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Yeah, I agree. I wondered why all the screens appeared above self service machines in the supermarket, all at once. Stopping shoplifting seems like a crappy excuse, unless they suddenly expect a HUGE increase in shoplifting. But then you wouldn't check out anyways. The camera literally captures only your...

My hypothesis is there is a strong link between, COVID 19, being on the TV and filling your pockets that produces a fascistic psychopathy in scientific individuals that have tiny genitalia and don't get much attention from the ladies.

I wonder how the hell you would research this in a year and how you could test such a thing. Is it a case of that person had covid, and now they are depressed so evil plague like death virus must be the cause. Not being locked in your...

I've heard that several times about the government just swiping a chunk of your bank account, scary.

I don't know why we don't all just buy a fucking zuba ball and be done with it. At least it would make golf interesting.

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