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  • A man talking SENSE about these pointless protests.

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  • I find it a bit confusing how truthers can’t see the points that RA outlined during the interview with Kate Shemirani. I’m trying to get my closest friend to not take a jab – he’s a very successful professional. When he sees that type of carry on then he doesn’t take the protests seriously. He’ll only listen to qualified professionals who can…Read More

    • Of course he’ll only listen to qualified professionals, that’s what he’s been brainwashed to do all his life. Time he thought out of the box. Alas, like so many, I doubt he ever will. Even Richie keeps saying “I’m not a doctor, what do I know?” etc., which is so defeatist. If nothing else, this corona hoax has taught us that top medical “experts”…Read More

    • Doesn’t it say something in the Bible about being aware of false prophets? Even Piers Corbyn has been turned over by a pair of dodgy wanna be satirists. One of the things that this period in time has taught me is to ‘trust but verify. I’m so conscious of being seen as a ‘follower’ – happy to be a subscriber or an affiliate, but I feel that being…Read More

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  • I do care work do I have been around people who’ve had the jab, a lot. I’ve had headaches, sore throat and then two menstrual cycles in one month and now it’s gone AWOL. I am 44 but this is not age. I’ve spoken with friends and three others have had this too, including a cousin who is only 28. Has anyone else experienced this. It could be…Read More

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