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Hmmm, yep, and here's the same JHB tweeting on 3rd August 2021 "London folk: where can 20-somethings get their 2nd jab early instead of waiting the full 8 weeks, so they have a chance of escaping on a foreign holiday this summer? Can you let me know which jab centres...

The point is, though, it's unusal for a 42 year old, 'fit and healthy' man to die from covid. Extremely unusual. Which begs the question, did he have health issues brought on by bodybuilding (many of these guys use supplements to look like that, I believe, and they can...

Well, for the first time in 18 months, yesterday, I spent a whole day in an unventilated room with 70 other people from work in a Manchester hotel. 9am to 5pm. I was, and remain, rather nervous, to be honest (thank you, MSM). I'm over 60, I haven't had...

Yes.I didnt want to stick to the point about her being on immuno-suppressants and having the jab. You'd think a midwife/doctor would have suggested she shouldn't have the jab under those circumstances. I didn't want to pry too much into what happened.

James O'Brien on LBC was deifying the Dr last Friday, 30/07/2020, whilst bullying a care home resident who was worried about being forced to have the jab and had phoned in to say so. Not once did O'Brien mention that there is no long term safety data. How many...

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