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    "Falling Sperm Counts Threaten Humanity" - Top Epidemiologist

    New York based epidemiologist Shanna Swan says that falling sperm counts are a threat to human survival in her new book, "Count Down: How Our Modern World Is Threatening Sperm Counts, Altering Male and Female Reproductive Development, and Imperilling the...

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    • It must be another complication of ‘Long COVID’

    • Pumping them out today Richie, articles I mean, the thing is can the sperm counters be trusted, are they using the pcr in the counting of said sperm, heard bill gates say his husband, sorry his wife, had his, sorry had her sperm counted last week and the count was positive, this sounds like fake news

      • Hehehe. Hope you’re ok fella.

        • Hi Kathy, how you, hope your well.

        • Fine Kathy thanks, meant to say, was talking to my neighbour on Friday, I asked him if he had heard from the nhs regarding the vaxx he said he had an appointment next week, he asked me and I said maybe I had binned a couple of letters from them, told him it didn’t matter I had no intention of taking the vaxx, he replied Martin I have no choice I have to take it said he is type one diabetic, I was gobsmacked, he thinks if he catches the ” virus “, it will wipe him out, I said you better ask your doctor about adverse reactions, it was later when I was thinking about it, his doctor will tell him there is no danger it will be fine roll up your sleeve.

          • Because he thinks the doctor will know the ins and outs of a cats arse and assume the doctor has done his research. Poor fool.

          • Hey Martin… Just looking at the way these replies are laying out..

            Just below here is a laughing face from me..

            But I put that in response to one of your funnier one liners in another msg entirely…

            So.. gonna try strike that one out cos I’m certainly not laughing at this one!

            • no worries Gerry, it’s Richie allen, he’s been a mi5 agent all along, the truth will out lol

              • Yeah.. was thinking that myself!

                Has that look and distinctive sound about him!

                You just know don’t yeh!!


                Oi Mr. Allen…

                We got ye sussed!!

                Still though… I tried but can’t seem to figure out a way to delete these posts!


                Twud be nice you know… Just in case you thought different at a later date or realised that shite , that one’s not sounding the way I meant it!!

    • The Covid vaccines will finish the job as regards fertility if the millennials are stupid enough to take them. Isn’t the spike protein cell that the vaccine in encouraging your immune system to attack also responsible for reproduction. What a coincidence, who’d of funked it.

    • Can’t wait for you to get a slot on the next phone in. At least I’m doing something right. I haven’t got smart phone.

      • Cheers Kathy!

        Though I’d probably stutter through the whole conversation in fear!!

        And well done for your non compliance with the smartphone!


      • Hi Kathy how you keeping, did you have a look at the r-a-i-n-s list

        • Yes Martin, it’s sickening isn’t it. All those protected barsixes. I also looked at the other link about Hates, l mean Gates. Did you see the funny clip at the end. Very clever.

          • I did that dude is pretty funny, he’s doing well, Kathy I think gates is mad, part of me thinks, he thinks he is doing the right thing he is crazy and I think his days are numbered, not from us, his own scumbag friends, he steps on too many toes in my opinion.

          • Kathy meant to say, not sure if it was David Icke or the other person who for the life of me I cannot remember their name, but one of them said when they talked to Joan before they left she said some of the names she had been told that were involved in this but was not supported by anyone else hence she did not include them in the list, was unbelievable, in fact I think she told the person you cannot imagine for various reasons where this goes.

    • Hi Gerry, agree with everything as well. I investigated smart meters recently, as they are trying to force me to have one. The electronic, magnetic radiation from them is between 150 and 200 times that of a modern mobile phone. This is something, that needs to be brought out and made known immediately. As well as the dangers of 5 G , all of which is connected. And all of which, I believe is part of the Agenda 21/30 massive depopulation plan.

      Smart meters and 5 G damage, and the poison vaccines will I’M afraid make the effects of these particles and even the damage so far from mobiles and laptops seem insignificant.! In terms of fertility and health in general.

      • Well said Fox!

        Oh the SMART meters!


        And the SMART grid!

        And the SMART cities!

        And on and on…

        The the inter NET of things..

        And the world wide WEB!

        See the connections??

        Everyone “connected”

        And TRAPPED!!

        Right where they want you, me and the rest of us!!

        Spying on and controlling the entire narrative from hero to zero!!

        Be “aware” of it!!

        Then combat it by way of simple non compliance!

        Here’s a trick…

        All the new SMART phones don’t have removable batteries!!!
        (🤔 Wonder why that might be??)

        So.. let the thing discharge completely next time you use it!!

        Then leave it for as long as you can before charging up again.

        Leave it there.. don’t plug it in.. just go on a walk outside into the nature of your environment!!

        You’re now ‘silent!’

        Just you and your life!!

        Excuse the pun..

        But become and think like the fox!!

        The beautiful creature that it is!!


      • I don’t have any smart stuff Foxy cos I’m a smart gal. Lol

        • I got a fairly clever phone about a year ago. As got fantastic price. And had managed never to buy a single mobile ever! As people just gave me ones they were throwing out. But rarely use it. And mainly tex. But it’s all to do with balance and priorities I think.

          And as I said, 5G , smart meters, vaccines damage. And mask damage as well. The cumulative effects of these things, going forward, will make previous concerns seem out of date.

          • Just don’t forget that all you mention here are ‘their’ tools of control!

            This 4th industrial revolution will be our last as humans I’m afraid!

            That’s why the Agenda’s kicking out all the trans humanism and fecked up distorted social constructs..

            I reckon they’re prepping us for the next phase of enslavement…

            And having a laugh along the way!

      • how are you my urbanized friend, hope you are well.

      • Fox i love your avatar, where I live a town about 65-70 thousand people, just outside Glasgow we have a lot of deer, and foxes, living wild, for some reason the young deer hang about the lowlands where i live then head north when they are older, lots of foxes mostly seen at night, but when the lockdowns came in near the end of March last year I seen the foxes walking about where I had never seen them in daylight, they had sussed out the humans were for whatever reason not about, smart cookies I thought

        • Thanks ,lots of fox round here. I read the Tarot and Oracle cards. And often get the Fox card come up. SpeaK tomorrow maybe. I’ve just listened to David and Gareth Icke latest broadcast. It was very interesting. It’s labeld incorrectly as if it is an article. But if you click on the big photo of the police it will play the video.

    • Bet Gatesy is loving it….mind you he will probably come up with a vaccine for it.

    • hi Gerry spot on, i’m surprised we are still living with all the poisons and pollution we are exposed to, surprised it even came to the killer jab.

      • Very true Martin.

        The jab is just another design though..

        The jab’s only one part of the economic side of it..
        (Keep the pharma furnace burning!)

        The bigger gains are to be had in the ‘full spectrum dominance’ realms..

        And once everyone’s tagged with their QR codes…

        Then the real party begins!


    • So it’s now critical for us to wake up and act like adults..

      ..Otherwise we risk facilitating others to enslave our children!

      To levels of enslavement like none that have ever gone before!

      With no chance of going back…

      Ref: 😷💉😷


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    World Economic Forum - "Lockdowns Improving Cities Around The World."

    The World Economic Forum (WEF) Tweeted yesterday that "Lockdowns are quietly improving cities around the world." The tweet was accompanied by a video showing deserted streets, empty factories and grounded planes. It's not very subtle. The WEF's rather blunt point...

    read more
    • At least “they” have let slip their agenda now. Time for cards on the table now!

    • There are so many people in this world who need to WAKE UP.

    • Could it actually be any clearer as to what this is about?! The sheer scale of the insanity is mind-boggling. A friend of mine is a complete climate change sceptic but has swallowed the covid hoax whole. This might help him, and many others, join the dots.

    • Watching this I still don’t think the sheeple will get it. They just won’t add up the dots. Sorry to sound pessimistic folks.

    • Is Klaus Schwab the top of the power pyramid – or is there a level above him? In my opinion, the WHO appears extremely powerful these days, but only because their interests align perfectly with the central planners or cabal or whatever we call the super-rich and powerful. Could be the same with mega-criminal Klaus Schwab. Don´t forget to check out: The Most Dangerous Book Ever Published: Deadly Deception Exposed!: Korsgaard, Søren Roest, Roberts, Dr, Corbett, James: 9788793987142: Books

    • its beginning to look a lot like
      Climate Change lockdowns

      p.s people have been talking a lot about cycle lanes being put in place all over UK. I’m from a small town so couldn’t relate for a while…

      But I Drove to the shop today.

      Boom. loads of new cycle lanes. put up in less then a week. Can’t fix our potholes on the road though or grit the tarmac during icy conditions, when a vast majority of the town live on the outskirts on farmland.

      Explain that one.

    • Awesome Christopher …

      I observed this a few years back when it came out…

      But I didn’t “see” it until now.

      I believe our Billy makes a cameo appearance at 7.35..???


      The very ending is ‘spiritual’ and sacred I believe..

      Though up until then it’s a rather nasty state of affairs!

      One thing that jumps out at me though (and it did when I saw it first too!!) is the message of the smartphone…

      And the ever increasing URGENCY that we as a species face by the smartphones advancing “uses!”..

      I think one thing that might just put a spanner in our ‘slave masters’ works would be global pull back from this technology!!

      And I believe with the right voices speaking and the right words spoken…

      It’s entirely possible!


    • Hi , Martin , Kathy, Gerry, from U.F

    • David Icke and Vernon Coleman mentioned several months ago. How these 2 things, climate change and the covid hoax, are connected. And are going to be merged into one. This is how I see things going as well.

      Regarding Schwab , there is an interesting article on David’s main site, all about him and his family. It seems that most of them , would give a bad name to your average Nazi loving Eugenist.

    • I saw that about a year ago. At the time I said it was without doubt the most important and prescient work of art depicting the situation we are in

      Two weeks later I noticed Spiro did a piece on it. Top man.

      After that sadly not heard it mentioned.

      Top work for refocusing on it.


      • Yeah.
        The *Archetype Symbolism* a lá C.G. Jung are truly ‘modernized’ in those 13 minutes.
        The past couple of years I’ve discovered our *father of Jungian Psychology* was a 33rd-degree mason and extremely well connected to the…let’s call them *The Venetians* as Webster Tarpley called them.

        What’s that?

        That’ll take a little-bit of time to compose, and considering the beautiful early Spring weather here in Sweden, I’ll do that this evening.
        In the meantime, you may want to look at :

        btw “”Stir” into the Abyss” ^^ABOVE^^ should be Stare into the Abyss.
        I used the Swedish word for stare = stir.
        It happens when one has lived in no-English speaking countries for over 40+ years now. 🙂

    • If movies are to forewarn us of anything it’s that we should regard evil looking bald men at the head of a sinister organised bunch of ppl with total suspicion.

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    Doctors - "Too Many Deaths Are Being Blamed On Coronavirus."

    In a moving piece in last Saturday's Daily Mail, journalist Bel Mooney revealed that the death of her father was recorded as coronavirus. The 99 year-old gentleman had been suffering with dementia and chronic pulmonary obstructive disease. Covid did...

    read more
    • Last year a close sister-in-law to my mum died. She was in hospital with a brain aneurism, kidney failure and sepsis. And she was refusing her meds. Because of a positive PCR test, her cause of death was recorded as Covid 19. My mum accepted this without question and when I tried to point out the absurdity (as gently as possible) she got angry and defensive.
      You see, with people like my mum the fear programming has been complete and effective. Getting through to them simply is not possible.
      They’ll probably have a name for it in a few years: Covid (or corona) phobia.

      • This is where we’re at Craig. The masses will not accept they’re being lied to but they will look at us as liars when in fact we’re trying to protect them. The government and media have sure done a good job if they’ve got this many people falling for it. Hopefully some more will wake up in light of this latest news, news that the likes us were already aware of.

        • It’s not our responsibiliy to protect others.

          • I know your right but I think initially that was how I felt with family and friends. They’ve chosen their path so I’ve let it go.

    • The pandemic is an obvious hoax to completely transform human rights and civil rights into government authority. The latest is that concentration camps are being set up in Germany, US, Canada, and many other places: The Fake Covid “Pandemic” Is the Excuse for Concentration Camps –

    • My dad works for an ambulance company – EVERYONE they pick up will be registered as a “corona case” UNLESS they have tested negative within three days of them being picked up by the ambulance. Read about the Covid-19 hoax here: The Most Dangerous Book Ever Published: Deadly Deception Exposed!: Korsgaard, Søren Roest, Roberts, Dr, Corbett, James: 9788793987142: Books

    • As I understand the facts and if I am wrong please let me know,
      1) The government admits it can not prove covid 19 exists as it has never been compared to a gold standard, Koch’s postulates, (isolated).
      2) If (1) is correct then the PCR test can not find covid 19 but only corona virus (cold flu etc) and that is after cycling it above the recommended number of times.
      3) Anybody who dies can be tested and more than likely they were false positives re corona virus, but as no autopsies are carried out who knows if covid 19 was ever involved.

      We all know that the lunatics running this show want the figures as bad as possible to keep the masses in total fear and sadly with a lot out there they have achieved it.

    • MP (Ministorial Puppet) Moran is just another opportunistic, vacuous mouthpiece. The inflation of ‘Covid deaths’ was raised by some of the media last year and then, with a simple distraction from government, that important story went away.
      Now that it has returned, I fully expect it to get the same treatment.
      Of course, it does provide the government with an excellent opportunity, in the near future, to blame the NHS for the panic with its poor recording of vital information. And the genuflecting masses, confronted with this seeming deception from their new church and priesthood, will turn on the NHS with a fury.

      • Isn’t it strange, I was only thinking the other day the liberals are quiet. We had Jo Swinson (dictator in the making) the other year over Brexit, now we’ve got gob on legs Moron (deliberate typo) shouting her mouth off about covid. She’s obviously missing the limelight.

        • Kathy have you seen the footage of nicola krankie when the news came in that swinson had lost her seat to the snp candidate, she was about to do a interview it was caught on film, the wee bint went mental, near enough jumping about punching the air, fair to say she was pleased.

    • the attention to this was called last year. by so many of us. Alas.

    • It astounding how those that watch or read the msm, cannot recall things that the goons said via their daily briefings. Such as Valence saying that ” it’s highly likely that the roni will have little or no effect on people under 70 “, last April he said that. This is why I believe the majority were put under some hypnotic trance, by the fear porn the goons bombarded them with. Not looking or listening to the propaganda for a few days is the key to breaking the trance, thus the mind is able to start critical thinking.

    • I was just thinking with that face, his mother must have dropped him as a baby.

      • From a high riser, before anyone leaves this page scroll back up to the top of the page look at the picture and ask yourself ” what the feck have we done to be subjected to this muppet, look at the f—ing state of him.

        • Lol. He looks like he needs a good wash too, the sweaty git. I was going to say something really cruel and un pc but I’ll keep my bad thoughts to myself in case I offend anyone.

    • Hi fox, 100% mate I remember that last year they got caught inflating the death count, as you say it was mentioned but the criminal media for the most part ignored it.

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    "We Need A Digital Vaccination Certificate" - Angela Merkel

    It's official now. Anyone planning a holiday in Europe this Summer, will need to be vaccinated against coronavirus. EU leaders confirmed last night that vaccine passports would be introduced in time for Summer holidays. German Chancellor Angela Merkel told reporters: “Everyone...

    read more
    • I say hold off at this time Caroline and see how things go, as not sure this vax certificate business will work in the end. We are like Richie will never have the vax and with doing nothing could use some holiday money to find somebody to fight this as would love to visit France as previous.
      Only other alternative would be buy an old gun boat and see if they dare take us on, or become a part time fisherman backwards and forwards across channel. One does have to look on the stupid side some times with all this crap.

      • I’m in the same position as Caroline in that I have family and friends in two countries other than the one in which I live. The people doing this are just monsters. Even if the official figures were true, which of course they aren’t, they wouldn’t justify the measures that they are carrying out. After the 1918/1919 epidemic, in which tens of millions of people died, had subsided they just got on with their lives but this won’t be allowed to happen now because none of it is about health.

    • Several years ago when I used Facebook for a while I had a Facebook friend who was from what used to be East Germany. Her parents moved in the same circles as Angela Merkel and she decribed both her parents, whose views she strongly disagreed with, and Angela Merkel as unreconstructed communists.

    • I have to add it amazes me how the leaders of Israel and Germany are dealing with this vax and control business considering what went on in the second world war. Both sides then were involved, the German Nazis doing the experiments and vaccinations on humans and the Jewish people suffering from it. How can either government even consider forcing controls on anybody looking back at the history they went through, beggars belief. I am certain from what I have seen on line that there are a lot of Jewish and German people against this as a lot of us are.

      • Why should the leaders of those countries surprise you? Look to the Haavara Agreement: Hitler’s government and the Zionist founders of Israel working together to achieve a mutually desired goal – even if that goal meant sacrificing millions of people.

        • As red ken Livingstone quite rightly pointed out a few years ago, and was cancelled for speaking the truth.

        • Bravo Craig!
          Yes, was also called *The Transfer Agreement*.

          The Jabotinskites, where BB Nutandyahoo’s father was one of the prime-movers as well as the IRGUN & Stern Gang that signed the agreement with Hilter’s Germany during the 1930s, liked killing British Soldiers in Palestine and blew-up the ‘King David Hotel’ in Jerusalem.
          The IRGUN eventually became the *Likud Party*, which the nut Nutandyahoo has bossed for decades.

          Adolf Eichmann spoke Hebrew and even traveled to Palestine to carry out The Haavara/Transfer Agreement.
          Don’t believe me everyone?
          READ the links.

          No surprise to me the current buddy-buddy stuff between Angie & BB.
          2 peas-in-a-pod.

          • Seen a statement that someone said on the subject of history, in it he stated 70% of history is lies, 20% is just wrong, and 10% is truth, maybe.

            • Well, % can surely be debated and paraphrasing Napoleon Bonaparte, “History is the story that the Victors agree upon” is the way I see it.
              Generally speaking, the older I get, the more I realize that to ‘get the true story’ one most find & read countless amounts of stories concerning just 1-subject, before ‘getting an idea about what the real story’ really is.
              It s_cks.
              It takes a tremendous amount of time.
              But that’s why these b@stards do it. The m-f-s want us to waste are Lives away, if We don’t co-operate with them.
              Pure Evil thru and thru.

            • Sounds about right.

    • Doesn’t look like I will be going abroad again then. This is tyranny. Hopefully there will be enough people that don’t have the vax, then they will have to rescind this idea when they still don’t have any tourists

    • Certificate
      19 – year launched

    • Hold on a second. I live in Northern Ireland. The Republic of Ireland is in the E.U. Does this mean I need a vax cert to cross the border?

      • Good point. I’m in the Republic so presumably I can cross over to Northern Ireland or go to Britain without this wretched passport because the UK is no longer in the EU. I’m willing to bet that they will stop that happening though.

      • I would very much assume so. And how does this fit in with the EU’s freedom of movement? Will they only have freedom of movement in future if you agree to be jabbed and carry the vaccine passport?

        • Freedom of movement was just one of their excuses to justify centralised power. I don’t think the EU has anything to do with freedom but more and more control.

        • I forgot that the UK/Ireland freedom of movement means no vaccine passports should be needed. Also it would mean checks at the border which the EU never wanted…

      • Seen a interview a few weeks ago were the dandy ghandi himself said the current travel restrictions in the republic will be in place for the rest of this year and most probably next year, maybe 2023 will see them loosen but it might be longer than that.

    • What’s the source for this?

    • Oh well, no more holidays for me then! No way are they going to force me to take this toxic concoction! Let’s hope enough of us refuse and they have to scrap their fascist plans.

      • I spoke to a relative on the phone who doesn’t believe in any of this and knows it’s a scam from start to finish but he and his wife are going to have the vaccine so they can go on holiday and I couldn’t talk him out of it. If someone as informed and aware as he is will do it just to go on holiday I don’t hold out much hope.

        • I have friends who have done exactly the same Jennie.

          • It’s sad. Like I said in a comment on another story it is like living in Invasion of the Body Snatchers or the Stepford Wives.

        • Could be his last holiday, to be fair have heard a few people give that reason for taking the jab, it’s their choice.

          • Thing is though.. this ‘jab’ will be the first of many jabs tied into the biometric passport…

            The sheeple people will feel relaxed and calm and safe and happy and content and ‘at one’ with the world and all that is divine and heavenly to be alive and to be free from the imminent danger of death once more…

            It’s GREEN.

            Then two months later… When variant Sars Cov 50 comes ‘online’ , the passport goes to


            Time for you to go get your update pal..

            So, you might still get into the local TESCO’S, but you’re not getting on a plane!! Uh uh…

            Airport security official (built like a brick sh1t house and full of pi$$ and vinegar) says:

            “Where you think you going bubba… Get your unvaccinated ass on out of here — and don’t you be coming back till you be green — you got that!!”

            And off you’ll scurry with the phone screaming out a warning to say YOU NEED TO BE VACCINATED URGENTLY!!!


            (Every hour on the hour!! — aside from smashing the thing to a million pieces, I doubt you’ll be able to disable the warning.. Too important! You’re a threat to “THEM” now!!)(though, you may be allowed to silence it — although that app will come at a premium cost!! — renewable!!!)

            So .. the pressure’s on now right…

            And you’re deluded sense of calmness is now becoming a little uncomfortable once more..

            Silent thoughts:

            “B%x” C 50’s out now…

            And I’m only sequenced to 49..

            SH1T I’m fooked…

            And the bastard ‘jab giver’ hasn’t gotten the C-50 vaxx in yet… ”

            Then another month or two passes and it’s changing from amber to red…

            Cold sweat…

            The phone’s going into overdrive alerting you to the danger you now have ‘become’…

            to you and to everyone around you..
            (And “them!”)


            but the C50 sequencing update hasn’t been released yet..

            So you’ve no choice but to sweat it out again and wait…

            Nervously you wait…

            The clock ticks…

            It’s now


            The alarm is pulsating in your pocket!

            No more TESCO’S or FOOTY GAMES for you …. No sir!!

            You MUST quarantine and ISOLATE yourself from society..
            (Perhaps even from your family in a private isolation facility!)(at your expense!)

            you quiver in fear for your ‘unvaccinated’ life once more…

            Only six months have passed…

            Then the text alert arrives…

            Jabber man/woman/other has the C50 update, please call into surgery tomorrow… We are delighted to inform you we have your C50 update at a bargain price of 550 crypto units — the early bird special!
            (Please wear full PPE with four masks and a visor before arrival!!)

            And you run like a scalded cat to ‘get there’ before any of the other diseased get there before you!

            Green once more….


            SAFE again!!!

            You book the holiday…

            It’s wonderful… We’re all happy together in the “safe bar” singing our songs of “freedom!”

            But while you’re on the piss for two weeks, C51 has now claimed two lives in Venezuela…

            Your phone has gone amber once more…

            You pack up to go home nervously..

            They won’t let you board the plane…

            Your health passport is invalid..

            You’re running out of crypto…


        • Think those same relatives might be saying you are crazy to other relatives, just saying like.

      • Blackpool it is, sorry fox we need them holidays

    • One question:
      “What happens to ALL of the political refugees that are seeking asylum with a boat to Europe-EU , that are NOT ‘vaccinated’ ?”.
      Now I don’t wanna be called rayciss’t, so I won’t specify from which countries should be included as *departure countries*, and “why?”.
      Maybe the *Commission* can answer that question before presenting this law to the EU Parliament.
      This includes people from the UK, Ireland, Maderia, Malta, Ibiza, Crete, etc etc

    • “Oh for the divine love of

      “whomever you love”

      I want to put a sound bite up for this..

      But I can’t!!!

      And if I could..

      It would go like this:

      (Turn the volume UP!!)








      • Gerry you looking for a pulpit

        • Nah… Religion’s not actually my thing!

          Tis an Irish thing to use JESUS in our colloquialisms!

          It’s used to reinforce!

          Then.. you’re a Scot right??

          So ye shud nigh exzackly wot im gying on aboot!!


    • And Merkel has said she won’t have it…the AZ one anyway. Politics I know. We need a parallel society now…. vaccine apartheid 💪

    • I wonder if you’d still be allowed to drive around Europe without the passport, or re they going to reintroduce hard borders again for Covid Immunity checks?
      So long Freedom of Movement… The only good thing about the fascist EU.

    • I won’t be going abroad, not particularly bothered by this, but the ramifications of where this passport bs will lead is alarming.

    • I was due to travel to Canada for a working Visa the day after Boris called our first Lockdown. Lost the whole visa. But anyway.

      One of the conditions of my Visa was a biometric eye scan and fingerprint. I’ve worked abroad many times and it never came up before. Just Canada.

      Suffice to say I had to pay for the “privilege” and what a fool i was as I am now apart of this data system.

      The clerk at the Visa site had expressed that biometrics was the plan for the whole world eventually. He didnt mean it in a nefarious way. but of course it is.

      They have the technology ready. I literally used it.

      • Seems to be easier for countries with a smaller populace perhaps. Well I definitely won’t be going back there, another off the list. I’ll wait for my friend to visit her parents in Ireland. That’s if they haven’t got the technology there by that time.

        • Interesting. Altho if we went by small populous New zealand should have required biometrics too. I lived there for a short while. The most I had to do was remove my shoes and not drag in any “exotic” mud from the Somerset hills of UK. Haha and bless you, watchint Justin Trudeau-pleb over the last few months I’m sure you and I can think of plenty more reasons to perhaps avoid Canada at this time.

          We’ll find a way to travel. fingers ceossed for Delores Cahills suggestions such as Freedom Airways. But with ol’ Gatey boy buying up aviation. You wouldn’t be crazy to assume it wont just be vaccine passports complicating our ability to travel freely.

          much more to come. from the scum.

          • Seems we’ll be avoiding many places. Glad l managed some travel before all this happened. Somerset is beautiful, I’m next door in Dorset.

    • After Richie asking the question could there be a satanic element to this scam, my opinion is there is, not to say all of the evil ones are satanists but some of them are,this link is worth checking out the r.a.i.n.s list was compiled by Joan Coleman who worked with victims of s.r.a, a persons name only went on if the information came from at least two unrelated sources, David Icke met Joan and found her to be honest and told him things that fitted in with what he had been told by other people, Joan retired and in her later years suffered from alzheimer’s disease, during this period she gave someone a interview where she was a bit confused, as anyone with the disease would be, on certain things, they used this to try and discredit Joan, but David and others were convinced she was not only correct but genuine,

    • A great article on uncle bill gates, been thinking for a while if old bill was a psychopath or just plain evil, either way he is dangerous.

    • Just a random fun fact.

      Jonathan Van Tam. Born 1964. Studied at Nottingham university. UK Health Minister.

      Theresa Tam. Born 1965. Studied at Nottingham university. Canadian Health Minister.

      “But there’s no connection, and you’d be a fool VAN a communist to make one”

    • Merkel will go down in history as one of the worst dictators of modern history – recently she authorized setting up concentration camps in almost every German state. Educate yourself -read the article: The Fake Covid “Pandemic” Is the Excuse for Concentration Camps –

    • Can we row across to France in a dinghy instead of having a digital vaccine passport 😉?

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    Government Accepts That Pregnant Women Are Mothers Not Persons.

    The government has agreed to change the wording of a bill that allows ministers to take maternity leave, so that it uses the term "mother" and not "person." The bill was introduced in time for Attorney General Suella Braverman,...

    read more
    • Tony Gosling strikes me as not trustworthy, when Richie said the PCR test was labelling people with flu, Tony’s reply was ‘I don’t really know about that’. It is obviously the case that flu is being labelled as convid, and tony thinks it is convid isn’t giving the flu a look in, ‘ollocks.

      • Not liking what someone says should not equate to trustworthiness. There’s a lot of what Mr Gosling says that irritates me or that I disagree with, but I’m not going to question his trustworthiness – either for or against.

        • I’d agree with that. To me it’s beyond obvious that flu (and pneumonia) is being re-labelled as covid19 but there are people I know who can’t see through this scam but I don’t think they are untrustworthy just blinkered.

    • Well it’s good that they’ve finally shown bit of sense but it seems that they’ve only introduced this legislation because it affects themselves.

    • Maybe they should tell that to the butt baby lot. I’m happy for them to have their butt baby, as long as they keep it there for nine months!

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