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    Financial Watchdog Says Trans Women Shouldn't Be Counted As Women

    The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has now said that trans women should not automatically be counted as women after a backlash from businesses and women's rights groups. The watchdog had previously insisted that companies be forced to include men who...

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    • Can we be sure this article is really about trans people, rather than being a convenient cover for this little bit:

      ‘It came as the watchdog set out new requirements for UK-listed companies to ensure that 40pc of its board of directors and at least one senior board member are women.’

      This constant drive for ‘representation’ does not, in any way, guarantee aptitude, ability, or suitability – but, instead, could see a drop in standards to meet targets that have little to do with merit.

      Don’t get me wrong. I care not one jot the sex of my managers (in fact, most of my managers over the years have been women). All I care about is their ability and, as in any other circumstance, their character.

      • Absolutely, employ the best person for the job by aptitude and qualification. It’s really not that difficult but they like to make everything complicated these days.

    • The trans and gender ambiguity movement using people highly susceptible to targeted marketing, is just another aspect or component in the constant psychological subversion, demoralization and destabilization of society. Such psychological manipulation was demonstrated by Yuri Bezmenov who has many interviews or lectures that demonstrate the status quo which the western cultures are being subjected to.


    I thought Hugo Talks could help wake people up but now I’m starting to think he is not up for the job of being a ‘professional truther’ or he’s controlled opposition ?
    The links that he has made here are RIDICULOUS. I started off watching Alex Jones…Read More

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    Richie Allen wrote a new post

    New Climate Change Course To Teach Kids How To Save The Planet

    Secondary school children will soon have a new subject to study. Climate change. A new climate GCSE (General Certificate of Secondary Education) aims to teach children how to conserve the planet. According to SKY News: The course will aim to give...

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    • I wonder if those lessons will cover how the short lived digital technologies significantly contribute to increased mining operations, landfill usage, increased energy requirements and overall destruction of the natural world?

      I doubt it.

      Just as I doubt it will cover the fact that the biggest polluters, by a considerable margin, are the industrial plants that make modern living possible.

    • Whom better than the former appointed Jabs Sinister to deliver such a crucial message to the few survivor children un sterilised yet to their yet to find out if they’ve sperm or wombs to even have had so duly butchered that STABBEDSKIN SACKAFAERIE!

    • Obedience training is being reinforced by virtue signalling.

    • “Planet Earth” defies ALL natural physics.

    • I wonder if the kids in that photo have really thought things through?
      Nothing of their modern, comfortable lives would be possible without the polluters that are modern industry.
      And they wave placards made from felled trees, written on by (likely) marker pens made possible by the oil and chemical industries.

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    Richie Allen wrote a new post

    Woke Muppets Accuse Black DJ Of Wearing Blackface

    Two woke muppets were left mortified after they accused a primary school of hiring a disc jockey in blackface, only to realise that the man was in fact black. According to The Times: Stuart Rhoden and Jill Lassen criticised the parent...

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    • It’s almost inevitable that the perpetually offended will eventually make fools of themselves.
      Personally, I don’t see reason for the fuss. If white people want to blackface, or black people whiteface, surely that’s their choice?
      Just as women dress up as favourite male characters, men drag up in fancy dress, so too did John Wayne play Genghis Khan, Sean Connery portrayed himself as a Japanese person (and an Ancient Egyptian and a Russian), and Peter Ustinov portrayed someone of Chinese heritage.
      And what of the modern trend to literally blackface white characters (black actors playing the role of white people)?

      It’s called acting, make-believe, having fun. Something the perpetually offended seem unable to grasp.

      • all thanks to the woke brigade who get offended if actors act. I’m waiting for this to include accents too. Soon actors will only be allowed to portray their own demographic, physique and mental states- ridiculous clown world

        • It’s part of the ‘stay in your lane’ mentality.
          Just like telling authors to only write about what they know, saying that actors can only portray a character that represents them in looks or sexuality means the end of good acting or good stories – and the death (potentially) of imagination.
          Which, oddly enough, aligns nicely with the old religious ways regarding such matters.
          But perhaps that last is a stretch.

      • Watch Spike Lee’s excellent Bamboozled –

    • You just cannot make up bomboclaat, shit like this. Making racism so trivial that when the real racism comes along no fucker will take you seriously.

    • Patio lighting? Must have been Carboned Wrong Turned Clyde!

      The Librarian said : Oook!

      Ohh HOW DARE I 😉

    • The unbearable dullness of woke:

      “It is insulting that you feel myself or [the] PTA condone racist behaviour.”

      Wrote Megan Livengood, completely missing the point.

      “You are right, we should’ve inquired before making such accusations. I cannot fathom the hurt, anger and frustration you felt after you and others volunteered countless hours on your event.”

      Replied Jill Lassen, completely missing the point.

    • I have now officially seen it all. What in the actual F£$K?

  • Two Weeks To Flatten The Curve by Eddie O’Connell

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