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You could have done some pre recorded stuff and/or some articles on what’s going on. But no, crickets.

Is it not possible to plug the old one back in? After all, there was nothing wrong with it, was there? Did anyone have an issue with the old one? If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. This all seems a completely unnecessary cock up of the highest order. For...

Don’t want to sound pedantic, Aldo, but Desmet gets a bee in his bonnet about ‘psychosis’ being added to his term ‘Mass Formation’. Good post by the way. Watching the young’ns wave their phones around in place of paying cash, and thus being complicit in building their own -...

I don’t see anymore ‘lockdowns’: ‘Vaccine only Covid passes or lockdown with no Christmas?’ Which do you think an 80/90% double/triple injected public will be happier with. They will embrace the ‘Freedom Pass’ (as the Australian authorities are risibly calling them) like a long lost friend. Make no mistake, we are...

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