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    7 months, 2 weeks ago

    Richie has spoken about how if there is a shortage of domiciliary carers then patients would be forced to stay in the hospital putting more pressure on the NHS.
    I work as a domiciliary carer and the management seem hell bent on making everyone’s lives miserable so we leave. I thought it was just me but a proactive carer who knows a lot of other carers contacted every carer she knows to attend a meeting so we could complain together about what has been going on. We now have a WhatApp Group we are all experiencing the same – management making our lives hell for no logical reason.
    This year they’ve been so short staffed due to illness and people leaving. During a ‘pandemic’ they thought a great time to introduce changes, new phones, new methods of logging in, not paying us for not logging in properly on the new system that doesn’t work. What is the strangest is that they have been taking our regular clients off us so it is impossible to have a routine, be consistent with time, give a good service as constantly new clients. One old guy told me that he feels he’s being treated like a dog – luckily most of the SU know it’s not the carers who are behind this mess.
    I have no idea what they are up to. There is no other logical explanation for this apart from they want mayhem.

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