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    Richie Allen wrote a new post

    Nightclubs Are Already Asking To See Vaccine Passports

    Some club nights in England have already made NHS covid passes a condition of entry. NHS Covid passes allow users to demonstrate proof of their vaccination, negative test or immunity status. They are available through England's NHS app, which is...

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    • Apart from the obvious response and considerations surrounding this decision – it will be fun as a tourist attempting to gain entrance to any establishment implementing this policy.

      • I think that is where the draconian measures which lie just under the surface, will suddenly rise up and be terrifying. I don’t think we live in a world where honest mistakes by tourists, are tolerated anymore, sadly.

    • On a side note, some people may now or in the future want to check out things like the “covid 1984” app. There is talk of prosecuting people for using such things though. And as a law abiding fox, I would never suggest anyone breaks the law.

    • I was a party girl for years, all through my teenage years & twenties, loved clubbing, loved raves, that was my life. I can’t imagine what young folk are going through, this is disgusting how they are being treated, now to take a vile clot shot experimental poison you don’t need, which might maim or kill you just so you can be young and have a good time.

      It’s their absolute right to be young and have a good time, but I don’t think the young ones will do this, play Russian roulette with their own lives, I wouldn’t have back then, not a chance in hell, we would have just had house parties, where there is a will, there is another way lol.

      • Me too.
        Was involved in running sound systems at warehouse parties but that stopped when I was arrested for organising Acid House Parties and stealing electricity.
        Image below is one of them.
        Fun times indeed.

    • You and Hyden and co should get your white gloves and whistles and head to the nearest hardcore rave and record it and so some research. See if security is asking for this QR codes! upon entry.

      or Maybe do some real journalism and pop out to Manchester and see yourself as your connected to club land call your old Clubs Bars friends?.

      I dont trust newspapers.myself.

      Myself was out last weekend and i saw the Qr code on windows / doors and but noone was asking for it. All good..

      I did hear Saturday night wasn’t full capacity in some clubs where i am based which is sad..

      Freedom Friday was ramo ! though..

    • I think they’ve just backed down on this, in the last few hours. Possibly because it doesn’t make sense financially?

    • Is the WHOLE vaxx passport meme just a ploy to increase uptake? A ploy that they know they will never get working in reality?

    • This is awful, but have they ever mentioned when these “passports” are going to end?. Nobody has asked this question surprise, surprise , I know they have no end it’s obvious this has been written in to the script. Fuckers. Boycott these businesses it’s the only way. And fuck Lawrence Fox he is a twat.

    • Foxy, they’ve essentially surrendered freedom on behalf of everyone by being ‘good Germans’. The people still wearing masks (some are even double masking) which I found really hard to believe; have screwed us all.

    • the irony of clubs asking for a safe environment when there have been instances over the yrs of high profile drug and alcohol poisoning deaths etc.

      • Another aspect of Graphene.

        Graphene Skies?
        What aren’t we being told? Is the highly toxic and controversial element graphene being seeded into our skies as part of the ongoing covert climate intervention operations? Is climate modification the only motive behind the elements being utilized for atmospheric aerosol spraying programs? Are other agendas also being carried out? Do the weather makers and their controllers consider the consequences of their actions? Or is it possible that many of the consequences are, in fact, part of the agenda? Please review the attached 5 minute video report for input and answers.

        Graphene Skies?

    • Before Covid, does anyone remember the reporting on the news about ‘anti vaxers’? How they were demonizing them? A good year before Covid.
      I didn’t understand what the big deal was at the time. To me, it now seems obvious, they were priming the masses for what has now become our reality. Getting into the minds of the general public the ‘notion’ that there are ‘anti vaxers’ (not that I am one, per say) and we should be alienated.
      Sad times.

    • And what’s the odds that vast swathes of young people will simply just stick two fingers up to all the nightclubs & concerts enforcing this Covid passport crap, and resort to illegal raves and house parties instead.

      I bet all the rave organisers are rubbing their hands in glee.

      • At early rave parties, often costume-like clothes and garments with signal color look such as protective suits, safety vests, dust and gas masks were worn and combined with accessories such as vacuum cleaners or cyberpunk inspired goggles.
        Years ahead were the guys with the PPE

    • Totalitarian psychos have taken political control, we have to hang them or die

    • All the vaxed are now sterile inc foetus

    • Be patient, When they realise they and all vaxxed are dying and all sterile they will wake up

    • reiner fuellmich did a great live interview today so good your=tube pulled it ON air
      it was about sterility from the vax

    • All the eggs in foetus with vaxed mums are now sterile

    • One does hope that any venue that wants so called health passports shown gets a very poor attendance.

    • The Propaganda War (And How to Fight It)
      Every totalitarian system in history has used the power of visual propaganda to generate a new “reality,” one that reifies its official ideology, remaking the world in its own paranoid image. New Normal totalitarianism is no exception.
      This isn’t just “biased” or “sensationalist” journalism. It is systematic official propaganda, no different than that disseminated by every other totalitarian system throughout history.

      (Interesting article)

    • Sorry to hear this Fox.
      Hope you get better.
      I can highly recommended Black Seed Oil which I have used for around 20yrs which gives a massive boost to the immune system. I do not get colds, flues or any related illnesses. Been over 10yrs I think since I had a Cold/Flu which I felt coming on and after taking the Blackseed it stopped it in it’s tracks.
      I recommended that a person who gets flu/cold in winter should take it as a preventative. Very good for many other illnesses as well.
      The brand I take is this one which is of excellent quality. I use the normal strength oil which some made find a little bitter at first so you can mix take with honey.

      • Thanks Jacob, I may add it to what I take. Don’t often get ill like that these days. Been fine since 2019 before this. I’m wondering what lovely person marked me down and red ticked me. Lovely to be popular.

    • Todays False Flag Weekly News.
      FFWN: Worldwide Demonstration vs. Great Reset.

      FFWN: Worldwide Demonstration vs. Great Reset

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    Richie Allen wrote a new post

    Martial Law In Australia - Army To Police Sydney Lockdown

    The Australian government has sent the army to Sydney to help enforce lockdown there. Australian Defence Force Soldiers will be trained this weekend before beginning unarmed patrols from Monday. The government claims the measure is necessary as there have been...

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    • Last March/April, a friend and I were discussing military deployment and martial law as an almost inevitable outcome to enforce lockdowns. Mind you, we were coming at it from different perspectives even then. He believed (and still does) the deadly virus narrative; I didn’t and still don’t.
      So my only surprise here is that it hasn’t happened sooner.
      That makes it no less disturbing. Disturbing that we are coming to this, and disturbing that far too many still believe the official story.

    • Its interesting the low vaccination uptake in Australia. I’m wondering if they always suspected that was going to be the case.

      Because the incredible thing is, that Australia has one of the lowest death rates from flue and respiratory illnesses of anywhere in the world. And the average figures that are practically nothing, have not changed at all. In other words no excess deaths. Which is of course the case all over the world, as I believe the statistics show they have just rebranded the flue.

      And yet we have seen even more draconian measures in Australia than in many other country’s. Which has always seemed strange. How the hell, can people ,not just look at Australia and see as Richie said, that it has nothing to do with health, I find incredible..

    • Half my friends have had their jabs and know it’s nonsense but hope it ends soon. The other half haven’t there jabs, know it’s nonsense and know it’s not going back to normal.
      but there all drinking themselves to death!
      I feel like screaming and running around with hatchet some days, but then I remember they want as many people going Tonto as possible.
      we march on together!

    • Can I ask how many Chicken Balls are in a portion as they must be tiny in comparison to say bulls balls?
      (sorry I could not resist that one)
      Have not had any Chinese since before our imprisonment.

      • Hi ,that made me laugh. Cant remember how many. Yeh same here, i may have gone in there and said i was exempt. And seen what happened. But I’m genuinely concerned, about the filth that must be breeding in the masks, as they are handling food. Has no one thought of this. And iv worked in hot restaurants and kitchens. And i find it hard to believe ,that they are not touching there faces. There is no way, people should be serving food in those things, is there? Or am i missing something? I wonder how many have got food poisoning.? I think i have mentioned chicken balls on about 3 occasions now. I may make it a regular feature. Let me know if you want to join in.

        • Valid points on the Face Masks.
          One of my mates owns a Chinese Takeaway not to far from me but as I said I have not ordered from there from before the scam.
          I always order the Chicken Balls as they are part of a set menu for 1 which includes Eggfried Rice and Chinese Chicken Curry. The family wonder why I get that but I have been eating that Curry since I was a teenager so I would join you on that one thanks.

    • This breaks my soul and rips my heart into shreds. When first married we lived in Coogee, up the road from the beach. Sydney had the best lifestyle. After work, people relaxed on the beach, swam, and the best fish and chips in the world could be found in Coogee. Ten min bus ride from the city centre. No wonder people were so happy. I can’t fathom Sydney dwellers in this sort of state of terror. It’s not their “thing”.. Mind doing backflips here.

    • As an ex Aussie army veteran I’m disgusted in what the federal and state governments have done to the people of this country. This is not the country that I loved and swore to protect with my life. I don’t know anyone in Australia that has even tested positive for covid, let alone been sick or died from it, but I’ve known 4 suicides in the last year, 3 of those in the last week. Well done all those heroic Aussies that protested last weekend, thank you and keep fighting, we are at war.

    • It’ll be really interesting to see just how the rank and file Aussie soldier reacts when asked to strike of fire upon his or her fellow countryman/ woman; I don’t think that we’re too far away from that. The only caveat would be the United States.

    • “because a small minority of Sydneysiders think “the rules didn’t apply to them.” I find that phrase rather insulting as many people do have responsibilities like for example if they had to care for a relative, or needed to work otherwise they did not get paid etc. We can’t all be like doris johnson and “isolate” in a summer home mansion.

    • I sincerely hope that come the next general election, the good people of Australia will remember all of this at the ballot box and boot every man jack of these psychopaths and tyrants out of office.

      Not that it would make much difference sadly, given that the powers that be in Aus are controlled by the exact same puppet masters who control the British, American and NZ governments.

    • this latest totalitarian measure wont persuade anyone now, lines are drawn decisions made

    • We now have to end this totalitarian fake clot$hot plandemic before we’re all dead and sterile

    • Unarmed? soon a soldier will get attacked and then they will be armed.

    • Solidarity.

      Irish parents say:

      “We do not consent”

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    Richie Allen wrote a new post

    The Richie Allen Show Is Killing UK Mainstream Radio - Thank You

    Hi there. I've never done this before as I've never been able to talk about the reach of The Richie Allen Show without sounding like I am bragging. Those of you who have been with me from day one...

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    liked this
    • Well done to the RAS and those who support you.

      • *LOVE* is…a 4-lettered word.
        *LOVE* Conquers All(!).
        Yeah. WE love-this-Guy. Why? He honestly tries…even though the ‘bagage’ He’s got; just like everyone else.
        “Sincerity” can’t be faked. That’s why I’m here.
        Cheers Jacob & All.

    • Fab job!!There wouldn’t be a show without you. Thank you x

    • Thank You Richie!
      For almost 15 years I thought I might be a bit bonkers listening to the likes of David Icke and shows such as yours.
      Now the world has turned upside down and I don’t care anymore about how absurd my opinions might sound. I used to hide it. Now I don’t. I’ve lost friends over this and it’s tough. But I stand by my beliefs.
      Thanks again Richie. You are a knight in silver Armour in this increasingly nightmarish world.

    • Not surprised. The show is a good one. Quality always shines.

    • I love the Richie Allen Show! Brilliant news that it’s flying above the other old stream alternatives. Well done Richie you da man!

    • Come on Ireland!
      (Rank 37 ☝️ 13!!)

      Go on boy!!


    • They don’t even deserve to be mentioned in the same sentence as you Richie. I know you don’t like to have ads but with the reach you have seems a pity,can understand why. Keep up the brilliant work.

    • Been hooked since the first show I heard last year. Just wish I’d discovered the show sooner. I get educated, entertained, and a good laugh. And of course it’s becoming increasingly important to know there are like-minded folk out there, including proper journalists like Richie.

    • Richie – they’re not exactly what I would class as an opposition.

      So many more years left in you as they all fall to the jabs!!

    • I have only tuned into you over this last year but have found your shows and guests really worth the listen. You cover a wide range of topics and I’ve found your approach of allowing guests to actually speak refreshing. Long may you continue

    • Makes me so happy to read this! I’ve been proud to be a supporter and subscriber, when I’ve recommended to friends they hooked as well. With the risk over coming over like a massive gay lord… there are times over the past year when I really don’t know what I would of done if I didn’t have the Richie Allen show to look forward to at the end of another mad day in the dystopian la la land <3

    • Sunday morning and being reminded, not that i need it, to switch on the bbg by my grandson now is an absolute joy. You have introduced a 9yo boy to radio with proper tunes that make him whistle along too. Thank you Mr Allen 👍

    • Nice one Richie.

      I have a suggestion.

      Sometimes I think you should do a quick fire call in. People get 30 seconds to say their piece. Sound bites.


    • Well done. Bravo. If that doesn’t speak volumes to the wake up people are getting I don’t know what does. Stand tall (mild understate for you) and be ever so proud. I appreciate your very hard work.

    • That is so so funny, but well deserved, nice one r kid 👍

    • Great news and so well deserved. Grinning from ear to ear here!

    • Great to hear this Richie…anything we can do to help, don’t hesitate to ask, genuinely….

    • respect. huge congratulations richie keep it up

    • Truth ALWAYS emerges victorious!

    • Reminder: Live Straight after the RAS at 19.00 UK time.


      (That’s why I love Thursdays)

    • Well done, and a big thank you to yourself. I know the guests are very important, and I love the phone ins, but lets be honest without the BBG there is no show.

    • Well done Richie. You do a fantastic job And you are a proper journalist. Been listening to you since 2014.
      Keep up the the good work.
      No 30 hey. Fantastic. 👏

    • Lbshill isnt a radio station, nor is the other ones above their shit aimed at people who dont want to think sadly the elector types. pseudo intellects.
      congratulations for being better than them it wasnt hard though.

    • Fantastic richie, I stopped listening to MSM about 2.5- 3 years ago, My life has been so much better since.

      Lying Khunts the lot of them !!!!

    • Whether you like/want to hear it or not, Richie, what makes your Radio Show so special is YOU! People know honesty, sincerity, humility and Truth when they hear it. Thank you!

      • I agree he is excellent, but obviously his guests and we, the shows community, add to that specialness you refer to.

    • It’s rare to see integrity and caring, which is what Richie Allen has, and it brings a certain quality with it that is severely lacking in the modern media. Congratulations to Richie and us die-hard appreciative listeners! Bravo!

    • Well deserved. Brilliant.

    • God, I love ye bald bastard. Cheers & Love man!! (Bill, Florida), now carry on mate.

    • Congrats Richie. Your end speech today was powerful radio. Brought a tear to my eye x

      • shows how much the man cares about his job and passionate about what he does so its nice he gets the recognition he deserves

    • well deserved richie nice to get recognition for your hard work

    • Great to hear the BBG is trouncing the so called Big boys, one thing you don’t get on The Richie Allen show is a load Bullshit like on the MSM, always listen if not live but catch it on Podcast, No doubt tough times lay ahead not only for The Baldy Gammon (Lol) but all Independent Broadcasters. It’s up to us the Listeners to make sure the Backstuds never win.

    • Now that was a good show, As to the other shows going the way of the Dinosaur, to be replaced by Mammals, Good metaphor, AND you Richie are the ultimate Alphe male APE

    • Richly deserved Richie! Great show again today. See you on Sunday!

    • Hi
      Just listened to Richie’s (emotional) experience during his last days in Spain and how the fukers at the radio station in london treated him where he went for the interview.
      Whilst that no-mark c*nt who treated Richie in a horrible way (probably disliked by many in that office) I have no doubt that guy to this day will be too busy brown nosing peoples arses to get somewhere in life this is whilst our Richie thru sheer determination and honesty is being loved by millions around the world – not just him but the future Mrs Allen too (example) How many in the world (or any of us) know the name of james obriens mrs (or boyfriend/husband, lol?)

      Always look after One Another Monsiuer and Mrs Allen!❤

      Fact: You cannot fake sincerity.

      Sending man love your way Brother (straight not bent)😁

    • Well deserved Richie. The truth is a one way street I think. Keep speaking to truth.

    • Well done brother. Support you all the way. I’m also on Spreaker now. Will be live at 9pm tonight

    • We were moved by what you said at the end of today’s programme, Richie. We were introduced to the RAS in May ‘20 when we were having to adapt to a very different paradigm of the world as we had been very naive prior to the Plandemic. Our son suggested we listen to you as we were in a state of confusion and feeling very isolated in our new perspective. Your show really helped us to adjust and get through the very difficult changes. We listen to the RAS live nearly every day. Well done on this week’s amazing rating. We particularly hate James O’Brian’s broadcasting (only hear bits on the RAS) and are particularly glad you supersede him by a country mile! Send our regards to El Froggo Tremendo as we’re sure she must be a huge support to you and what you do. We’ve recommended you to our friends but they won’t listen. One tried you and all she ‘heard’ was that you called the queen a lizard and she was quite offended 😂We have made lots of new friends through all this though, so we’re okay!

    • Nice one baldy! I’m not surprised though! James o’Brian? What a wanker

    • Well done. I think you should temporarily rename the show The Reachie Allen show in celebration of the reach 😂

    • Damn, but this made me smile. And smile big.

    • Actually James O’Brian is ahead of you! Don’t know why his listing is different from everybody else’s. But he’s ranked 24 in GB news… sad day for GB

      • James O’Brien is an absolute legend the jewel in the crown of LBC 🤣🤣🤣🤣
        Comparing him to James Whale is like comparing Lord Haw Haw with Tokyo Rose. They are both bullshit agents of the Ministry of Truth.

    • Hi Richie,,well done sir, your show is of the highest quality and deserves to be where it is. You should pour yourself a large Bacardi and coke!!!
      I turned off mainstream media many years ago as it is ,as you would say “total bollocks” .Your show is the thing that keeps me sane in a world which gets madder each day. Love and vibes to you and all your listeners ❤️👍🏻

    • Brag as much as you like, made up to see your more controlled than a few years ago, man you used to get angry. Well presented, factual, quite entertaining at times. And for me the main thing. Honestly and genuine, try and catch the show at least twice a week. Once a month on the Sunday very educational and informative. Thank you

    • Richie great show tonight mate. Mark is well worth listening to, always try and keep in touch with him either live or catch up on odysee which is a great platform and like james whale is growing by the day. Knew Mark was lucky enough to be out the country never knew he was in Nepal, cheap food and even cheaper weed what’s not to like. Thanks for sharing your story Richie regards lbc cannot imagine how you felt, pretty low, but you still remember the guy you met and bought you a few beers when you did not have a pot to pee in, says a lot about you mate. Moral of the lbc story is the good guy does win sometimes.

    • Not to take away from Richie’s rightful broadcasting place of honour……but just a reminder for latest edition from Del Bigtree


      • About to catch up on that in a moment Brenda and did you catch the 5hr UK Column pt1 sumposium tonight? Many great speakers and debate was had, even if Richie is not a personal fan of UKC!

    • It was a reference to whale being a fat piece of shite, think you missed the joke mate, nae worries do it myself al the time.

    • Loving your work Richie! I bloody love ya! You’re certainly keeping me and my gal pals sane during these times and long May you continue to stay healthy and do what you do best! Having a family and children in the shite storm that is our world currently, you’re keeping us going day to day! Between me and my pals you’re a total crush! All the very best to you and el froggo tremendo and the doggo! <3 xxx

    • Just finished listening to Thursday show on your site at this late hour. Great show and very deep stuff about the possible direction of things. Sometimes it seems like a dream world doesn’t it when you see big companies trying to force jabs on people pretending its encouragment, all for a virus most of us on here probably have had no issue with or seen yet. Nice to know there are some similar thinkers out there in a sea of madness, free country my arse.

    • Hi Richie, absolutely adore your show, I only found you this year and always listen usually the following day on podbean. Your show is so valuable to me, I’m quite annoyed I hadn’t known about it before. Did you get listener stats on other podcast platforms other than apple? Thank you for the show, I can’t tell you in words how much it means to me. Kate.

    • I can only catch up via podcast on the day after the show due to ,my evenings being flat out, so not long behind, sometimes if I’m really busy I get a few to listen to over the weekend which apart from the time checks throwing me I love. The guests you have on are amazing and how you interview them is great, allowing people to speak gets so much more information than just question after question with short answers which is all MSM want so they can edit bitesize chunks. 10 out of 10

    • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    • Congratulations Richie, very well deserved.

      With listening figures and stats like that though, it’s hardly surprising the powers that be and the Silicon Valley mafia are trying their hardest to silence you and deny you a platform.

      Onwards and upwards for the RAS and let’s hope it continues for many years to come 👍

    • Richie I am not surprised, your amazing and your show is bloody awesome, and the MSM is just….no words can describe those fuckers. I mean imagine listening to that James O’Brian, dear God, I would rather lick the eyeballs of a dead and rotting fish. Love your show, Richie, we listen to you all the time, your voice is like part of our family, even the kids are walking around in an Irish accent, keep up the AMAZING and FABULOUS work x

    • I’ve just listened to RA talk about LBC saying “Come over – we’ll pay your air fare” and of course they were inevitably cruel, due to whatever agenda they dance to.
      Nice to hear the pod-cast is getting more views.
      LBC is a sinking ship, but clearly there were some high powered rats on it back in 2012.

    • The tighter they grasp at power the more we will grow in ours. The one thing they cannot handle is independence. They will try to make everyone conform. The what doesn’t matter anymore, it shifts from one thing we grasp at to another.

      This goes to show what total independent, self sovereignty looks like. Richie isn’t some fat, famous fuck, on the take. That cunt works like a shire horse. He’s kept going through this even when he, like I, was crumbling under the weight of all of this.

      He didn’t grasp onto his platform, he opened it up to the people, he is a conduit, a network of people. I think they’re shatting their pants by now, watching the numbers of people begin to wake the fuck up to the world of lies we’ve all been living in.

      Richie, lad, keep going, some fucking cosmic level amazeballs, man. You showed thousands if not millions exactly how to be humble, have actual compassion rooted in wisdom and I love you with all my heart. Thank you, hero! 🙏💖🌹

    • Richie
      I’ve been with you since episode 2 of your show, on behalf of all who listen/donate…
      We are all proud of ya kidda

    • The story you told at the end of the show about the way LBC treated you got me all misty eyed. You may not stick your two fingers up at them so I will do it for you.

      Congratulations Richie and thank you for all that you do. We are living in very dark times and the beam of light you shine which is the truth gives us all the strength to keep fighting for a better world.

      God Bless you.

    • P.C. Vernon is on unn at 20.30

    • Been listening since the early days of The Richie Allen Show and I have to day I’m rather proud of you .

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    Richie Allen wrote a new post

    Grandmother Sues Employer For Referring To Her As A Grandmother

    File this one in the "couldn't make it up" category. Grandmother sues her company for describing her as a grandmother and wins. A judge ruled at an employment tribunal that Anne Dopson was discriminated against after a colleague wrote...

    read more
    • The asylum called, one of their inmates escaped 😜 would the grand mother like to tell us, in her own words, how her grand children refer to her? I do hope no one sends her cards with ‘Happy birthday granny’ or ‘happy xmas granny ‘ on, you know, just incase she decides to sue the little poppets…..

    • Humans have many strengths, but also many weaknesses. Tribalism (whether it be based on skin colour, ideology or traditions and values, etc) expresses both the strengths and the weaknesses. Unfortunately, in today’s society, the weaknesses seem more prevalent.

      As to the narcassism – much of that is the fault of social media platforms (quite a few psychological articles have been written on the subject), but also of an over emphasis on litigation for any perceived infraction (where there’s blame, there’s a claim).
      I loathe it. I loathe it all.

    • On the upside, this now means that ‘grannies’ across the nation can now sue the likes of Jeremy Vine😉😆

    • Thinking about it a bit more, it is entirely possible that Dopson isn’t narcassistic – just an old fashioned dishonest opportunist.

    • What happened to being proud to be Grandparents?

    • Age rage!!!!!
      How many more woke causes do we have to endure?!!!!

    • old bag sounds better.

    • Narcissism….Does it take one to know one?

    • Love the crazy Granny picture you used. Cheers, Richie. BTW, I thought your talk with Kate was spot on…. why?? because you Richie were being yourself. Excellent Journalism mate!!

    • I don’t know what’s worse, that this happened or that it took up and wasted court time that could have been better spent dealing with something worthy. Better check yourself next time you call a spade a spade, in case that spade would rather be a fork. Insanity reigns.

  • Profile picture of Richie Allen

    Richie Allen wrote a new post

    Teacher Fired For Preventing Trans Student Becoming Head Girl

    A French teacher has lost her job after she attempted to prevent a trans student winning an election to become head girl. Susan Field said that the student wasn't representative of the student body and that it would be...

    read more
    • As per a post I put up on the 26th, I don’t think women are being erased; I think the efforts of the Surrogate and Feminist movements are being erased. Part of a Reset to reintroduce old, traditional conservative values under the deceptive guise of something else.
      These are just my thoughts, of course, and they are compatible with the transhumanism agenda.

      • Yes. The split of the Feminist movement happened with lgbtq(wxyz) and was well planned.
        Now we have two camps of those who believe that a man is a man and those who believe in fluid genders.
        Divide, cause chaos and conquer.
        Even in the so called “truther” movement we see this happen if you disagree with someone’s opinion.
        I was accused of being homophobic when I disagreed with young children being taught sexual education including lgbtq(wxwy), was ostracised and labelled with the above.

    • ‘The boy is too young to be named’

      Maybe this time next year he wants to be something else.

      Lets face it, at his age he’s probably confused as to what the duties of a head girl entails !

    • Comment deleted, by the ‘passionate supporter of free speech’. You really couldn’t make this shit up.

    • All these utter nutters should be turned upside down and stood on their heads and then stood down!!

      Increasingly we have people employed to ejudicate selected from an enlarging pool awash with ‘twisted twerps’!!!

    • The boy is nuts and should be placed in a nuthouse… probably no father in his life.

    • Does anyone remember the Famous Five books by Enid Blyton. A girl called Georgina convinces her cousins that she is a boy and must be called “George” at all times. This went on for several books until at the end of the series, she admits she has “grown out of it”. I think that Enid Blyton must have known about gender dysphoria and known that people do just grow out of it.
      I remember being convinced that my sister was dropped in from an Alien Spaceship and was part Nephlim.
      I’m still growing out of it.

    • Knew a few Tomboys growing up and they eventually moved out of that phase as they got older.
      Not sure if today’s children even know what a Tomboy is?

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