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    Richie Allen wrote a new post

    Nightingale Hotel Owner Says Only Red-Pilled Guests Are Welcome!

    I had an email from listener Debbie this morning. She told me that there's a hotel on the Isle of Wight that is welcoming red-pilled guests only and advising "maskholes" and "vaxaholes" to stay away. That cheered me up...

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    • More of this please!



    • That’s great, it needs more like him. I’d be there like a shot if I knew how to get there from Ireland against all the restrictions.

      Someone told me that the ‘non essential’ shops would be opening here on 10th May so I was looking forward to going into the nearest city and having a look round and getting a few things I need. I spoke to a friend on the phone and she said it isn’t actually like that. All you will be able to do is buy things either online or on the phone and then go personally to collect them, you won’t be able to look round the shops. How is this any different to the full lockdown we currently have?

    • Shedding is a huge concern! I suspect as more information and news is know about the transfer/shedding from vaccinated people this should become a norm quite quickly. More attention is needed with this.

    • Sounds like the ideal hotel for us. Never been to the Isle of Wight so will look at booking a few days away later. Will we be allowed on the ferry without showing papers or being tested otherwise could be a tad tricky. Loving the maskholes and vaxaholes.

    • Excellent! I love the idea of a place my hubby can’t go and I can, he doesn’t care that I may be barred from public places in the future. He’s a fully fledged blue pill addict (not viagra, although he might need it after his vaccine going by the reports)

    • Well done Dean great news we need more ppl like you get our country open & running

    • Brilliant! Thank you for making a stand. Will definitely be booking a visit and sharing this with people.

    • I think you may have misread the message. “NWO WOKE OCCULTISTS and their minions”.
      English is foreign to me but the way I read it I gather it appears to be addressed not to occultists in general, whatever they may worship but specifically to ‘NWO WOKE” crowd.

    • Hi,good to meet you. Can’t understand why all the negative ticks to your post. As a practicing occultist,I know exactly where your coming from. And I speak as someone with over 30 years experience,study and research.All the best, U.F

    • Also anyone who truly understands these matters know that power comes from within. Therefore spirits,entities and powers are not worshiped. These forces are used. The illuminati also know this.They don’t worship satan,they manipulate dark forces. But this is not the same thing. Though some lunatics and some illuminate use human sacrifice. As a way of quickly increasing there energy. But it is not to do with worship. There are some satanic cults,but they are an inversion of Christianity.

    • Hi Sophie, the person who replied to you gave the right answer. Not sure why you got so many dislikes for your question/comment. I agree completely with you. I have the utmost respect for pagans I do live on the Isle of Wight after all and respect the energy that exists here. Many people think paganism is some kind of Luciferian religion. They don’t get it. I’m Christian and a practicing Buddhist but I am aware that the energy here on the isle is Pegan.

    • Satan is not a mythical character he is a real person who has recently announced he has filed for divorce against his wife Melinda Gates 😎😎

      • I think it’s a sort of a PR campaign in order to show the Joe Bag’o’Donuts that these creatures are also like the rest of us and nothing human is alien to them. They may look alike but with each passing day I am more convinced that John Carpenter’s They Live were in fact a documentary after all …

    • Is it open to the public (public bar )

    • Sorry Sophia – I’m a Christian and have been for many years and I don’t know what you are talking about !! I would challenge you to find a local church and go to a couple of services and find out for yourself. One thing I will say is that Satan and evil is very real and certainly not mythical !!
      Hope you take up my challenge
      Best wishes x

    • I didn’t put a dislike on your post because I don’t agree with doing that, if people don’t agree they should debate. I’m not a pagan but I don’t believe in conventional religion which to my way of thinking is about control. I do definitely believe in spirituality and that we live more than one life and that there are different realms of existence. Also I do feel a great connection with the natural world which I believe is part of paganism.

      Perhaps you should get in touch with Richie. I’m sure he would be delighted to do an interview with you to discuss your beliefs and as you know you would get a fair go from him.

    • Well done Dino! A real strong and positive good news story.

      I suffer from fibromyalgia too and manage to keep down a full time job (though sure I don’t do as much as you!).

      Best wishes

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    Richie Allen wrote a new post

    Unions Want Pupils To Wear Facemasks For At Least 6 More Weeks

    A number of unions have written to Education Secretary Gavin Williamson, to demand that secondary school pupils continue to wear facemasks until June 21st at least. The letter, from the National Education Union (NEU), the NASUWT teaching union, Unite, Unison...

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    • Unions are in lock-step with the agenda. My own trade union (UNITE) are no exception.

    • Griesz-Brisson Dr. Margarite Griesz-Brisson MD, PhD is a Consultant Neurologist and Neurophysiologist with a PhD in Pharmacology, with special interest in neurotoxicology, environmental medicine, neuroregeneration and neuroplasticity.To deprive a child’s or an adolescent’s brain from oxygen, or to restrict it in any way, is not only dangerous to their health, it is absolutely criminal. Oxygen deficiency inhibits the development of the brain, and the damage that has taken place as a result CANNOT be reversed.The child needs the brain to learn, and the brain needs oxygen to function. We don’t need a clinical study for that. This is simple, indisputable physiology. Consciously and purposely induced oxygen deficiency is an absolutely deliberate health hazard, and an absolute medical contraindication.

      (Maybe, if more parents actually Researched what masks are doing to their children, they would know this.)

      • Her video got taken down within minutes on YouTube a while back. Why would they take down a video by an acknowledged expert presenting relevant evidence that affects people’s health? To anyone who does the least bit of research it’s obvious what’s going on.

        I’ve done an enormous amount of research into mask wearing for months now and all the studies over the past 40 years show that they don’t work at all in preventing the transmission of infection (even where there are real germs) or the difference is so small as to be statistically insignificant. And against this of course mask wearing causes considerable harm.

        As I keep saying governments know all this perfectly well.

      • The problem is even the courts are not reliable and honest judges are being intimidated. The only answer is mass non-compliance and this is not going to be easy to achieve sadly.

        • Hi Jennie, 100% right. The fact is, most people believe all this nonsense and still think there is a deadly plague going round. And the idea that everybody has the money tO be suing people and companies. Or if they had the money they would get anywhere is frankly naive in the extreme. The legal system is part of the system. Most of the judges are masons for God’s sake. And for the hundredth time of saying it. The law is what those with the most power says it is. Where has the law been the last 12 months. We may as well say, why didn’t the Jews take the Nazis to court in Nazi Germany. Or perhaps Ann Bolyn should have taken Henry to court for unfair treatment in the workplace. Maybe boycotted his dinner party.And black people in south Africa, I’ve no idea why they didn’t just boycott a few shops. DIssobediance,disruption And force stop fascism And nothing else.But first people have to see the truth.

          • You are absolutely spot on, well said.

            • Thanks. When I went to sit in the church garden yestaday. On the way home,children on the streets were wearing masks,terrible to see.I go in the garden as so quite and peaceful,but even see mask fanatics in there sometimes.

              • I used to, on the way home from work, sit in the graveyard and have a little smoke.
                One of my work colleagues used to say that “that was the closest I got to God” in jest.

      • Hermione; I don’t think you should bring Sue into this, she really isn’t qualified!

    • Thank you Richie. It does make it hard not to feel despair when you know that most public institutions are working against us. But we have to press on. I believe we are just here temporarily to have an experience and this is not our real home.

      Here’s an interesting article giving a review of recent studies into mask wearing.

      • I live in temporary housing; does that class as a real home? I hate masks too, oxygen is our greatest nutrience. Also are you free for tea on friday?? Chips and banngers are included Jennyie. xx

    • This is insane, it really is, all the parents have to do is contact the School and say their child will not be wearing a mask, tell them they are exempt, that’s it. The Schools cannot and do not enforce it, they cannot exclude children for not wearing a mask. My kids have never worn a mask, all it took was a simple call to their Schools, just my son’s High School as my daughter is at a Special needs School so no call necessary there, but my son is the only one unmasked in his whole year. What are the parents thinking, as the School make it clear in emails that if your child is exempt, they do not have to wear a mask and tbh EVERY kid is exempt from this mask wearing tyranny.

    • Seeing as though everything will be on lockdown again in October , this is just more propoganda .

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    Richie Allen wrote a new post

    Why Is Twitter Allowed To Get Away With Interfering In Elections?

    On Thursday, voters go to the polls across the UK. The media has dubbed it "Super Thursday." Scottish and Welsh voters will elect parliaments. There's a by-election in Hartlepool and Londoners will elect an assembly and choose their mayor. Regional...

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    • Firstly Oliver Dowden is the MP for my area, a total waste of space and I hope to tell him so one day face to face. As for twitter they really are a joke, somebody put on, if you could ask Hancock one question what would it be. I said I would ask him why he does not go and play in the fast lane of a motorway.

      I was partially banned for 12 hours as my tweet could be considered as mentally affecting somebody to commit harm, if we are talking about Hancock “I WISH”.

    • Just heard Richie mention that Spiro’s channel has been removed by the Gestapo tube.

      No surprises here…
      (And that they had been doing this prior to the scamdemic to a lesser extent, eg Richie’s original channel back in 2018!)

      But it’s also worth remembering that these globalist propagandists ran their dress rehearsal back in October 2019 under the title “Event 201” and implementing censorship by way of controlling media was high on the list for discussion.

      No stone left unturned with their ‘predictions’ during the role play.

      It’s all up on gestapo central if anyone wants to see…? (🤢🤮)

      And here’s the segment relating to ‘as they say’, controlling mis and disinformation!

      Event 201

      Segment 4


    • AND A QUESTION FOR THE LIBERALS!!!!! if twitter is so INCLUSIVE, why was trump blocked. He is a gay rights activist and proud of it. ANSWER THAT LIBERALS.

      I no longer have K=lamdyia (a disease made up by the LEFT), so Jennie are you free for the Spag-date, get it???? xxxx *winkie faces*

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    Richie Allen wrote a new post

    German Police Bust Child Abuse Ring With 400,000 Members!

    Police in Germany have broken up a child abuse network, believed to have as many as 400,000 members. Four men accused of running the operation have been arrested and are in custody. The site was known as "BOYSTOWN" and could...

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    • It’s good that this one has been broken up but they have been turning a blind eye to child abuse and trafficking for years now. What a world we’re living in.

    • I personally consider that continued exposure of heinous criminality like this to be a vital step in the global awakening that I believe is now taking place.

      Consider the good prince and his subsequent removal from the public arena following the Epstein disclosures and how close these significant events are with regard to the beginning of the so called ‘pandemic!’

      Is there a link??

      Here’s a video to be found on the Gestapo tube no less…
      (649k hits and rising — so, it’s telling that even they won’t censor it!!)

      Worth watching and perhaps sharing to those who may still believe everything they’re told and shown on state sponsored media.

      Red pill time:

      • The way I see it, the dystopian world they are building is not meant to be run by gubberments but rather by AI.
        “The Moor has done his duty, the Moor can go”
        Hence it’s on the gestapo tube …

        • That’s quite an “enlightening” gestapo tube video there Herb.

          Reason I reference it, is because I’m stunned it has not been removed by them!
          (Knowing the unconscionable bastards that they are!!)

          That’s a ‘must see’ right there Herb!!


    • All I read there was “DARK WEB”
      What do you all think is next on the hit list ?

    • One more point, this story should not detract from the abuse children have suffered under the hands of world governments in the last year and a bit.

      • I’m sorry to say that even those figures are minuscule compared to the decades of abuse our governments have inflicted on children around the world from the use of illegal and immoral sanctions, wars, support of “friendly” corrupt regimes, the list is endless.

        • Absolutely agree Daz,I could go on, poisoning our food and water thereby poisoning our children before they had the chance to take a breath….etc etc….

          The timing of these stories are classic tactics used by our leaders, that was my point really.

          As an aside, I’ve worn a mask similar to the one in your avatar.
          Once at the dentist and the other time in a family court,.

          Let me tell you, It went down a treat over here in Germany 🤣

    • I really can not get my head around anybody that abuse children or want to watch images of it happening, they should be strung up. This goes for governments as well.

    • Are there are more than one “dark web”?
      it seems obvious that an elite would have their own untraceable internet, perhaps the ones the police can see are not the ones used by the top elites.
      If one of the 400 members was not a politician then surely that’s the clue that other secret internets exist. It would be statistically improbable for that to happen.

    • Bring back death penalty for convicted pedos

    • You’re so right about referring to these images as ‘Porn’ Richie. I recall an interview from years back with an Investigator/Specialist in this field, he talked about the fact that using the term ‘porn’ makes it acceptable for some people. It’s Child Abuse, how the so called media can keep using the word porn to describe this is beyond me. Somebody correct me but i’m pretty certain that that the term ‘pornographic’ has something to do with consent?

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    Richie Allen wrote a new post

    DC Mayor Bans Dancing & Standing At Weddings!

    Washington DC Mayor Muriel Bowser has banned dancing at weddings. On Friday, Bowser said that weddings could go ahead but only at 25 per cent of a venues capacity. But she banned dancing and standing at receptions. A spokesperson for...

    read more
    • Re the Wedding album from above picture!!

      You know there might just be the odd exception to the face muzzle rule…

      Don’t ask me why, but there’s something ‘alluring’ going on here!! 🥰

      Aside from that…

      Florida it is!!

      Just dunno how I’m gonna get there though!!


      • Stowaway on a tanker?

      • I can see it the allure of Dracula’s bride with a touch of “Eyes wide shut”

      • I’d go anywhere reasonable to be free but I doubt I’d get into the US. The problem also is where is free now might not be later, things are so fluid.Look what happened in Tanzania.

        I actually talked to a family the other day where the father is a trained and qualified engineer and they are thinking of going to Saudi Arabia because they said at least in the compounds you can have a measure of freedom denied to the Saudis themselves. What a commentary on what Ireland has become that people are considering going to somewhere like Saudi Arabia to get more freedom.

        • Amazing and simultaneously terrifying to think that people so qualified are contemplating countermeasures like these now.

          But the battle has not yet been lost Jennie.

          All that’s needed is to make them stop wearing the masks and refuse covid tests.

          Simple non compliance for starters, then let the real revolution commence.

          It can be stopped.

          And it’s the duty of those of us who do get this to keep working on those who don’t….

          That’s my philosophy on it at least and bit by bit, I do believe I’m starting to see results!


          • I do hope you’re right. We have started having a protest once a week in the village square. There are only a few of us but who knows, acorns eventually turn into oak trees.

            • Brilliant Jennie.
              Organising groups at local levels is where it starts.
              More of this type of external gathering is required nationally.


        • Saudi are well on board with Agenda 30 and are expecting all visitors to have had the”Experimental Gene Therapy”
          My Si in law has been living there for over a decade.
          Suadi/Israel are two fingers on the same hand.

    • I believe those studies by Hopkins and Imperial college on psilocybin were pre the scamdemic and I’m doubtful their usage is part of the Agenda.

      The studies have concentrated on the potential benefits.

      Here’s a very interesting documentary discussing the same…

      Drugs/mind altering substances are terms manipulated by our globalist friends as a means to maintain their dominance over the enslavement matrix.

      That’s not to say that drug or substance abuse isn’t a negative to society, when obviously it is…

      But some are perhaps more beneficial than others, when used in the correct ‘set and setting’.

      See :

      For more details.

      • Apologies Craig.

        But I needed to edit that link as the first one was only a preview and not the full documentary.

        That revised link should work now.


      • I can tell you that Psilocybin, through rigours testing, was not useful when playing darts in a village pub on a saturday evening whilst trying to converse with ones fathers friends in general chit-chat.
        The conclusion was that whilst it was possible to hit the dartboard with all 3 darts trying to calculate the total figures of the said darts was impossible by the test subject.

    • Brave New World is where we are heading but there are definitely elements of 1984 as well such as being told what we’re allowed to think and history being changed.

      I’ve been an admirer of Aldous Huxley since my teens and I’ve read Brave New World several times and in the past always as fiction but when I last read it 3 or 4 years ago it definitely felt more like non-fiction. Of course he came from the upper eschelons of society and from a family of scientists so I’m sure he knew what was coming.

      It’s interesting that both Aldous Huxley and George Orwell turned their backs on their elitist upbringing. They were trying to warn us what to expect but of course until more recent years it just seemed too outlandish that it could be real.

      • I believe Huxley took LSD on his death bed!
        Most likely to expand on the experience!!??
        (I bet that was a trip!!!)

        I believe Kary Mullis attributes his use of LSD to his creation of the PCR.
        (Strange to think how outspoken he was against the PCR being used as a test… And that how convenient it was that he died in August 2019 🤔)

        Mind blowing indeed!!

        • Yes that’s true about Aldous Huxley taking actually mescaline rather LSD on his deathbed but what isn’t true is that he advocated the recreational use of drugs, he said that they should be used as a spiritual aid only. His book ‘The Doors of Perception’ on his experience with mescaline is well worth reading.

          I believe that’s true of Kary Mullis too. I agree with you, the more obvious how much of this fraud depends on the PCR non test the more you do wonder about the nature of his death.

          • The source I read say it was two doses of LSD injected intramuscular by Huxley’s wife??
            (It’s on Wiki Jennie!)

            I must get hold of that book (Doors of perception!)…

            An interesting character.

            Eric Arthur Blair (Aka George Orwell) was one of his students.

            At Eton college no less!

            I bet that didn’t come cheap!


            • Well the experiments he did were with mescaline so perhaps I’ve misremembered about his final moments, yes it was his wife who administered it.

              I’ve read a lot of biographies on him because I’ve always found him fascinating. His first wife knew when she married him that he wouldn’t be faithful but rather be married to someone exceptional like him who strays from time to time than someone mudane who is totally faithful. He went from being a playboy in his younger years to being a spiritual sage in later life.

              Just an interesting byline he died the same day as President Kennedy and when his wife went to the hospital she was disgusted to find the nurses all watching television while her husband lay dying in bed. She didn’t realise then what had just happened.

              • Whoa!
                Didn’t know that Jennie!
                Two legends dying on the same day..

                i shall go seek that book shortly!!


    • I fear that you’re right. Huxley’s vision is actually worse than that of Orwell. For Soma; read Vaccine?

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