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Boris is a complete fat cunty bastard who should be put in the stocks so we can piss on his fat face everyday for one month , then exile the fat lump of shit with all the rest of the clan. People who lost relatives and loved ones during...

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Elbows – A short film View Comment
  • @sandbagger
  • January 28, 2022

I preferred the one before this about the homeless guy. This one went over my head

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Merry Christmas Everyone View Comment
  • @sandbagger
  • December 26, 2021

Lovely message Rich. It was lovely to talk to you on Thursdays phone in. I must be very lucky as it was the first time I phoned the show and got through first time. From your Man in France Danny.

Lard arse Gemma the hut says get the Jab. Ok Gemma you’ve certainly convinced me. 😂. Get the fuck outta here you numb nuts !!!!

I thought you might be interested in a new vaccine from a company called Valneva. It is a traditional vaccine using the same technology as for the seasonal flu jab. It is not an MHNRA and is not gene therapy! It has passed all the safety checks and recently passed...

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