergency response to a chance disease. it is a carefully conceived and laid out plan. The timetable might have been flexible but the order was not.
      To my relief, it seems that the rollout is not going well and the increased appearances of more politicians and ‘experts’ to stutter on and on about the safety and importance of the vaccines is proof they are panicking as the popular revolt pushes back.
      Unlike Boris, many of these deepstate reps are unused to blatant lying and hteir stuttering and ums and ers is not convincing. To some degree they are shoting themselves inthe fo ot. Yesterday, however, I watched a perfect delivery of this bullshit with a wonderul smiling face so, unfortunately, some people will still believe it.

    • Sanity is defined merely by how the majority think and behave. Therefore, what constitutes insanity changes over time – sometimes in small ways; at other times in large ways.

      There was a time when someone who walked down the street talking out loud to, seemingly, no one in particular, was deemed insane. Now, with mobile phones and wireless earpieces, that behaviour is commonplace and, therefore, a normal and sane behaviour.
      If someone is genuinely ‘hearing voices’, all they have to do is plop an earpiece on and their previously perceived insanity becomes sane.

      Likewise, in a Bacchanalian and hedonistic society, the temperate and chaste become the insane; and in a technologically advanced society, people like the Amish are perceived as insane.

      So, I disagree with Mark Bajerski. Insanity is not being normalised. The definitions of sane are being shifted: and, like the slowly boiled frog, the masses are not noticing. We rarely do.
      Look at our modern living; our attitudes and behaviours. All of it would seem insane to someone living a hundred – or even fifty – years ago.

      When I was a kid back in the 1970s, we lived on a main A-road on the fringes of a large town. There was very little traffic. I once spoke to a squaddie walking home on the road, with barely a vehicle in sight. Kids played in parks and woods. Dads built go-carts. Adults didn’t work on Saturday afternoons or on Sundays (and the shops were shut during those times). A television was something in the lounge that got switched on in the evenings and the kids watched whatever the adults wanted, which was limited to three channels. We kids banged heads, lost teeth, got cuts and scrapes, broke bones and noses, all in the name of play and we got straight back out as soon as we could manage it (or stayed out if the injury was no too severe).
      It was, in essence, a completely different world. If someone from that time was transported to ours, they would think that the world had gone insane (and that’s without the current lurgy).

      Go back even further. I once nursed an elderly woman who was in her 100s. As a child she grew up in a world that had no radios; no televisions; no popularised combustion engine; no aeroplanes, no plastics. She cycled the ten miles to school, and back, every single day (except weekends), in all weathers. Homes provided their own lighting and heating. All food was fresh and unprocessed. There was very little waste. Everyone went to church on Sundays.
      Someone from that time would likely look at our world and think that the end times had already happened in a cataclysm of insanity.

      All those changes, in a relatively short amount of time. Most people would have barely (if at all) noticed. Some did, and their voices of warning can be found. But the masses didn’t care; because those changes made lives easier, more convenient, safer. They (we) didn’t ask what the cost would be in the future.
      Few rarely do, and those few have always been labelled as insane – or socially irresponsible.
      Because conformity has always been the overriding factor, no matter which direction it takes.

      • Just lately Craig I have found myself agreeing with everything you post.Your posts are always calm and logical in a time when some are struggling to decipher fact or fiction on a daily basis so thanks for that. . You have just taken me back to my childhood exactly as you state. I broke my arm on a homemade gokart and continued to play out for 3days before my mum cottoned on and took me to hospital 😂

        • You are most welcome.
          I never broke anything, except for my nose (which I reset myself). I did tear the ligaments in an ankle once and that was annoying; but other than that it was a case of lots of cuts, scrapes, bruises and nettle rashes. Sometimes it hurt, sometimes it didn’t. Either way, it was a case of get up and carry on because there was still more fun to be had

      • Very well said, Craig. I think what they are seeking to ‘normalise’ is the idea that independent, critical thought processes, non-compliance and dissidence are indicative of insanity – hence the relentless use of labels such as ‘tin-foil hat’ and ‘conspiracy theorist’ et al being hurled around. By contrast, heeding the advice of those in supposed esteemed positions of knowledge and power in ‘coming forward’ to do your ‘civic duty’ as ‘we’re all in this together’ to ‘make (literal, self) sacrifices’ for the ‘greater good’ is indicative of virtue, sanity. Absolute inversion, isn’t it?

        • Very well put ! 👍😊

        • Inversion? Perhaps. But that same attitude existed throughout both World Wars and the Cold War; and it existed in the medieval period when ‘members of the community’ reported their neighbours to the church for heresies.
          It’s the rule of the mob. Concepts of right and wrong, of morality, are enforced by that mob, and defined by the ruling class.
          Within those tight confines, critical thinking is perfectly permissible – providing it does not undermine the construct of the mob.
          We’ve had it relatively easy for about six decades. Remember, in the 1960s, people like Jim Morrison of The Doors were being prosecuted for saying rude things on stage.
          It’s only since that time that social mobility has noticeably, though slowly, improved; that the controls on language use have lightened; and that social interactions have become more informal.
          In other words, it wasn’t all that long ago when our lives were far more controlled than they are now (or were until recently).
          For more than a thousand years we have lived in an Authoritarian society. It is just that, in the last several decades that control has eased a little as it allowed our lives to become more comfortable, more relaxed. It became, in essence, hidden.
          And so we forgot that it was there.

          ‘In Middle English it also could mean “disagreeable, unkind, hostile” (mid-14c.)’

          ‘different, various; singular, odd, exceptional; wretched, treacherous, perverse,” from Latin diversus.’

          All attributes associated, at one time or another, with ‘insanity’.

          It could be that I am wrong, but I am seeing a lot of signs of social regression, perpetuated (as I keep pointing out) under the illusionary banner of ‘Progressivism’.

          Think of the seemingly arbitrary two metres distance. At one time a certain physical distance between strangers was considered a social norm. Said strangers would only close the distance to shake hands, before stepping back. A handshake sets people about a metre (actually, it would have been about a yard, but we are now a metric system) apart. The handshake breaks and each person steps back, creating something like a two metre distance.
          Likewise, the masks cancel out diverseness.

          What I see is the re-normalising of old notions and societal systems through a lot of trickery, deception and illusion.
          An old word for illusion is glamour.
          And is not the media ‘personalities’, the celebrities, and the entertainers (whose stock in trade is glamour) who are peddling ‘vaccines’ and the ‘man-made climate change’ narratives?

          New words to conceal (to throw a glamour around) very old mentalities and notions.

    • I am behaving sensibly, I’m not doing any of it.

    • In this shocking short video, Dr Carrie examines video and photo footage of the poison jab contents. What exactly are these moving parts and what is there purpose.?

      SHOCKING: Dr Carrie Madej releases first look at Pfizer vial contents – David Icke

      Your guess is as good as mine , but its not something i want forced into me or anyone i care about.

    • In this shocking short article, the contents of the poison jabs are further investigated.
      Evidence suggests that a New Born Baby in the early 70tis, had body parts removed without anesthetic, in order to harvest cells.

      New evidence for infanticide in the creation of the fetal cell line used for ‘Covid’ fake vaccine testing – David Icke

      Do these fake unnecessary vaccines that are killing thousands, according to there own data. Contain cells that were grown from the cells of this tortured and butchered newborn child.?

      I would like to ask the excuse of a human being Keegan. And the monsters in suits and lab coats. To explain to me the meaning of social responsibility. Because it is not something i recognize.

    • My message to the ‘care minister’ is this. I have a social responsibility to keep myself healthy by diet, vitamins, exercise, fresh air and stress management in order to reduce the likelihood I will require any nhs sevices thereby reducing my burden on the state. This I have managed to do throughout the plandemic despite no (un)social distancing, no chin wraps and wait for it….never using the anti bacterial chemical bottles on offer or wiping my shopping trolley 😱. I have no duty to take unknown poison on behalf of anyone who themselves will have already taken this in the belief that it will somehow bestow immortaliy. As Mark Bajerski also said, something along the lines of……………… the vaccinated want the unvaccinated to take a vaccine for a disease we dont have in order to protect them and for which they have already been vaccinated!

    • Punching Gillian and Tony in the face if you ever see them is your “social responsibility”

    • REMINDER: NOT The BCfm Politics Show presented by Tony Gosling.

      Live tonight at 17.00 hrs UK time.
      Friday 22nd October.
      NOT The BCfm Politics Show presented by Tony Gosling

    • It is possible (just!) that it could be your social responsibility to take a medication if people were dropping down in front of you in the streets, or if neighbours were dying all around you, or if trucks were going around every night with a guy on a megaphone shouting “bring out your dead”, but the fact is that i don’t know of anyone who has been seriously ill with a virus and none of my friends or family know of anyone either. The only people who are ill are lunatics like Keegan who are willing to sell their souls for a pat on the head from Big Pharma and the elite.

    • if one was to have the jab and consider the action a “social duty/responsibility” if I was to become ill, will society feel any responsibility and look after me as a result of my illness/injury? If not then it cannot just be one way.

    • If the topic is social responsibilty, let those who haven’t sinned cast the first stone. Tony B-LIAR has been enything but responsible with the countries economy, security and social policy. Psychopaths will never realise their own hypocrisy – THAT – is the nature of being a psychopath.

    • I listened to Radio Cambs this morning and it was horrific, the presenter asked “should we bring back all the masks and social distancing etc… every single called was onside with it, not one called questioned it. I called in and spoke to the switchboard woman, she wanted to know everything I was going to say. I told her I didn’t want the jab and its my choice, i also said this is coercion and it goes against everything in the Nuremburg code. I never got the call back ha!

      • probably why no one questioned it because everyone was screened out who was against masks and lockdowns etc, its sinister how media manipulation can lead to a perception of one point of view when in real life many people have a different opinion.

    • And what vested financial interests / directorships do Bliar, Keegan & Javid et al have in the pharmaceutical companies and technology firms responsible for developing Covid certification and social crediting systems?

      Asking for a friend.

    • Richie, check out Mike Graham on his Friday show on talk radio. They had a pro jab/lockdown Dr on.
      He absolutely mauled him & asked the right questions. He almost cried at the end as a mumbling wreck.

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    Richie Allen wrote a new post

    Anticipating the Technotarian (post-Covid) New World ‘order’

    by John Waters This article first appeared on French philosopher Jacques Ellul, writing 70 years ago, foresaw a world where human rights would be abolished and the population absorbed into a technical post-human utopia. Where Jacques Ellul helps us with where we...

    read more
    liked this
    • Thanks. This is the perfect follow-up to yesterday’s great show.

    • It’s a curious thing. Much of what this article covers I have previously put into comments and long pieces on the Social page. I think, Richie, I have even sent you some emails (via the Contact page) that align with this thinking.
      My own input is usually more simplistic. My views are not regurgitations of the words of my betters (at least, not intentionally), but rather based on observations and drawing logical conclusions – however unpopular.

      For instance, in the feudal society (in which we remain), the workers work, ultimately, for the state. Whether ‘the state’ is the national aristocracy, Marx’s Educated Working Class, or the globalist corporation makes little real difference.
      But the machines are, and have been for a long time, replacing our labour. We are, increasingly, becoming obsolete to the state. And what do we do with obsolete components?
      We get rid of them – because they no longer have value.

      • Are you ready to join the neo-Luddites?.
        1. Switch off your TV.
        2 Throw way your mobile.
        3. Smash the cell phone towers. (Please feel free to substitute this target of our communal venom “Smash the *********”)
        “Once more unto the ‘satanic mills’, dear friend.”

        Then we can start LIVING – i.e. live a more spiritual, emotionally positive, artistic, loving and caring experience, as suggested in the article.

        • I’ve often thought that, maybe, the Luddites made a very good point. Unfortunately, we humans like anything that makes our lives easier, without considering the ramifications.

          For instance, Microsoft made everyone’s lives easier, but we didn’t consider what Gates would (or could) do with all that money and power.
          Our history of the last thousand years (and more) is full of such examples, but we don’t learn.

    • By GOD Richie, ‘Bless You & All of your Family’.
      I’m not…’religious’ , but, not an Agnostic alá *Enlightenment 1700th-Century*.
      I was at the ‘Vatican’ 1967…Roma, many yrs before You-Richie were born.
      1979-80, Bethlehem and the, *Church of the Holy Sepulchre*…Wailing Wall…Al-Asque Mosque just above…’the wall.
      Yeah, many more place there in..’Occupied Palestine’..over 40 yrs ago.
      …”I know nothing”. I follow my Heart. Some call-it ‘gut-feeling’.

      I’m a collector of…very very old maps. Among other things.
      My Point is, …carry-on-soldier.
      Regards, Chris
      ps. nowadays it’s called some-kind’a pill, awakening…
      I call it…”Open Your Heart and, Your Soul Will Tell You”.
      🙂 Richie. U R on your way to Insight & Truth. Enlightenment.

    • Thanks Richie. More reading material for me to absorb..

    • …btw.
      My ‘jewish teacher’, Gloria Heymann is the 1 who recommended that I read Jacque’s book *Propaganda*.
      Yeah, She told Me..’read-this-book’…yeah…she wrote ‘critical reviews’ for the *New York Times Sunday Book Review*
      Yeah, Gloria H.
      Her ‘personal friends were Susan Sontag /Anne Leibovitz’.
      Pure… uuewish. Smart. A wonderful Soul.
      Me? Goyim? i.e. ‘cattle’.
      2…Human Beings…tryin’ to find Our-Way…out of the coming…*mess*.
      Now U All know.
      Smile :). Knowledge is Power!

    • Nothing will change, there is no turning back this juggernaut, because the idiots enforcing the rules, don’t realise that they are next on the chopping block…

      ‘Slowly, slowly catchy monkey’..

      • I believe you’re right. The enforcers have clearly been promised some kind of protection from whatever is to befall the rest of us but maybe when they have served their purpose and are no longer necessary such protection may well be removed.

    • I think John is my favourite guest. I could listen to him all day, a great man indeed.

    • Is anyone sick of listening to the compromised bull shite of the arsehole academics and scientists .
      Boringly persistent aren’t they ,and desperate.
      Which is good of course,the more obviously ridiculous,the more people wake the hell up !..

    • I park where I like, I don’t pay council tax or water, I don’t pay any fines I might get. Not trying to be clever I just know what is law and what is not. The legal system is how these fuckers control you.

    • Another        week spent watching in utter amazement a world descending further into        COVD madness and deception.
      Here        in Australia the locked-down police state that is Victoria suffered        through daily huge increases in apparently discovered cases of the dreaded        COVID 19. This was determined by the faulty PCR testing regime.
      A        newly elected Premier of New South Wales relaxed the Draconian rules a        little, but in doing so immediately developed a two-tier society by        allowing some freedoms for those who have taken the so-called mRNA        injections witholding them from those who have not.
      If        you want to feel like being treated as a naughty school child come and        live there.
      Australians        are waiting nervously to see if unconstitutional “Passports” will be        issued for the jabbed and how they would be administered. With a federal        election looming PM Morrison would do well to think long and hard about        dividing the society under his fumbling leadership.
      Globally,        everything is beginning to look like a page out of the Biblical book of        Revelation with inflation beginning to appear, a banking system on the        verge of collapse, crazy and wild weather, earthquakes in some very        strange places, volcanoes erupting world-wide, strange radio signals from        supposedly alien races on other planets, and talk of restricting the        buying and selling activities of certain people-groups.
      How        a man in a cave on a Greek Island in 96 AD (John) could have predicted all this        is simply staggering.
      This is a plea to everyone out there- awake but not woke- time is short, and the Lord will be mocked no further. These are the times of Noah; and there is an almighty flood coming- reach out to the Lord Jesus Christ now- because today is the day of salivation. Don’t put it off any longer.

    • great article.

    • Graham Hood- Richie needs to interview him- a real Christian hero- stood down from QANTAS because he wouldn’t inject. Please follow him on FB and support us here in Australia.

    • get ready for Marburg- written 40 years ago by Boris’ dad….a case in South Africa- coming to a town near you- get ready for this next scam. it will be sold as an ‘ebola’ like variant of COVID- thrombosis and blood clots…sound familiar? This is how they are going to sell this variant- a by product of the injection…and they have the injections to be used against it….PCR for this has already been bought by the global governments- and BTW, did you know that the AZ ‘vaccine’ was out in 2018?
      The detention centres are set for those who do not comply- this is the calm before the storm- we won’t see Christmas.

    • That link seems to have been copied from a fakebook article Jennifer, so when you click on it you get directed there.
      (You can’t see the embedded fb code until you click on it!)

      Here’s the same link only with all the fakebook garbage removed which should work ok..?

      It’s a recent John O’ Looney interview and thanks for sharing.


    • An excellent but substantial read.

      Here’s perhaps a more gentle equivalent to all of what John is describing above.

      This one is the latest video posted by Jeff Berwick (The Dollar Vigilante) who resides in Mexico and also where synchronistically one might suggest, Max Igan has now relocated to.

      Jeff is perhaps a little less sympathetic than someone like Max or John.

      But I believe his points are clear and sincere none the less.

      This video is very good and like John Water’s article, it is most definitely very relevant:

    • !!! Important!!!
      “Yes. Yes. Yes!!!
      John Waters name’s the…”12%-principle of..*Herd Immunity*..”.
      I remember. Now.
      Yes. the…Veterinarian said to John Waters…it’s 12%…statistically-speaking”.
      John Waters + the Vet are Correct.
      Listen-Up now…
      40-50 yrs ago I tried the ‘quick understanding of”…*PERMUTATIONS*.
      Yeah. Integral Calculus.
      Yeah. As Archimedes’s said…Eureka!!!.
      Listened now 5X-John & Richie’s…Talk….and…finally *got it*.
      Cheers All.”
      🙂 & 😉

  • Profile picture of Richie Allen

    Richie Allen wrote a new post

    Genocidal Maniac Says It's Your Civic Duty To Be Vaccinated

    Genocidal maniac Tony Blair told SKY News presenter Kay Burley this morning that it's just not good enough that people are refusing to be jabbed and that it is "your civic duty to be jabbed." The former UK Prime Minister...

    read more
    • Blair was so right about the evidence being out there about the injection (so called vaccine) it is out there if one looks beyond the msm, IT’S KILLING PEOPLE
      How anybody listens to this lying scumbag I do not know.

    • Part of this, sadly, reinforces all that ‘Inclusivity’ training (conditioning) that people are subjected to through the education system and business models.
      Inclusivity, of necessity, has to reduce the whole to the level of the least to make everyone Equal.
      In the classroom, this means learning that the least intelligent can understand, because they cannot increase their IQ, whereas the higher achievers can drop down.
      And in ‘society’ life, it means we must all circle around the most vulnerable.

      Diversity, beyond the observable and simple mechanistic, has no place in such a model.

      I am aware that it is not that simple; but it is a part.

    • It is astonishing that this man is given airtime and allowed to vent his spleen without challenge or question. If anyone needs to question the pursuit of pushing these jabs they need look no further than who is keen to attack those who have justifiably refused.Then start to ask why.

    • It is Tony Blair’s civic duty to shut the fuck up for the rest of eternity. Preferably in the slammer.

    • This was the day Blairs fellow “Anti Christ”, Bill Gates drove through the gates of Downing street, to meet his disciples. Whilst receiving a hellish reception from crowds of angry protesters.

      Protesters shout ‘murderer’ as Bill Gates is driven to Downing Street meeting with his gofer Boris Johnson – David Icke

      Please enjoy, but be careful not to over indulge.

    • It is our civic duty to held these nutters to account, stop this madness. I would also recommend that all those that push the vaccines get fully vaccinated.

    • This Harrowing video and accompanying song. Was first posted by Gerry.

      For anyone that has not seen this 7 minute clip, i have posted the link below. It may be an idea to post this to friends that are still asleep. Asking the question, ‘ Do you still think this is about a virus?’.

      Australian May Day – SOS / Covid Lockdowns & Vaccine choice (

      This is the future that is now coming into being at lightening speed. If monsters like Blair and Bill, and those behind them, are left to proceed unchecked.

      • Well stated Fox and thank you for the mention.

        As Max Igan always says and also where I first saw this video.

        In lak’ech


        • Thanks and no problem. I had been thinking that not many had seen it. And that they needed to. I showed my friend last night. He was incredulous. We watched the Hunger games that he had not seen. I’m just gonna cook, as i never eat last night and am hungry. Speak soon.

          • Hunger games.. very interesting Mr. Fox..
            Makes me think of something I once read about Blair is his early days..

            Something about ‘hunting’ in public toilets.. 🤔 👀 😳

            Probably all baloney though, much like the garbage that regularly spews out of his mouth.

            So, I suppose it’s a simple case of “what’s good for the goose!!”


        • Seen Max made it to Mexico Gerry, smart lad. Flew from Brisbane I think he said to Singapore, 8 people on that flight, hung about there with all the looneys in masks, gloves etc, then caught a flight to the U.S. L.A. I think it was, there were 42 people on the flight to the U.S. Staying in Jeff Berwicks pad, the dollar vigilante, some fecking pad yer man has, looking out onto Acapulco bay, always liked Jeff might e-mail him, glad Max made it out smart move.

          • I heard Martin.
            A very brave and noble move by Max it should also be noted.
            He’s walked away from everything he has and all that is precious to him in order to keep doing what he does, which is telling us the truth…
            I see the wisdom in this move alright, but I also see the sacrifice he’s just made.
            Australia has fallen to globalist commies now and theses same fascists and tyrants are networked and well organised, so I suspect it won’t be long before what’s happening in Australia is happening here and elsewhere around the globe.

            As the anonymous caller ‘Jane Doe’ mentioned yesterday, they’re doing the Rockefeller Lockstep and they’re not for stopping.

            … “The Rockefeller Lockstep” huh..

            I think I’ve just coined a new rhythm or dance here..

            Kind of like ‘the twist’… Only it’s got nothing to do with dancing and everything to do with outright tyranny.

            Time to get ‘organised’ Martin.

            Groups need to be formed with a particular emphasis on establishing reliable foundations for the understanding and protection of inalienable human rights.

            These 🤬ers are breaking or trying to rewrite every rule in the rulebook..

            It’s time to stop them.

            Re Jeff Berwick.

            He’s another well connected and clever operator.

            But Max is special and I hope that his presence in Mexico is beneficial for all who are graced with his influence.

            Soldier On Max.

            In Lak’ech Ala K’in


            • Gerry I posted that before listening to Richie, listened to Richie and Max was on, but yep fair play think he made a good move.

              • Cheers Martin.
                I posted a link to the most recent Jeff Berwick video in the John Waters thread.
                That one is well worth a look.
                I like Jeff Berwick myself, he’s got good business nous and has used it wisely.

                But he pulls no punches with what he says and how he says it, this might not to be everyones tastes.. but this is something he regularly addresses and states that he doesn’t care what anyone thinks regardless!!

                It may sound a bit self centered on his part, but each to their own I guess.

                He’s helping out Max at the moment, so this is good, though I suspect Max will get his independence back soon enough.

                It can’t be easy for Max…

                So, I hope everything turns out well for him over there…

                I’ve been tuning into Max for a good few years now and have always admired him, so to lose Max at this juncture would be devastating for many I fear and in particular his Australian tribe.

                As he says himself, his best weapon is his voice..

                So long may he preserve it…


    • Well that’s 10 minutes of my life I’ll never get back. What a psychotic, despicable piece of human excrement Blair is. After being sat with him for so long, no amount of showering would cleanse the odour. But the useless Burley just whoops and hollers and is clearly in her element. Do people actually subscribe and pay to watch this garbage.

    • Evil little critten. They really are pushing the vaxed on the unvaxed creating more division. Slimly little weasel war mongering scumbag. He needs a serious time out the critten.

    • Did the funeral director ever come back on here Richie? I listened to an interview done with him on Odysee in September. He mentioned some of the HMP buidings are being extended to hold a lot of people (more than just normal prisoners). He mentioned HMP Wallingborough as one of them.I tried to look on Google earth but I’m not very tech savvy. I think I end up in the wrong place.

    • blair reminds me of the blow up dolls on only fools and horses, when you think life could not get worse, up pops blair and says “hello, I’m here to make your life a bit worse”

    • Why is this man still breathing !

    • It is also a person’s civic duty not to tell lies to create a war which kills 100s of 1000s of people.

      There is actually not one single word of truth in what he says in this interview. He should crawl under a rock and stay there. I’m sorry but I just can’t bear the man.

    • Tony looks shuck. He was told to say that by his masters.

    • Scumbag Bliar clearly wasn’t concerned about ‘saving lives’ when he helped to bomb Iraq and Afghanistan into the stone age and kill / displace millions of people in the process.

      This lowlife needs to wind his neck in and go do his talking in The Hague.

    • Said before it only takes one bullet to be rid of people like him, well maybe two burley can go with him.

    • Hi Martin, It shouldn’t be a first choice, as they will just roll out the guns and tanks. And in this country the public are not even armed. Also there are those who will just get on any band wagon for a punch up because they are nut jobs. And before you know it, they will just be punching everyone. Dont get me wrong though, there are times when i think it unavoidable. And i wouldn’t lose any sleep over something happening to the likes of Gates, Blair and Johnson. Or those in the film i posted. Not that i would advocate that, in case any government spies are reading this. What you doing, I’m watching Picnic at hanging rock film shortly. Spooky story, dont know if you’ve seen. Topical as in Australia.

    • Five minutes. That’s all I need. Maybe not even that long. The shitty bit is that these people are just the puppets. I want those running this.

    • Tony Blair, a traitor to his country, a mass murderer, and a common theif.

      Kay Burley, just a traitor, facilitator, and another one for the Nuremberg 2.0 trials.

      A video surfaced a few weeks ago from an event in 2019, held at the Milken Institute, on a universal flu vaccine.

      It’s tantamount to a full premeditated confession.

      Here’s some of the transcript:

      Michael Specter: Why don’t we blow the system up? I mean obviously, we can’t just turn off the spigot on the system. We have and then say, hey everyone in the world should get this new vaccine that we haven’t given to anyone yet. But there must be some way that we grow vaccines mostly in eggs the way we did in 1947.

      Fauci: In order to make the transition from getting out of the tried-and-true egg growing which we know gives us results that can be beneficial, I mean we’ve done well with that. There must be something that has to be much better. You have to prove that this works and then you’ve got to go through all of the clinical trials: phase 1, phase 2, phase 3, and then show that this particular product is going to be good over a period of years. That alone, if it works perfectly, it’s going to take a decade.

      Bright: There might be a need or even an urgent call for an entity of excitement out there that’s completely disruptive, that’s not beholden to bureaucratic strings and processes.

      Fauci: So we really do have a problem of how the world perceives influenza and it’s going to be very difficult to change that unless you do it from within and say, I don’t care what your perception is, we’re going to address the problem in a disruptive and in an iterative way because she does need both.

      Bright: But it is not too crazy to think that an outbreak of novel avian virus could occur in China somewhere. We could get the RNA sequence from that.. to a number of regional centers if not local, if not even in your home at some point, and print those vaccines on a patch of self-administer.

      Here’s the video.

      “Shake it up”

      They all deserve to be hung, every single one of them.

    • Absolutely shocking.

    • Richie…you have to see this video…shit is going to hit the fan in America…. Biden has bitten off more than he can handle…

      • Wow!

        Only a half hour into this and I can already see what you mean!!

        Thanks for sharing Woody.


  • Profile picture of Richie Allen

    Richie Allen wrote a new post

    Doctors Tell Government To Trigger Plan B NOW

    The British Medical Association has accused the government of being "wilfully negligent" in its response to rising covid cases and that restrictions should be imposed immediately. The BMA wants the government to trigger so called Plan B. Last month, the...

    read more
    • People lack critical thinking skills. Let them do what they want as long as there’s kareoke and plenty of ale is the attitude.

    • I’ve literally just watched Susanna Reid and Richard Madeley interviewing the health minister on GMB regarding this. I have to say – it was an absolute horror show – witnessing two supposed ‘journalists’ literally begging for mask mandates and the ratcheting up of tighter restrictions – saying the ‘system is broken’, that people are unable to book their ‘crucial’ booster (even if they want to), demanding a vaccine ‘Tzar’. Then straight to a fluffy ‘fun’ piece about Britains best known lock- down dogs….. Unbelievable yet inevitable and infuriating.

    • We have over a million more ‘cases’ now than we did this time last year with no jabs whatsoever. They don’t work.

    • The *Crown* and the *City of London* 2nd/3rd-level wannabes:

      Chaand Nagpaul:
      -“He was awarded the CBE (Commander of the Order of the British Empire) in the 2015 Queen’s Birthday Honours List for his services to Primary Care. He is the Chair of the General Practitioners Committee for the British Medical Association in London, England.”
      -“Chaand Nagpaul at a glance. Born in north London, attended Christ’s College grammar school, Finchley. Qualified from Barts Hospital medical school in 1985. Senior partner in GP practice in Stanmore, north London. Joined GPC in 1996, became a negotiator in 2007, and was elected chair in 2013. Awarded CBE for services to primary care in 2015.”

      Sajid Javid:
      -“he joined the Conservative Party. Working in banking, he rose to become a Managing Director at Deutsche Bank…” – “.

      Yeah. they always use the wannabe ’cause “wannabeez always try to please their Bosses”.

    • Maybe I’m just odd. I read about this in another article this morning and it had me in stitches. It took quite a while for the laughter to die down.
      Doctors – carefully selected pro-vaccine doctors – are asking the government to do their job of attending the people’s health.
      The notion should be ludicrous to everyone.

      But then, that mentality is endemic throughout the country.
      It is not parent’s responsibility to educate their children – it is the state’s (education system).
      It is not our responsibility to police ourselves – it is the state’s (the police).
      It is not our responsibility to be civil and polite to one another – it is the state’s (censorship bills).
      It is not a family’s responsibility to look after elderly members – it is the state’s (care homes, etc).
      It is not our responsibility to heat and light our homes – it is the state’s (utility companies).

      The examples go on and on. And we are all guilty of it in some fashion.

      The ludicrousness of our collective gullibility is worth laughing at.

    • ‘Plan B’ implies a back-up plan; but if that were the case, why have so many of us been telling people for most of the year that we would be in lockdown this winter?

      Hopefully, all those people we have told will start kicking their brains into gear; will start to wonder, ‘how did they know?’; will start to think for themselves; will turn away from the blinding false light of the MSM.
      Most probably won’t, but some, I think, will.

      I doubt it will be enough for the immediate future, but it might – just, might – provide a solid foundation to build upon.

    • I said yesterday about the vote to continue the covid bill. Lets see now, it is such a major health issue to this country, hardly any MPs turned up to debate and vote on extending the bill. Those that did turn up had a big laugh and let the Speaker say the bill is passed.

      Well very sorry government and MPs if you lot do not think it important enough to show up in the house for a bill and it’s conditions that is to control a so called pandemic and that it’s a laughing matter then you are taking the mickey out of us all.

      What was shown in parliament on the 19th was total contempt for the people of this country and proof that this is a PLANDEMIC, there was no vote to extend the bill so in my book the bill is dead.

      • that was really appalling to not even vote for it, they may find the public are not so happy with the optics of that.

      • They did the same here in Ireland where a lot didn’t turn up for the vote. I think they want to say to their constituents ‘see we didn’t support it’ but to their government overlords ‘see we didn’t vote against it’. They want to have it both ways.

    • The BMA is just another QUANGO.

    • ‘This Week’ With Mary + Polly: ‘This Is Not About Your Freedom or Health’ + More
      In “This Week” with Mary Holland, Children’s Health Defense president, and Polly Tommey, co-producer of “Vaxxed,” Mary and Polly discuss the latest COVID vaccine news.

      ‘This Week’ With Mary + Polly: ‘This Is Not About Your Freedom or Health’ + More

    • Its all a crock of shit. Really am beginning to get very pissed off with lies after lies. I sorry but i blame the public who keep complying to this scamdemic. They will scare people with the so called plan C so when they say oh will do plan b people will be greatful. Sorry but it fucking sad.
      Sorry to swear but i am so pissed off now.

    • “He (Nagpaul) stressed that case numbers were comparable to March, when England was in lockdown, and were “unheard of in similar European nations”.

      So why is that? you hear the word “case numbers” so how many of these case numbers are resulting in deaths? if there has been supposedly 96 million jabs given out, and its apparently comparable to March, sounds like they do not prevent hospitalization and or its a bit of both where people are in hospital because of the jab and also there because the NHS packed up any treatment for all other illnesses last yr and are now facing the consequences.

      I also don’t believe its “unheard of in similar European nations”. the UK is not that special and if the same jabs have been given out,either all countries are the same or none are.

    • It still makes me facepalm when so many are arguing over the more recent developments when they still haven’t proven that SARS-CoV2 actually ever existed in the wild.

      They have only ever displayed computer generated images or artist renderings to the public and nothing to professionals. Surely, with so many ‘cases’ they must have had ample samples and opportunities to satisfy them?

      Once that single point is discredited the whole agenda will come apart.

      • So agree with you. Dr Stefan Lanka has proved that the computer evidence they claim can be generated without there being any virus present and there are no actual physical samples existing anywhere.

    • I never thought this was going to apart of the plan, but now i think they are trying to start a world war i really do.

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