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    Ministers Fear SAGE Scientists Have Too Much Power

    Government sources have told The Telegraph newspaper that it's likely there will be a review of the role of the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE), when the pandemic is over. In an article in today's Telegraph, Associate editor Gordon...

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    • The inquiry, I would like to see given to sage , is kind of like the one al Capone gave his men around the table in the film the untouchables!

    • At the end of the first paragraph, it says “when the pandemic is over”. They never intend for this “pandemic” to be over. If they mean what they say ( which I doubt very much ), they review it NOW, say this afternoon !!!

    • How does it feel to live in countries, which have thousands of years of history and culture and acres and acres of books detailing every aspect of your cultures…..only to be bought out by Microsoft?

      “Oh, nice to meet ya’. Where are you from?”

      “Who, me? I’m just up the road in Windows 2030, zone D. You?”

      “I’m in Office Suite, zone Q. But they’ve given us permission to move to MS Enterprise, zone A.”

      “Oh, have you had your update? I hear there are a couple spots left in Enterprise, but it’s zone C”

      “Nah, we’re not that posh. Yet. Maybe one day.”

      • This would be funny 😁 if it didn’t seem true. Lord help us.

        • I’ve read where the last survival mechanism is humour. Doesn’t matter whether it was the gulags or Siberia. When they’ve taken away the laughs, you’re dead.

          If only the English and Irish men would grow a pair and start corporately laughing…

    • “…when the pandemic is over…”

      it was never meant to “be over”. By the time it’s “over”, there would be nothing to investigate if people don’t come out of their comatose state pronto!

    • I’ve used Windows all my life.
      Never paid for it though.
      Maybe many are like me, and coupled with the pies in his face that’s what got Billy poison jabs pissed.

      It’s simple stuff.

      If you never connect your computer to the “net” or “web” you’ll never get a virus.

      Same goes for us. If you never connect yourself via a jab to Gates’ web, you’ll never get a virus either.

    • Hope everyone has seen the the “Confession” from Geert Vanden Bossche.

      And also hope everyone has downloaded and shared both the “Indictments” and “verdicts” PDFs regarding the “Natural and Common Law Tribunal”

      As Yoda Coleman says
      “We will win this fight”

      • The Bossche interview is a MUST SEE.

      • Just to be fair, here are some counterfactuals to the Bossche interview.

        The Curious Case of Geert Vanden Bossche

        • Fairness is goodness my friend.

          Although the talking heads that deride him that I’ve researched have no qualifications whatsoever compared to him.

          I’ve read a couple of hit pieces today by laughable pro narrative “employees”

          I’ll check that link you provided and get back to you.


        • No wiki (bollocks I know, but generally a clue to whether a person really exists)

          Secondly, no “about” page on her website

          She’s a fraud in my opinion.

          Next. 😆👍

          • If you want to know who Frei is, watch some of the videos of her testifying regarding vaccines. She has been around for quite some time. In fact, I knew who she was long before I knew about Coleman or Bigtree. There is plenty of video of her on youtube.

          • In fact, if you want to know who Rosemary Frei is, ask any number of the big names who are actively fighting against this scamdemic. I will guarantee you they all know who she is.

        • I’m going for limited hangout on this one.

          That said, to be fair, with his connections and former employees it’s very possible that he himself is the limited hangout.

          My gut instinct tells me he’s genuinely shitting himself and spilling the beans.


          • Points taken, Tony. I only thought it fair play to point out some pushback. God knows we aren’t going to get any of that in the MSM. So we have to do it ourselves!

        • Frei is sharp and always on target. Her home government in Canada did everything but shit on her when she testifies before their parliament or whatever the hell they call it up there. She kicked them in the teeth several times over children’s vaccines so when she shows up they do everything they can to shut her up.

    • Tony Blair is still walking around a free and very, very, very wealthy man.

      I’d give any government inquiry about 150 years….

      • A special place is reserved in the pitts of hell for tony bliar.
        I still remember the day (with embarrassment) the morning he walked into downing street in 1997 to the tune of ‘its going to get better’ I stayed up all night till the early hours of the morning.

        When his son was born whilst he was in the office – he did not give his son the mmr vaccine… yet called on the parents of other new born babies to give them the ‘safe’ vaccine.

    • One has to say that the whole system is bent, SAGE the government leaders and then we have most of the rest of the MPs who are sheep (sorry sheep to be a bit disrespectful to you) then what are the so called Lords about, not a sound.

      How this country gets out of this mess one has to wonder, as we still have a large number who go along with this.

    • When science has been purchased it’s nothing but political tosh. Where has integrity and honour gone? Sold…to the man with all the gold. WNKRS.

    • It’s easier for the overlords to tell small groups of unelected sycophants what needs to be done.

    • When the pandemic is over – it never actually started except in the media.

    • Very well said. Seems we’re paying for their gullibility.

  • Mr Gosling spoke of Ordo Ap Chao on yesterday’s show. This ties in to something else I have heard, that is worth considering.
    Re (also known as Ra, the god of order): Set (the god of Chaos).
    So, the Great Re:set literally means Order from (or over) Chaos.
    Laughing in our faces sums it up.

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