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  • Great Show today (21/4/21).. Dolores for president of the universe.. possibly the best show or thereabouts in the entire lifetime of the show.
    There are others working on similar decentralization systems. Dan Larimer is one.. arresssing the political system itself as well as the other centralized systems of information/ currency and contract

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  • Richie! You big balding, gammon bastard! One of the most brilliant reporters on the world stage today just relocated to the U.K. Whitney Webb. You may have heard of her eh? Any way possible you could have her on? I would love to see two of my favorite heroes get together for a chat sometime.

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    • Wow is that really true? I didn’t know that the last I heard she was living in Chile. Maybe she wants to report from the heart of the Covid beast. She will doubtless become a right pain in the arse for the Johnson Government. She would also be an excellent guest for the BBG.

  • You can stick your new world order up your arse!


    For more details!


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    • True, though it may end being more of a marketing ploy to boost vaccine uptake rather than an actual thing. It can’t work on the vaccine alone because they don’t stop infection or transmission. So either immunity or negative test would be more beneficial (please note I don’t buy the scamdemic at all but let’s work in their fictitious reality for…Read More

      • Nice idea, that last bit. But we both know it won’t happen. What is more likely is that some individual (or small number of individuals) will be ‘exposed’ as having faked certification to get into an event. They will take all the blame and events will get shut down for ‘safety’ reasons until a more secure means of proof can be created. This is,…Read More

  • Geert Vanden Bossche – THE most PRO Vaxxer alive and THEIR top man – HE has just said it’s ALL WRONG !!!!!! RUSS on here has just linked to a video … I watched it on Del Bigtree here:


    You can start this at 55mins – THIS IS THE BOMBSHELL NEWS !! *(The text at the side of the thumbnail is Del’s NEXT video…Read More

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