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  • I gather that a couple who are both retired former medical people have been in touch with the medical council with regards to Saga and it’s chief executive saying people booking a cruise must have a vaccination. The reason as I understand it that they have written to the medical council is that saga are as such practising medicine without a…Read More

  • As Richie has said what are we the people going to do about this scam, I accept that with the present laws in place if anybody tries to protest they will get jumped on by the gestapo however once things start to lift we can begin. At that point we must in all and any way show our contempt for this government, the police and any covid 1984 laws as…Read More

  • Great article Richie re Smear campaign, the main media are a total disgrace and in almost 80 years I have never come across anything like this. The Richie Allen Show is a breath of fresh air away from the cesspits such as BBC Sky ITV etc and as for so called hope not hate who are just a sad left wing bunch of nobodies, one day I really do hope it…Read More

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    • I couldn’t agree more – with one exception. HNH are not truly Leftwing. Oh, by the distorted standards of our modern time, they could be called that; but the original definition described Leftwingers as those who opposed government and government policies. This started to change in the 1920s when a socialist writer first put forward the idea that…Read More

      • Hi Craig it was that the HNH guy made it clear the left were not a problem, there are a lot of people out there with either right or left views but have a brain and know right from wrong, truth from lies, but sadly we all appear to be put in either left, right or extreme by the bunch with no name, who obviously can’t think for themselves.

  • Found the Talk Radio show on youtube with James Whale and heard the clown from the so called Hope Not Hate. He states we really do need to control any right wing leaning by people but behold the left are not a problem, (where have you been the last 20 plus years mate) . What a total plonker and there are some out there who take people like this…Read More

  • I have to say since finding Riches’ show from Dr Vernon Coleman it has made our weekday evenings so much more enjoyable, we listen from the computer the first half and second from my tablet while having dinner. Sunday mornings a total change from all this covid. Richie you have a great way with words and give us some big laughs which is what we…Read More

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